Cinder Grill: Cook Food Perfectly

Cinder Grill: Cook Food Perfectly | What if you could cook the perfect steak or salmon with 2 minutes of work, every time and any time?



Cinder is a countertop grill with the precision of sous-vide and the power of a stovetop. With grill plates that stay within 1 degree of your food’s ideal temperature, Cinder provides edge-to-edge cooking with no temperature fluctuations — and it brings this precision to high-temperature searing too!

Order your Cinder through this campaign to get a discounted price and avoid waiting an extra 6-8 months before it hits stores. 

You are already accustomed to making consistently incredible meals with sous vide. 

But sous vide prep and clean-up take too much time (e.g. water baths, vacuum sealing, plastic bags, firing up the stove afterward). Cinder’s here to make sous vide faster, more versatile, and easier to use. 

The results have professional chefs and sous vide aficionados alike calling Cinder revolutionaryChef Kenji made the world’s best grilled cheese on Cinder. And Serious Eats declared it “excellent.”




Place any fresh or frozen food inside Cinder and it will cook to Michelin-starred perfection. 




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Dial in a temperature or pair Cinder with the mobile app (Android version coming soon). The app automatically reads the thickness of your food (from Cinder) and tells you how long it’ll take to cook. Cool, right?

No need for checking in or constant flipping. The temperature inside Cinder is so tightly controlled that you could leave it sitting inside Cinder for an additional 2 hours and your food still wouldn’t overcook.

This is truly set-it-and-forget-it. If you don’t regularly have the time to cook — or cook well — Cinder is the last kitchen appliance you’ll ever need.




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Cinder’s ceramic plates don’t require butter or oil, so you just put the food in and close the lid. That’s it.






Whether it’s a beep from the grill or a notification from the optional Cinder app, you’ll be told when your food is done cooking — without you having to check.

Next, you can either let it sit at the target temperature and carry on with your other tasks. Or, you can switch Cinder into searing mode. In 45 seconds, you’ll have a restaurant-quality sear with a deliciously caramelized exterior.







    When you’re done eating, wipe down the grill plates with a paper towel. There are no pans or pots to clean up, no grills to scrub, no utensils to clean — nothing. (When your food doesn’t burn, there’s no sticky mess to clean up.)

    So not only is Cinder set-it-and-forget-it, it’s also zero hassle. Perfect for people short on time.



    Cinder is the world’s first hyper-precision grill, and there’s nothing like it on the market.

    Precise temperature — not cooking time — is everything when it comes to cooking great food. Other appliances simply don’t have uniform temperatures across their surface. Steak dries out, salmon cooks unevenly, and you’re left with food that’s mediocre unless you stressfully nail timing within 15-30s.

    Cinder gets around this by using tiny heating nodes that continuously turn on and off to ensure every millimeter (literally) is at the correct temperature. This precision changes home cooking — no more monitoring and adjusting temperature every few minutes. Instead, work on your side dishes and talk with your family.

    This is sous-vide cooking with the convenience of a microwave.







    We’ve met so many customers with incredible stories about how Cinder has changed their lives:

      “When I come home from work I’m exhausted. I used to just buying prepared food, but I make a meal with Cinder now then actually spend time with my family while it’s cooking. We were playing Monopoly one day and I accidentally forgot to take some salmon out… for almost an hour or so. It still came out perfect.” — Anne-Marie, Dover
      “My husband got me a Cinder for my birthday and I was furious because I thought he bought it for himself as another space-wasting gadget! I didn’t use it for several weeks, but one day my 12 year old made some chicken and toasted bread in it for his teammates. I couldn’t believe how good it tasted. After that I was hooked. He made chef-quality food himself.” — Deb, Austin
      “I’m a professional body builder and spend quite a bit of time in the gym or doing personal training on the side. I used to put chicken breasts and steak into the oven in bulk, and they would come out dry and overdone. A friend loaned me his Cinder and it’s just brilliant. I throw the frozen breasts onto Cinder just like I did before, but now it tastes incredible and juicy. Never thought my barbaric cooking could taste so freaking good.” — Riz, New Jersey
      “My friends and I started a little underground restaurant of sort in San Francisco last year. We hold dinners at our house, but have a tiny kitchen and run out of pots and pans even when we’re cooking for our weekly guests. We use the Cinder to put all the protein on autopilot then focus on the creative side dishes and garnish stuff.” — James and Chelsea, San Francisco
      “My wife’s dad is a chef. A couple years back I bought a sous vide precision cooker to impress him with filet mignon. I didn’t realize you had to take the meat out and sear it after it was done cooking. The meat came out a grey color and so I stopped cooking for a while after that. Didn’t have the motivation to make a smoky mess of my kitchen. A few months ago I saw a Cinder at the Target Open House and knew this was exactly what I was looking for the first time I bought a sous-vide device. I’ve been cooking delicious scallops and zucchini and am excited to impress my father-in-law this weekend.” — Chris, Medford



    Got a story? Email us: [email protected].



    Our goal is to provide greater accessibility to high-end cooking, allowing you to get the consistency and quality of professional meals without guesswork or mess. We want at-home-chefs to reclaim the time they should be spending friends and family. Cooking should be enjoyable, creative, and sociable — not stressful and isolating.






    Cinder is certified by Arrow Electronics. Cinder is also a member of Target’s Open House Garage product line.


    Every day, we think about how we can make Cinder better. Looking forward, we want to improve the following:

    • Better control of pressure applied to the food.

    • More extensive recipe library for the app.

    • Make the mobile software available on Android.


      • We only ship to the USA and Canada. Sign up for our mailing list on our website to be alerted when we ship internationally.
      • We will ship units in about six months from campaign end. Delays are unlikely; we’ve already manufactured and delivered over a thousand Cinders.
      • Ordering during our 30 day campaign is the only way to get a discount on Cinder and be placed at the top of the shipping queue. Otherwise, you’ll be waiting several additional months to get your Cinder.


      We’ve already shipped!


      We started with a dream


      Early testing proving precision temperature cooking was possible.


      We built, tested, iterated


      Cinder evolution from concept to product (left to right).


      Getting feedback at the Modernist Cuisine test kitchen, Seattle.


      We gained confidence in our cooking.



      First time cooking duck, Cinder test kitchen.


      Wait, I can cook duck?? 


      We worked with amazing partners



      Cooking for Y Combinator demo day, Mountain View.


      Reviewing paperwork with the factory owner, China,


      We started production.


      Cinder production line, China.


      We shipped units



      Packing the first container, China.


      We Delivered units


      Hand delivery to early supporter, San Francisco.



      Eric’s car, SF Bay Area.


      Early delivery, Palo Alto.


      And changed lives



      Cooking dinner for friends, with more confidence and less stress, Eric’s apartment.


      And we welcome you to join us, and cook in the future.


      Now, testing by robot. Future, cooking by robot.


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