Artisan Revere: Elmax Super Steel Chef Knife

Artisan Revere: Elmax Super Steel Chef Knife | The kitchen knife made with Elmax® Super Steel. Manufactured in the US, designed to last a lifetime.






We know this because our founder David Olkovetsky, a former steel investor, scoured the market to find the perfect chef’s knife—and realized it simply didn’t exist. He found that even many of the most expensive options were made with low-quality steel, manufactured to meet a bare-minimum standard.


Chances are, you’ve experienced this already, with knives that either dull too fast, or chip too easily. It’s a familiar situation, whether you’re an avid home cook or a professional chef. Think back to it: You’ve been cooking for hours. Your Japanese blade chipped—again. Your heavy German “workhorse” of a knife is smashing your delicate ingredients into smithereens. Your hands are getting calloused from the rough edges on your knife, and your wrist hurts from a less-than-ideal grip.


onion cut


We did the research, collaborating with renowned chefs, top bladesmiths, artisans, and metallurgists to create a kitchen knife unlike any other. And we opted for Elmax® Super Steel, the same steel used in knives carried by avid outdoorsmen and U.S. Special Forces soldiers.


The result? An incredibly sharp, thin, and tough knife—the best of cutting-edge technology, ergonomic design, and old-school craftsmanship. A knife that cuts quickly and easily through any ingredient. A knife that stays sharp 2.3x longer than Wusthof, and 1.9x longer than Global, Shun, and 3.3x longer than Dalstrong.

With our knife, you can cut through rock-hard squash without breaking a sweat. Transform a ripe tomato into crisp, even slices, without smashing it all over your cutting board. Slice through beautiful cuts of meat, without the tedious back-and-forth of a dull knife. Leave kitchen hack jobs behind—and experience the Artisan Revere edge.

Garlic GIF




Thanks to wear-resistant and chip-resistant Elmax® Super Steel, we’ve created a powerful kitchen knife that’s unlike anything else out there in the market. Our thin, strong, and ultra-sharp blade slices quickly and easily through any food—and stays sharp drastically longer than the standard kitchen knife. Think less time spent sweating over your prep work, and more time truly savoring the fruits of your labor.


This is a 3rd generation powder steel that’s normally reserved for industrial use, and for everyday carry and tactical knives used by avid outdoorsmen and U.S. Special Forces soldiers.




Simply put, our knives make cooking easy and effortless. But there’s a ton of complex, behind-the-scenes science that’s forged into every knife, from handle to spine to tip.


Artisan Revere’s mission is to create the world’s best blades. Our knives meet the highest standards for seven factors: cutting ability, edge retention, toughness, corrosion resistance, balance, ergonomics, and sustainability.


1. Extraordinary cutting ability. The thinner the knife, the better it cuts. But for an extremely thin blade that holds up, the steel must be extremely tough with great dimensional stability—to prevent the thin edge from rolling or dulling under pressure.

2. Fantastic edge retention. Our knife edge stays sharp longer thanks to several factors: alloy composition (we use 3% Vanadium—which forms some of the hardest carbides), Rockwell hardness (RC), and the ability to resist various impacts. Elmax Super Steel, at 60-62RC (Rockwell hardness), has better edge retention than top-of-the-line Japanese powder steel SG-2 at 63-64RC.

3- Superb toughness. We’ve all accidentally hacked through a bone, or scraped our knives against a ceramic plate. Good news: the 3rd generation powder metallurgy behind our knives leads to higher resistance to chipping and other edge damage—which means they can handle the inevitable mistake in the kitchen.

4. Corrosion Resistance. Based on our surveys, the vast majority of knife users don’t immediately wash and dry their knives every time—and neglecting this step can make even the best knife rust or dull faster. We could wag our fingers in your face and give you a hearty tsk tsk—but we decided to make corrosion resistance of paramount importance in our design. By all means, treat your knife with care, but rest easy knowing that our knife can handle the occasional slip-up.

5. Balance. A chef knife should be balanced just in front of the handle, to provide a good mix of power and precision.


This takes plenty of time and skill to perfect. To achieve the perfect balance, we not only skeletonized the tang (the steel under the handle); we also skeletonized the handle.

6. Ergonomics. A knife should have a sharp edge in only one place: the cutting edge. There is no reason for a heel or bolster to be sharp. There’s no reason for a spine not to be rounded off. These little details matter for home cooks and professional chefs who cook for extended periods of time, because they minimize blisters and hot spots. A knife should also be comfortable for large and small hands alike.

7. Sustainability. Our steel begins in an electric arc furnace, which consumes 9 times less energy than the blast furnaces used for most steel. Fossil fuels make up only 1% of Sweden’s overall energy consumption; compare that with Japan, where fossil fuels make up 82% of overall consumption—and where 100% of all steel is made through a blast furnace. By choosing a quality steel from Sweden, we can see a whopping 738x reduction in fossil fuel emissions associated with the production of our steel.





Elmax, a 3rd generation Swedish powder steel produced by Bohler-Uddeholm, is made with the latest and greatest in powder metallurgy technology. Not only is it about 60% tougher than America’s top-of-the-line powder knife steel, and 240% tougher than one of the best non-powder steels; it also provides the double benefit of lower CO2 emissions and improved sustainability. In other words: this stuff is the best steel that we—and anyone else, really—can get our hands on.

