CHESSNUT AIR – New Standard In Digital Chess Set

CHESSNUT AIR – New Standard in Digital Chess Set | Value for money|Enhance your experience of playing online|Improve your skill by AI



This is Chessnut AIR, one of the most innovative but affordable digital chess set in the world. Different from other electronic chessboards, Chessnut AIR can recognize each chess piece on where it is located quickly and precisely. Chessnut AIR makes learning fun and we believe you will have an extraordinary experience on our product.



We have two assist mode for beginners to improve their chess skills by the AI engine – Coach mode and Hints mode. Both of these two modes can help you level up your chess skill.



Chessnut AIR develops AI features upon Stockfish project, a free and open-source chess engine that is robust, widely available, and very strong. You can challenge a player with ELO rating ranging from 800 up to 3400+ depending on 8 difficulty levels anytime, anywhere.


With Chessnut AIR, you can not only play offline with friends, but also enjoy the challenges to chess lovers around the world.

Chessnut AIR supports mainstream online playing platform, Lichess and*. Chess lovers can have more authentic experience playing Chessnut AIR instead of the virtual experience just clicking mouse.





We have noted that recently will not release interactive API that allows game moves because of security issues. However, we are using a JS control to simulate mouse clicks to enable our chessboard to control pieces’ movements on,

We promise to improve the online game experience and keep in touch with to reach an official partnership and integration under official technical support. For the time being, there is no official partnership have been reached with yet.



With the Chessnut AIR’s internal memory, it can save up to 50 OTB games and generate entire PGN for analysis. There is no need to connect mobile/desktop device, it’s a standalone function, when the board is powered, switching it at the side button of the board, then all moves will be saved automatically.

Chessnut PC software provides the ability to let users view every single move of the recording game and edit, the purpose of this function is to correct illegal move or missing status, then users can let software to generate a PGN for further analysis.




Learning from grandmasters’ games can help you improve quickly. Benefit from the powerful piece recognition technology, puzzles can be easily set up and also you can continue to play with AI or your friend.








While playing a game with AI, player is able to do takebacks at any time, including several in a row. We have built up a recursive algorithm to detect any takeback behavior on the board and remove the SAN accordingly.



It’s a good way to help player to start a TAKEBACK game as TRAINING/COACHING exercise, and there is a feature – Hints built in the app, it helps a player can have several goes at identifying the best move.




Fischer random chess, also known as Chess960, is a variation of the game of chess invented by Bobby Fischer. We have learned that many chess players love chess 960 because it is like a chess sandbox to be explored. Chessnut AIR supports a game that the pieces have been randomly shuffled on each player’s back rank, or you can input a specific chess 960 game by board editor.



Chessnut Air can broadcast your game as live stream which can be shared with your friends or other chess lovers to watch in real time.

To enjoy this function, the only thing you need to do is just clicking our APP. 


High prices are beyond the reach of many chess lovers, whereas Chessnut eliminates the concerns.

Chessnut AIR has a very attractive price for an electronic chess set. The retail price will be $199 but now you ONLY need a minimum of $99 to get a chessboard that has suitable size, wooden texture, multiple functions(play online, piece recognition, Chess AI integration, multiple OS platform supported etc.)



With up to 10 scans per second FEN reading rate, Blitz and Bullet mode support

Based on this technology and advanced algorithm, users can play Blitz or even Bullet mode on it and no need to worry about the recognition that cannot keep up the speed of your chess.




Benefit from powerful piece recognition technology, Chess960 and positions can be easily set-up.

No need to press the board, just put the pieces on slightly, the board can detect the moves precisely and quickly. You are as easy as using a normal chess board.








Chessnut abides by applicable laws and policies and will make declaration on true condition.

All Chessnut commodities are exported through Hong Kong (free trade port); therefore, customers are not required to pay any export tariff. Please be aware that there may be extra customs fees due to the policy of different countries, and you will be responsible for customs fees, duties, VAT, import taxes, etc. administered by your government. They are excluded from the shipping fees.







Risk & Challenge

We have successfully completed 20 prototypes and pilot production process. The prototypes will be used in the voluntary tester program, we will select experienced testers to make detailed test reports or test videos for other backers. The supply chain and production line are ready, and we have enough stocks of the main components of our products. However, considering the shortage of the chips supply around the world, if the products demand highly exceeds our stock, there is possibility that the delivery time for subsequent backers would be longer than expected.

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