Bread & Butter Oakland Fundraiser!

Bread & Butter Oakland Fundraiser! | Help Bread & Butter Oakland launch a neighborhood plant-based cafe in Pill Hill.

Short Summary

Alicia and Sheila — the bread and butter of this venture — met fourteen years ago and immediately discovered they shared a love of good health through good food. Inspired by Alicia’s culinary background and love of feeding people and Sheila’s dream to open a plant-centered cafe, they’ve come together to form Bread & Butter Oakland. 

What excites Alicia more than anything is feeding people delicious plant-focused food reminiscent of homemade meals by loved ones. What inspires Sheila is creating an intimate space that offers high quality, local, seasonal fare that is an easy go-to for the Oakland community. 

Alicia has 25 years of professional cooking experience both as a savory and pastry chef and has been Vegan almost 10 years. She is passionate about creating plant-centric cuisine that appeals to everyone.  Sheila has worked in the area since the 1990’s, has a lifelong passion for healthy eating and has longed for a plant-focused cafe that offers both delicious and nutritious options. 

* please note that local organic eggs will be offered as a menu add-on 

Here are Alicia and Sheila’s goals for this campaign:

  • We’re aiming to raise much needed funds to help with some of the many items we need to launch Bread & Butter Oakland.
  • Our goal is to open a neighborhood cafe that is warm and inviting while being modern, efficient, and eco-friendly.

What we need to open and thrive:

Multi Function Oven (to allow us to offer much more variety out of our small space)

Espresso machine (for your daily latte and such)

Fryer (for Vegan donut Fridays!)

Refrigeration (cause, you know…)

Mixer (for your house-made breads and other decadent treats)

Display cases (to easily view the options of the day)

Comfortable seating (so you can hang out and enjoy your almond/soy/hemp/oat/coconut/name-your plant milk latte) 

What We Need & What You Get

Here are the details:

  • We’re aiming to raise $50,000 to help purchase the many, many items of equipment and furniture that are needed for the cafe. 
  • We will offer perks and valuable discounts for those who donate.  So please donate today!
    • Donation of $5:  Our sincere gratitude for participating in our fundraiser, and helping us get closer to our goal! Every donation counts! Thank you!
    • Donation of $20: Coupon for a free beverage of your choice, and the deep satisfaction of knowing you help dreams come true!
    • Donation of $50: Coupon for two beverages and two pastries of your choice.
    • Donation of $100:  Our signature B&B logo mug, coupons for two beverages and two  pastries.
    • Donation of $200: Two tickets to our exclusive Menu Tasting Pop Up.
    • Donation of $500: Two signature B&B mugs, coupons for four beverages and four pastries, and two tickets to our exclusive Menu Tasting Pop Up.
    • Donation of $1,000: Two signature B&B mugs, coupons for ten beverages and ten pastries, and a specialty beverage of your choosing (created and named after YOU on our menu – hey, you’re FAMOUS!)
    • Donation of $2,500:  Two signature B&B mugs, beverages and pastries for the first month (maximum one each per day), AND a custom catered weekend brunch for up to 8 guests (based on cafe availability).
    • Donation of $5,000: Two signature B&B mugs, beverages and pastries for the first month (maximum one each per day), a custom catered weekend brunch for up to 12 guests (based on cafe availability), and two tickets to our exclusive Menu Tasting Pop Up.

The Impact

Bread & Butter Oakland will be a unique and much needed addition to Oakland’s Pill Hill neighborhood!  There are no other plant-based cafes within walking distance to the growing residential and office units nearby.  We will highlight fresh local ingredients in every dish (offering support to many other small businesses and farms) while also being mindful of the convenience factor that is necessary during a busy work day.  Like many buildings in Pill Hill, the one that houses our cafe dates back to the 1920’s.  The area has a rich history in providing medical care to its residents.  Just as the neighborhood is undergoing a renaissance, we believe Oakland’s food offerings should reflect the growing need for fresh, nutritious, and environmentally conscious eating options.  Bread & Butter is committed to making delicious, nostalgic, and creative food from a plant-centered perspective, providing low environmental impact disposables, and incentives for using reusable serve ware. We will also offer a lower cost community meal option each day to provide greater accessibility to more patrons. 

Risks & Challenges

We realize that there are risks involved in opening a cafe.  As with most businesses, it is not a sure thing.  Yet with Alicia’s years of culinary experience and community following and Sheila’s enthusiasm, commitment and determination, we feel confident that we will succeed despite challenges along the way.

Other Ways You Can Help

We understand that giving financially might not fit into your life at this time. But, you can still be part of the Bread & Butter community. Please share this campaign far and wide!! Send it to your friends and family via email, share it on Facebook and Instagram (it’s easy to do with the linked icons), talk about us to everyone who will listen! Help us create a wonderful space to gather, connect, and enjoy a delicious meal. 

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