DeuxWings | Please help us successfully build – The Lehigh Valley’s 1st Premier SOul COmfort Drive-thru.

The Beginings of DeuxWings 

DeuxWings (pronounced “do-wings”) was dreamt of and created by two young entrepreneurs, grade school friends turned brothers- Olu(O) and Elliott(E).  Throughout the years they have both earned their Bachelor’s degree in Business all the while cultivating a passion for entrepreneurship and an even larger passion for Soul / Comfort style cooking. They eventually partnered together and created Deuxwings – a foodies haven for wings and such.

DeuxWings  Owners:

Olu (O) – First generation Nigerian-American born and raised in Plainfield, NJ is very determined and motivated to be a great role model to his family and community.  He became a young parent with his high school sweetheart (now wife) and then shortly after started his first small business immediately after high school graduation. He ultimately pursued and completed his Bachelor’s degree proving to be his starting drive towards success.  He is also a community Coach, PTA volunteer and an overall passionate individual. His cooking style consists of a love for SPICY/Exotic flavors, soulful cuisines and ALL things deep fried.

Elliott (E) – Born and raised in Plainfield NJ, a natural born entrepreneur who has successfully owned and  operated his own business for the last 15 years. Upon completing his Bachelor’s degree he prosperously expanded a 50 year family business from local to statewide. He is recently married to his long-time soul mate; a devoted father to a 3-year-old daughter and an inspirational uncle / Godfather to many. Elliott is analytical, hardworking and dedicated; with a stellar reputation amongst friends, family and customers alike.  His cooking style consists of a love for SWEET/Savory flavors, soulful cuisines and ALL things deep fried.

Unexpected Situations

The initial idea of DeuxWings involved vending from a Food Truck.  Estimated start-up costs of operating a food truck range from $50k to $70k.  Accompanying the expense of operating a food truck is the rental cost of commercial kitchen space for prepping and storage of food.  Fate presented us an opportunity to open a drive-thru location which enhanced and re-imagined our initial dream of running a mobile eatery. The location was discovered to be in subpar conditions it had been vacant for well over 3.5 years prior to our occupancy.  Recent storms have also contributed to further deterioration and structural issues at the location. There were quite a few other surprises which required immediate response and unexpected chunks of our initial capital.

Collectively we have invested well over $19k of our own money. The additional funding that we seek helps to secure our ultimate success on day one.  With our recent visit from the local Health Inspector – we were acknowledged for completing a majority of the pending matters but still needed to finalize a few issues to be up to code.  Because of this – we are requesting the assistance our family, friends, community, and anonymous donors alike to jointly assist us with monetary donations and or Prayer/blessings (preferably all of the above) to boost this dream to reality.

Our Needs. Your Blessings. OUR SUCCESS

With careful calculation and considerations, we have summed our need to total $8,000.  This amount allows us to open our doors with imminent success. We are approximately 85% towards the completion of tasks to open DeuxWings. With your generous donations, we will be able to accomplish the following and more:

  • Finalizing the extension of the fire suppression system
  • Purchase of initial food supply and other day-one starting essentials
  • Re-excavation of pre-existing gas pipeline
  • Design of menu board for both drive-thru windows
  • Paving and Line Markings for the lot
  • Upgrades to the remaining structural imperfections
  • Purchase of remaining equipment used for daily operation

We understand that this time of the year can be burdensome with all of the obligations and requirements that the holidays bring-  but we do believe that this is also the season of blessings and giving. This can be an opportunity to give to a cause that BOOSTS dream to REALITY.  We appreciate any and all of your help and hope to grow within your sights into the success you surely helped build.


DeuxWing Bronze

$25 donation – A Big “Thank You” shout out on social media

DeuxWing Silver

$50 donation – $5 certificate redeemable at DeuxWings + DeuxWing BRONZE

DeuxWing Gold

$100 donation – Two $5 certificate ($10.00)  redeemable at DeuxWings + DeuxWings T-Shirt + DeuxWing BRONZE

DeuxWing Platinum

$250 donation – Five $5 certificate ($25.00) redeemable at DeuxWings + DeuxWings Hoodie + DeuxWing BRONZE

DeuxWing Diamond

$500 donation – Five $5 certificates ($25.00) redeemable at DeuxWings + Choose any two: T-shirt/Hat/Hoodie

DeuxWing Legendary

$1000 donation – Five $5 certificates ($25.00) redeemable at DeuxWings + 10% discount card for a year OR a catered wing event (i.e. Super Bowl, B-Day or Special Event) for up to 10 people

DeuxWing it

Our ultimate goal as DeuxWings is to offer a want to a need. We are offering a Premier product made with love and perfected with time.  DeuxWings plans on matching its reputation of providing exceptionally great food with its love of community surrounding it.

We do realize that there are many food eatery options and charitable causes needing your contributions -but by boosting our dream to Reality – You will be DeuxWing what is right!!


Donate. Pass it On. Do You. DeuxWings! 

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