CoMra Wave – Guardian Of Your Health

coMra Wave – Guardian of Your Health | Converts harmful electromagnetic radiation into harmonic wave forms that re-energise body and mind.

coMra Wave – converts harmful electro-magnetic radiation into harmonic wave forms that re-energise body and mind.


coMra Wave is the Guardian of your HEALTH!

Let our technology benefits you… your family, friends, and loved ones… your employees and business.
Or just experience the JOY of giving someone a gift!

  • Refreshes and improves the quality of water.

  • Protection from harmful wireless radiation.

  • Quality and style combined with real function.

  • Maintenance free for a lifetime of protection.

  • No batteries needed.

  • Easy to use.

  • Extremely Affordable.

Why this technology?

My name is Garrett Murrin and I work for Radiant Life Technologies, where we’ve been producing medical devices – like the coMra Delta and the coMra Palm – for over a decade.

After years of research, we came to understand the relationship between harmful electromagnetic radiation, its effect upon the quality of our water, and the negative results of this upon our health. In short, we discovered that healthy water is key to optimal health.

We’ve developed a way to re-generate healthy water, and offer a level of protection against harmful electromagnetic radiation: introducing coMra Wave technology. If you haven’t already, please watch our video above for more detailed information.


We need your support NOW

We need US$50,000 to produce an initial batch of three stand-alone products; the coMra Wave Cell – attached to your smart phone, laptop, tablet, etc. for EMF protection; the coMra Wave Pendant – worn close to the body for a 24hr effect; and the coMra Wave Coaster – used to re-generate your drinking water.


coMra Wave product line



Designed for mobile phone, tablet, laptop – or any device that emits a communications signal – the coMra Wave Cell is a truly unique dual-purpose device. Firstly, it offers a level of protection against harmful electromagnetic radiation; and secondly, it re-energises the water in your body, or any water containing structure within a 13 cm radius.


The outer octagon shell is made from hard-wearing, food-grade matt silicone, with a strong adhesive layer at the back for attaching to your device.

The silicone outer shell contains a Printed Circuit Board with a patented 6-layer system. This system absorbs the harmful electromagnetic radiation, converts it, creates a vortex signature and then imprints that signature of re-energised wave forms back into your body.




The coMra Wave Coaster is in essence a coMra Wave Cell embedded in the same hard-wearing, food-grade matt silicone material. With a surface area large enough for your glass, mug or plastic bottle, it takes less than 10 minutes for the coMra Wave technology to re-energise one litre of your drinking water.

The octagonal surface has an indented spiral-grid pattern, designed for catching condensation and light spills.


The embedded coMra Wave Cell contains a Printed Circuit Board with a multi-layer system of 6. This system absorbs harmful electromagnetic radiation, creates the vortex signature, then imprints re-energised wave forms back into your drink.




Made from luxurious hand-polished zirconium, the coMra Wave Pendant is the pinnacle of the coMra Wave line. A double-sided finish – Black & Pearl White – makes for a unique, unisex impression, designed for everyday wear – on a chain, on a key fob or for anywhere next to the skin – and maximum protection.

The coMra Wave Pendant offers the greatest level of protection, with a multi-layer system of 7. This system absorbs the harmful electromagnetic radiation, transforms it and creates the vortex signature. The additional 7th layer is a quartz crystal interface engineered to accumulate and deliver of the vortex signature back into your body with greater efficiency than a standard coMra Wave Cell.



Unlock bonus

The more funds we raise the more bonus options we can unlock. For example, every US$15,000 we raise past the US$30,000, mark gives us the required means to offer more colour options. So, please, spread the word and tell your family and friends about us!



How does coMra Wave technology work?

Let’s use a coMra Wave Cell and go through an example;



Another example using the coMra Wave Coaster;






How does that multi-layer system work?






Economical and ecological

coMra Wave technology does not use batteries or have any moving parts. It’s completely self-powered using the ambient electromagnetic radiation as its power source. Longevity of the devices depend on physical wear only.


The Impact

We know that coMra Wave technology will be of enormous benefit to users, especially in light of the big push toward the deployment of 5G networks around the world – pumping out harmful EMF with further negative consequences to our health.




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