Dreamlight: The World’s Smartest Sleep Mask

Dreamlight: The World’s Smartest Sleep Mask | The mask that uses light, sound and genetics so you fall asleep faster and wake up with more energy.


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How do you use it?

Simply put the mask on and your selected light and sound program begins. If you take the mask off, your program pauses. 


A More Comfortable Mask


Dreamlight’s top priority is helping you get better sleep, and making the Dreamlight as comfortable as possible is the core of this – that’s why it looks different from other sleep masks. 

Most masks place pressure on the sensitive eyes and cheeks. Instead, Dreamlight’s design moves the pressure away from sensitive facial areas. 

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The Dreamlight’s unique wraparound design minimizes pressure on sleep-affecting areas of the face, while remaining in place. 


By distributing pressure around the back of the head and padding the nose area, Dreamlight sits comfortably on users.

Light-led Breathing


Studies show that deep breathing elicits a feeling of relaxation, according to an article carried by Harvard Medical School. Dreamlight uses this to ease you into sleep. 

By breathing along with the soothing glow of Dreamlight’s internal orange light, you’ll enter sleep quickly and rest better.

Try one of Dreamlight’s breathing programs below.

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Sleep Monitoring

Dreamlight’s heart-rate monitor and gyroscope are used to create a uniquely robust sleep profile, which is displayed in Dreamlight’s cross-platform app. 
By looking at your vital signs combined with levels of movement, Dreamlight provides personal insight to help you get the best rest possible.

The Dreamlight App



Sounds of Nature

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Sound and sleep seem like odd bedfellows – but finding the right noises for when your sleeping can help you rest better than ever before. 

That’s where Dreamlight’s four internal headphones come in. Via Dreamlight’s app, you can create custom soundscapes.

  • Nature sounds (the sound of rain, for example) were shown to reduce stress and lower heart rates in a 2017 article published by Scientific Reports.
  • White noise contains a wide frequency of sounds, helping mask environmental noise like loud neighbors or traffic
  • Light music has been scientifically shown to ready the body for sleep and improve quality of sleep.
  • Binaural beats, or brainwave entertainment, are steady beats played at specific frequencies. Some report entering a peaceful state when listening to binaural beats. 
  • ASMR, or autonomous sensory meridian response, is a sound-induced tingling feeling that many find relaxing. The Dreamlight app contains dozens of ASMR stimulating options.

We understand everyone is different. By using the sliders inside of our app, you can create a combination of sounds that specifically work for you.

After rigorous testing, we have inserted four premium sounding speakers,  invisibly embedded inside the Dreamlight mask. This decision was made so that the speakers can be used at full quality, regardless of head size or ear positioning. Binaural audio gives the surround-sound effect of being present in a relaxing and natural environment, rhythmically drifting to sleep to the patter of light rainfall, laying in the quiet echo of a forest, or resting by a summer brook.

Waking Up


Millions of people start their day to the scream of an alarm clock: an unpleasant experience that studies suggest may be linked with weight-gain and even heart problems.
Dreamlight avoids audio alarms by using internal lights to slowly wake you. The lights within the mask slowly begin to brighten near a set wake time,  so users wake slowly and begin the day relaxed.

Infrared Beauty Treatment

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Dreamlight’s infrared light treatment boosts blood circulation around the eyes while you sleep, improving the skin’s appearance and health.

Infrared light is already a widely-used beauty treatment, which may also heal skin damage, according to a 2014 study carried by the US National Library of Medicine.

Getting Ahead of Jet Lag

There’s no easy way around jet lag. But Dreamlight can help.
By entering the date and time of your next flight, Dreamlight’s cross-platform app creates a personalized sleep schedule that slowly adjusts you to your future time zone.

Paired with Dreamlight’s circadian rhythm regulating green lights, the Dreamlight mask will minimize jet lag by getting you on the right schedule ahead of time.

DNA-based Advice

Sleep and genetics are closely linked, with a 2011 Stanford University study finding “It is now clear that sleep is genetically controlled.”

By looking at your DNA we can recommend the best sleep schedule for you through the Dreamlight app, and transfer that sleep schedule into the mask.

The Dreamlight DNA perk will see your DNA tested so we can provide you with custom advice to help develop your best sleep schedule. 

It’s as easy as sending a swab to trusted genetic companies like 23andMe, which has mapped the genetics of more than two million people from saliva samples sent through the mail. 

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The back panel of the Dreamlight mask is detachable, allowing for easy cleaning.


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Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: Will the orange light be on through the whole night?
No, users choose the light therapy duration via Dreamlight’s front controls or inside the Dreamlight app. 
Q: Will the infrared light be on through the night?
A: No, users can set up the infrared facial treatment via Dreamlight’s front panel, or inside the Dreamlight app. The infrared facial duration and intensity can be adjusted according to personal preference.
Q: Will the music be on through the night?
 It depends on the users’ preferences. The Dreamlight app has a sleep timer or can be set to replay music. 
Q: Is it travel-friendly?
A: Yes, the Dreamlight will include a travel pouch. Dreamlight is also made of flexible material, which can fold up while traveling. 
Q: How long does the battery last?
A: About 14 days when used for light therapy. About seven days, when used to play audio for 30 minutes daily. For one year on standby.  
Q: Will Dreamlight support future upgrades?
A: Yes, the Dreamlight can be upgraded with the Dreamlight app. 
Q: Should I open my eyes or close my eyes during light therapy?
A: Both are fine and it depends on the user’s preference. 
Q: What if the lighting is too strong/weak for me? Can I adjust it?
A: Yes, users can adjust the intensity of lighting in the Dreamlight app.

For any other questions, please email us at [email protected].

We’re Ready for Mass Production

Working from our fabrication lab allowed us to implement rapid, incremental prototyping — testing functionality and performance at every step. 

This included button-life testing, ensuring the front panel is long lasting. 

We also tested the product in temperature-humidity containers and thermal shock chambers, ensuring that the Dreamlight mask is being built to the highest quality.


Dreamlight received an incredible reception at CES by the president and CEO of CES, Gary Shapiro (pictured).

Risks & Challenges

An experienced team developed Dreamlight, and will continue working on the project. We’re no strangers to manufacturing in China and the challenges involved. 
While we recognize unforeseen events may pose a challenge, we have a proven record of creating products from design to sale. 
We have multiple working models and received a favorable review from The Verge, but we need more time and funding to produce Dreamlight at scale. Once we hit our goal, manufacturing and delivery should face minimum challenges.
Shipment can at times be tricky: issues can arise with too much demand, delaying delivery. Border customs can also cause issues, possibly resulting in a few days delay. We will be transparent and provide updates if such issues arise.

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