Crowns & Hops Brewing Co.

Crowns & Hops Brewing Co. | A New Craft Beer Space That Reflects Black & Brown Culture in Inglewood, CA

We Need Your Help To Bring Crowns & Hops Brewing Co to Inglewood, CA!

It’s time for a new voice in craft beer!

We, (Beny Ashburn & Teo Hunter) introduce  — CROWNS & HOPS BREWING COMPANY – a new black-owned craft beer brand and brewery that brings together culture, music and world-class beer.  Our brewery will be an SoCal experience rich with color that you won’t find anywhere else, and it’s all happening in the diverse city of Inglewood, CA!

TODAY, we are asking for help to bring our brewery vision to life.  The palate and identity of people of color has been missing in craft beer…until now.  Your contribution to this campaign will be a reminder to the world, that all culture is worth preserving.  

By donating to the campaign, you will join the “Crowns & Hops OG Founder’s Crew” and own merch from the super limited edition “C&H OG Founder’s” Collection.  We will NEVER make these items again! Get grandfathered into #THENEWNOW of craft beer!!


THANK YOU in advance for helping us build this vision and continuing to bring a new voice and culture to craft beer!

Welcome to the NEW NOW OF CRAFT BEER!



In 2020, Crowns & Hops Brewing Co. will be the first black-owned brewery not founded by a traditional model of home-brewers, but built from the support of a diverse community of creatives, innovators and influencers.

Our brewery is going to be dope! The moment you step through our doors you’ll be filled with elements of hip-hop, jazz, art and the untold history of our contribution to craft beer.  The aroma of delicious appetizing fare will tease your senses, and the freshness of ales, pilsners and stouts will be fully available for your palate to enjoy.


Nearly 7,000 square feet of space will be dedicated to a new mecca—designed to inspire organic conversation, support collaborations and the creation of new ideas.  Generous amounts of natural light and exposed brewing equipment so everyone can see real craft beer being produced. Our brewery will be a hub that will provide mentorships and training programs for the education and brewing of craft beer.



This will be a place where all are welcome, and Black and Brown culture will feel themselves represented from the look and feel of the environment, to the delicious food,  amazing music and the world-class beer.




We (formerly known as Dope & Dank) started this movement in craft beer 5 years ago because we were tired of being the only black people in the brewery.

We soon realized that out of:


Our shared love for hip-hop, art and beer sparked an amazing idea that allowed us to combine our individual talents to create a communal association everyone could benefit from (Dope & Dank). Through content, events and direct engagement to diverse audiences, we’ve built a community of amazing Black and Brown craft beer drinkers through #BlackPeopleLoveBeer and #BrownPeopleLoveBeer. Today, our community is over 13,000+ strong and has become a new cultural renaissance in craft beer.

Proudly, our commitment to promote inclusion into the craft beer industry resulted in recognition by TIME Magazine as “Changing The Face of Beer” and Imbibe Magazine naming us “Beer People of the Year” 2018!   


For us, local craft beer is so much more than what we’ve been taught to think beer represents.











As you can imagine, to fund a plan of this magnitude is no easy feat. It’s expensive, but the end result is empowering.  With your contribution today, you will help remind our community that anything can be accomplished with DIRECTION, DEDICATION, EXPOSURE and COLLECTIVE RESOURCES. This is the new age of CULTURAL OWNERSHIP—responsible, authentic culture curated for the people by the people.  We will no longer just write the story, but own the narrative!

To all our Black and Brown People Love Beer supporters, craft beer enthusiasts, sneakerheads, artists, content creators and all those who appreciate dope culture, we need your help today in raising $75,000 to bring this brewpub to Inglewood, Ca.

Your contribution to this campaign will send a message to the world that all culture is worth preserving.

The palette and identity of people of color has been missing in craft beer—until now.

Welcome to the New Now of Craft Beer!




When you donate you immediately become a member of our  “OG FOUNDER’S CREW” (O.G.F.C)  the physical collective of all community brand investors who share the passion and goals for authentic cultural representation in craft beer.  As a special member you get access to the “C&H OG FOUNDER’S COLLECTION”.

This collection of merchandise will ONLY be produced during our crowdfunding effort for this inaugural brewery.  Although there will be merchandise in the future, join the select few that have the faith, courage and commitment to be apart of the “OG FOUNDER’S CREW”.  These items are unique pieces of merchandise. They communicate to the world that you not only put your money where your mouth is, but you support Crowns & Hops mission of preserving culture, enhancing palates and building the community. 

Select from some of the dopest brewery perks in the game under the “BACK IT” Section of the this page.



We realize that not everyone can give, but you can still help!

Please sign up for updates and events, share, like, and repost on IG, FB and/or Twitter! Your word of mouth can make a huge difference and we greatly appreciate it! You can find us at When posting please remember to tag us @crownsandhops and #TheNewNow.


THANK YOU in advance for helping us build this vision and continuing to bring a new voice and culture to craft beer!

Welcome to the NEW NOW OF CRAFT BEER!


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