We could talk for days about powder metallurgy (PM), but we’ll give you the quick-and-dirty rundown. (A visual summary is below.) Powder metallurgy was invented to create high alloy tool steels with superior toughness and wear resistance. We’re talking shock resistance and edge retention, for industrial tools that last longer, perform better, and require less repair.

Uddeholm Particle Metallurgy Production Process

Uddeholm’s Full Particle Metallurgy Production Process


Uddeholm’s PM Process



When we say we’ve thought of everything, we mean it. From the shape of our blade to the taper of our edge, every element has been specially engineered to make your cooking experience effortless and enjoyable.















We know the kitchen can be a whirlwind of elements—from brining liquids to stovetop flames. So we’ve designed our handles to be as resilient as possible, to last through even the busiest kitchen environments.


More reasons to feel good about your perfectly prepped food: The extremely durable materials we use in our handles are Rainforest Alliance Certified™, FSC certified, and GREENGUARD certified. We get our hands on the best materials we can find, with an eye toward sustainability.






Our Limited Edition: WorkSharp x Artisan Revere E5 comes with:

  • A Master Belt Kit that includes one coarse, two medium, one fine, and one extra fine grit belt for all of your sharpening needs.
  • A 15 degree per side angle guide installed, so you get that same great, factory-sharp edge.  
  • A 17 degree per side angle guide included, to bring your Western knives to a factory-sharp edge.




It all starts with Bohler-Uddeholm, the Austrian-Swedish purveyor of Elmax Super Steel—what we know to be the world’s best kitchen knife steel.  



Water Cutter GIF 2

Our powder steel heads to the United States, where Chris supervises the waterjet cut process to maximize the steel’s integrity and guarantee no Heat Affected Zones (HAZ).

Brad then takes our steel through precise heat treatments, followed by deep cryogenic treatments to perfect the hardness of our knives. Once set, John Jr. ensures our knives are bevel ground and surface-ground to within one thousandth of an inch. For comparison, standard printer paper is three thousandths of an inch. (How’s that for precision?)



CNC mill prepping handles for our Artisans

To create the profile of our knife handles, we use computer numerical controlled (CNC) milling, which allows for drilling and cutting across multiple axes. 

Handle Clamps

Dakota then epoxies and pins our lightweight handles to the tang of the blades (the steel portion of the blade that sits under the handle). He then clamps the handles together for the epoxy to settle. 



Handle details

Once our handles are set, Eric grinds the bevels and smooths the handles—all so that our knife feels like a natural extension of your hand.



We then grind on the primary edge.


On the belt 

And finish every blade via a rapid buff.


And finally, a thorough stropping on Chromium Oxide-loaded leather to refine the incredibly sharp edge.


paper cut
We put every single knife through numerous quality control tests to ensure each knife is truly our best work. Slicing paper makes for a fun test of the cutting edge.



Our knives are well-traveled. Here are the key destinations, from our New York office to your kitchen. 




  • Edge geometry = 50/50 bevel
  • Cutting edge is 15 degrees, ground on slack platen for a bit of a compound bevel
  • .010″ behind the edge
  • .090″ spine, with distal taper
  • 8.6″ blade
  • 2.05” tall at heel
  • 13.6″ OAL
  • 165 grams +/- 3 grams
  • Handles made from Richlite with G10 liners
  • Rounded spine and rounded heel area to ensure no blisters or hot spots

Let’s talk alloy content: Carbon increases steel performance by making it harder and stronger—and at 1.7% carbon, Elmax has three times more than Germany’s most popular knife steel (X50CrMoV15), and 60% more than Japan’s most popular knife steel (VG-10). Elmax’s alloy content also contains 3% vanadium—fifteen times that of German and Japanese steels. The result? A durable steel that will stay sharp, longer.

This is a complete game-changer—because most knife brands out there haven’t figured out how to master both toughness and edge retention. Think about those ultra-thin Japanese kitchen knives, that cut like magic but chip and dull with every movement. Or those “premium” German blades that stay tough, but cut like glorified butter knives. Here’s what our knife looks like:


Every good knife needs a bit of protection from the elements. Our sophisticated 10 oz. English Bridle leather sheaths aren’t just for show; they protect your Super Steel knives, and are made from a smooth, flexible, and durable leather used in everything from classic equestrian gear to high-end leather goods.

Our leather comes from famed tannery Wickett & Craig, and our sheaths fit most chef knives up to 2.125″ tall. They are crafted by the same talented artisans responsible for your new Elmax Super Steel chef knife. You may choose from any of the following colors (top to bottom as seen in the bottom image with four sheaths):

  • Mahogany
  • Black
  • Medium Brown
  • Chestnut

With your support, we’ll have the working capital to buy Elmax® Super Steel and our environmentally-friendly Richlite handle materials—at the best possible price point. We’ll also be able to achieve better economies of scale with our American manufacturing partners. We’ll fund production, manufacturing, and development—all to get you a powerful kitchen knife that will wow you with every slice.

With your support, we’ll have the working capital to buy Elmax® Super Steel and our environmentally-friendly Richlite handle materials—at the best possible price point. We’ll also be able to achieve better economies of scale with our American manufacturing partners. We’ll fund production, manufacturing, and development—all to get you a powerful kitchen knife that will wow you with every slice.











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