According To Astronauts What Does Outer Space Smell Like

What does Outer Space smell like? | Designed for NASA, the authentic “Smell of Space” from verified astronaut accounts.

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Who’s talking about the Smell of Space?

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The Story

On July 16th, 1969, 51 years ago to this day, NASA set off the Apollo 11 spacecraft with one monumental mission: to land on the moon. By July 20th, 1969–they accomplished the unbelievable. Join us on another mission taking off today.


Stretch Goal The “Smell of the Moon” unlocks at $700,000 pledged! 

Pick the “Smell of Space” or the “Smell of the Moon” as your reward! 

Together we can unlock the “Smell of the Moon” stretch goal at $700,000 pledged dollars. Then you can select either “The Smell of Space” or “The Smell of the Moon” as your reward! Want both? Select the Buy Two (2) Pledge level.

The “Smell of the Moon”  

“[the moon] smells like spent gunpowder”, Gene Cernan, Apollo 17 Astronaut.

In addition to the Smell of Space, you can now pledge for your own “Smell of the Moon”. Both are based on verified astronaut accounts. How do you get your own bottle? Want both? When we collect your shipping address at the end of the project, you’ll be able to select which bottle you want to receive. Pledge for more than one bottle and you can select any combination of the two. You can always change your order later. You will not be charged until August 17th, when the Indiegogo campaign ends. Read the full update here.

The “Smell of Space” 

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“…a rather pleasant metallic sensation… [like] … sweet-smelling welding fumes, burning metal, a distinct odour of ozone, an acrid smell, walnuts and brake pads, gunpowder, fruit, rum, and even burnt almond cookie.”

Decades ago, NASA asked specialists to develop the “smell of space” to help train astronauts before launch into orbit. NASA’s goal of simulating Space during training is to eliminate any surprises Astronauts might experience in Outer Space. Astronauts experience a high G Force Centrifuge simulator for blastoff training, carryout extreme underwater to trainings in Zero G weightlessness for when they reach outer space, and learn what to expect for everything in between. After all, it isRocket Science. The history of the “Smell of Space” has been clouded behind various accounts of existence. Ever since the first space walk, astronauts were shocked by the lingering odor when returning back into the spacecraft. Some describe it as gun powder, rum, fruit, seared steak, or a BBQ. The first space tourists also noted a pungent aroma once the hatch opened, ‘like burnt cookies’. We had to find out for ourselves…What does space smell like? We dug deep. With a bit of luck (and a beautiful thing called a FOIA request), we found our lead. A perfumer based in the UK. “The smell of space is so distinct that..NASA reached out to [a fragrance maker] to re-create the odor for its training simulations”. Bingo. Two exclusive commercial contracts later, a secret shelved formula based on verified astronaut accounts, a very large minimum order of fragrance…and we’re all off smelling space! We’ve had Space Ice Cream…this just takes it a small step further. (Or maybe it’s a leap for all man kind?)

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“Will you pledge your support today to help mass manufacturer Eau de Space, so that everyone can experience the ‘Smell of Space’ for themselves?”  

We’ve partnered with award winning perfumers, some of the best in the world, and secured the rights to launch this product exclusively. Our team consists of top Fashion, Tech, Design, and Logistics experience–all with a desire to increase interest in STEM fields through experiential education. Click “Register your School” below to add your STEM program. Eau de Space is our first product launch under this important initiative, and we hope there will be many more. 

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“Still on the fence? When’s the next time you’ll get to smell outer space?”

We’re ready to manufacturer the smell and all we need is meet our MOQ (Minimum order Quantity). Then we can bottle and ship the smell of space directly to you.

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Buy One, Give One

Tom’s founder, Blake Mycoskie founded his shoe company on the “One for One” model. The One for One model is designed so that for every shoe purchased, one is donated to someone in need. This model, and shoe, was so popular that other large companies like Sketchers were inspired to release shoes in a similar fashion, one of which they named “Bobs”. 

“For every bottle of Eau de Space you buy, we’re going to donate one to a K-12 Science, Technology, Engineering, Math (STEM) program in need.” 

It’s a big promise, and isn’t the best decision for a company trying to make a profit. But, we really believe in the cause and hope you do too. Imagine if a child that smells Eau de Space today is inspired to become an astronaut, scientist, or engineer. One day, that same child may even become the first human to walk on Mars. That’s the kind of impact experiential education has on early teaching programs in the formative years of child development. And it’s a really neat mission to be a part of. 

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© Eau de Space 2020. The next best thing to being there.



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What does space smell like?


Eau de Space is not affiliated with NASA, CSA, SpaceX, Boeing, Elon Musk, Virgin Galactic, the International Space Station, the Russian Space Program, or the United States Government. But through STEM programs, we hope you will be one day 🙂

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