BetaRest 6-in-1 Technology Pillow

BetaRest 6-in-1 technology pillow | A new shape of sleeping pillow designed to improve quality of sleep by align head neck and shoulders





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The bad news is that you may be sleeping wrong…the good news is that there is a way to fix it, but don’t even think about buying another pillow until you see this!

Not all ergonomic pillows are created equal. If you have been missing out on a great night’s sleep that you desperately need, the new BetaRest Pillow is the perfect solution.

Why? Unlike other brands, it actually improves your posture, keeping your neck, shoulders, and spine in proper alignment, no matter what position you like to sleep in. It can even prevent snoring!

Our Story

I’m a professional bodybuilder and for me the quality of sleep and the position of my body during the sleep are crucial.

As I had plenty of back injuries during my training session, I have tried and tested every pillow style and innovation on the market but nothing felt right, so I decided to create my own shape of pillow that fulfills all the needs that a professional athlete has.

To achieve this, we partnered with one of the world’s best  pillow manufacturer to leverage their experience in product design and manufacturing to bring the newest design and the highest quality product to life.

The BetaRest pillow is an Ergonomic Ventilated Memory Foam Pillow, which adjusts to the shape of your head and gives you extra neck and head support by our unique hallow design and extended cervical support area for back and side sleeping.



Sustains the Shoulders and Neck on the Same Level

The BetaRest pillow is an Ergonomic Ventilated Memory Foam Pillow, which adjusts to the shape of your head and gives you extra neck and head support. This orthopedic healthcare sleeping pillow has been designed specifically to ensure that the shoulders and neck remain on the same level while you sleep to avoid discomfort in either of these body parts.

Improves Posture and Prevents Snoring

The BetaRest pillow has been designed in a way to ensure the perfect alignment of your cervical spine by supporting its natural curve, which comprises seven bones altogether. Thus, the memory foam pillow comes in multiple sizes and shapes, for example, traditional puffy rectangles. 

While you sleep, gravity makes sure that your body is centered over the spine and the banana-shaped curve is kept intact. In addition, the design perfectly conforms to the unique shape of your neck and head at all pressure points. Consequently, you have perfect alignment all night and throughout the day!

Another impressive feature of the BetaRest pillow is its anti-snoring system. Since it grants you the ability to maintain a good sleeping posture, the product ensures that your airways are open throughout the night. When the neck and head align with the spine, the air passages remain open. Therefore, your respiratory tract functions smoothly while you sleep. Your spouse can now sleep uninterrupted too!

Suitable for All Kinds of Sleepers

The BetaRest pillow takes your comfort seriously and ensures that you have a pleasant sleeping experience every night. While some people cannot sleep without fluffy pillows, others require plain, flat ones. For this reason, the memory foam pillow in question comes in two different heights on two sides. 

One of its sides is 11cm for people who prefer a higher pillow, whereas the other is 9cm to allow you to sleep comfortably if you are used to a lower pillow.

More Breathing Room

Restful sleep may become a nightmare when you do not have the right pillow or wake up each day with neck pain or some other issue. The BetaRest pillow offers you a hollow design, more ventilation and breathable mesh clothe that are all very important for your comfort and peace. 


Who is BetaRest good for?



The curved orthopedic model has been designed for side and stomach sleepers, whereas back sleepers often choose to go for contoured memory foam ones. In addition, side sleepers should also ensure that the pillow is higher under their necks rather than their heads. This is all possible with a BetaRest pillow!

One of its sides is 11cm for people who prefer a higher pillow, whereas the other is 9cm to allow you to sleep comfortably if you are used to a lower pillow.


How BetaRest Works









Air Guide Design

This particular pillow allows for ventilation in order to prevent the retention of heat.



Hollow and Extended cervical area Design

It ensures the circulation of air and cradles the shoulder in a way to ensures that it is at the same height as the neck. It maintains the neck and shoulders aligned and on the same level.


Air Vortex Breathable Mesh Cloth

The breathable mesh cloth of the BetaRest pillow provides protection against dust and gets rid of moisture. 


Defends Against Dust Mites and Other Yuck

Besides the impressive neck and head support, BetaRest uses a COPPER GERM DEFENSE INNER COVER to promote protection and odor control and protects from dust mites. 


High-Quality Bounce-Tek Memory Foam

The bounce-tek memory foam used to make up the BetaRest pillow provides support to your body and added comfort. This is no ordinary foam as it molds easily to the physical structure of each individual head. If you like the pressure-relieving benefits of memory foam but do not like the sinking feeling it brings, then this is the pillow for you.





Higher Value + Lower Cost



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Shipping will begin in January 2022. Shipping rates depend on your location + the weight and the reward you select.

All of our international rates are based on the lowest quotes as the product is shipped rolled in a bag which will be able to reduce our shipping cost. Shipping to the United States is free!






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