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Champagne Campaign | We are raising $10,000 to cover the full purchase and fees of our a new Champagne Truck.

Champagne Supply Company

We offer a unique champagne bartending service for your wedding, bachelorette party, backyard brunch and holiday gatherings. Our champagne bar truck will be a hit at your event and your guest will leave with a lasting memory. Customized to your style, our bartenders are not just any bartenders, our champagne attendants will take care of every detail… from your champagne toast, to a night cap send off.

When we started Champagne Supply Company, we wanted to defeat two different stereotypes:

1. Women can’t work together

2. Family should never go into business

So far we have succeeded in both AND we’re growing! 

The inspiration behind this business is based off a small food vending truck from Italy. We searched high and low for this truck in the United States and then exhausted the possibilities of importing. There was not a single option available in our world of domestic google searches and the foreign options seemed too complicated and risky for our young business. 

We found the Cushman and jumped in! This is the American version of our Italian dream – she is perfect. Champagne Supply has been received with the warmest of welcoming arms into the Austin wedding community as well as nation wide. 

But we didn’t stop there and our google searches haven’t stopped. There isn’t a rhyme or reason why this most recent google search came up with a new, relevant and available truck option BUT there she was! The Vintage Lambertta! Fully renovated, ready serve and deliver champagne to our Austin market!  

What We Need 

Through our current business operations, we have the funds to cover half the cost of the new truck and we are looking to you to support us in raising the rest of the funds to bring this truck back to Texas from California! 

We need $10,000 to meet the difference of full purchase price of the truck, shipping, title, first year’s insurance  as well as outfitting the bed of the truck to serve as your favorite champagne bar. 

* Total Truck Price $15,000

* Estimated Shipping Cost $1,500

* Estimated Texas Taxes and Title $75.00

* Estimated Vehicle Insurance $1,200

* Estimated Bar Outfit $1,000

To successfully purchase this truck, our goal is to be fully funded by April 14, 2018! 

What You Get

We are located in Austin, Texas and our main market (so far) has been wedding planners and Texas brides. So, we have curated a bridal package that will directly contribute to an event as well options that have some great rewards attached! 

 Austin Bride To-Be Package:  

$100 contribution  = $150 off your event booking * and Champagne Campaign Hat

$200 contribution = $300 off your event booking*, Champagne Campaign Hat and ONE invitation to our Funding Celebration*

$400 contribution = $550 off your event booking*, Champagne Campaign Hat and TWO Invitations to our Funding Celebration*

(* We want to be sure and reserve your event date as soon as you contribute. So, expect an email shortly after your contribution to ensure your date is secure to cash in your reward! Event dates available starting July 2019. ) 

Not getting married and still want to support?

Contribute $25 – $50 and receive a Champagne Campaign 

Contribute $100 and receive a hat plus ONE invitation to our Funding Celebration*

Contribute $200 and receive a hat plus TWO invitation to our Funding Celebration*

(* Upon complete funding, the celebration will be held in Austin, Texas*)

The Impact

We set out to start a company that brought us together as friends, sisters and to set an example for other women to follow their dreams and support each other. 

Ana has a background in retail business management, event production, client relations and company budgets. Her professional advancements have afforded her the learning to run a start up company with a profitable margin as well as the connections to strategically place Champagne Supply Co. in front of the area’s event influencers. Experience in event planning, she has managed event budgets for clients up to $200,000 per event, planned multiple events at the same time and managed client communications and business development.

Gabrielle has achieved a successful career in corporate sales. She has been ranked in the top 5 (place 3 and 4th) sales executive for 3 years in a row.  Her training in this sales position brings proven tactics to Champagne Supply for optimal growth in numbers. Bringing to the team the ability to see the “40,000 Foot View,” she sees the big picture and how current decision might effect the future of the company. 


We have big plans and they don’t stop with two trucks. Our long term plan is to franchise into 3 different markets by 2020. This is just the beginning.

What if we don’t reach our funding goal?

If we do not reach our full funding goal, we will use the amount raised towards:

* Full Branding Design – Hire a professional graphic designer to design our full company branding.

* Expand our glassware rental collection.

* Make updates and improvements to our current truck.

* Financially reimburse our parents for their time spent helping set up early morning events. 

* We will even still have a champagne toast to celebrate all the support shown through this campaign!

* For any brides who contributed through the Bride To-Be options, don’t worry, your champagne dreams can still come true and we will apply your contribution to the booking of our existing Cushman.


Risk Mitigating Factors

Risk 1: Another company taking on the idea.. 

Once the truck is ordered and delivered to the US we will be able to start talking about business to planners and brides with mock ups visuals. Until we have ordered the truck there is a higher chance the idea will be adopted by another company in the United States. Our goal is to be ahead of the market.

Risk 2: Connecting with Venues and Clients

Marketing will need to start taking place before the truck arrives to create awareness. This means staying active on Instagram, attending event networking events and keeping our marketing personal and targeted. 

Risk 3: Liquor Licensing and TABC Laws

Navigating the laws around serving liquor at Texas events is challenging. The risk is misunderstanding the laws and getting fined which would set us back financially us back in the payout schedule. We will combat this risk by taking small licensing steps and partnering with catering companies who have been in the service business for 3+ years as consultants. 

Risk 4: Booking through Wedding Season

To successfully book the truck through out wedding season, we will need to attend venue’s open houses and partner in our markets to show off the truck in order to be booked through Wedding Season. In order to stay ahead of each wedding cycle, we will need to fine tune our marketing plan to target each season of bride when they are booking their services. For Example, Spring 2019 brings will start booking vendors in Fall 2018. 


Other Ways You Can Help

Community support means everything to us! If you can’t contribute financially, it is JUST as effective to share our campaign. 

* Use the Indiegog share tools to post to Facebook and Twitter! 

* Share on Insagram and tag our page @champagensupplyco – we will have a link posted in our profile the whole time! 

* Re-post our updates 

* Pass along our business idea to your circle of friends who may be interested in booking our service! 

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