Easy Grow Food – Seed Rope & Bionoc

Easy Grow Food – Seed Rope & Bionoc | Easy Grow Seed Rope.& Bionoc – Growing Made Easy & Successful – Restoring Natures Balance & Harmony.

 “Breakthrough Growing Discovery”


EasyGrow Seed Rope

Bionoc Coated Seeds Inside A Small Rope

 Quick, Precise & Easy Planting

Help Fund the SeedRope Project – Select a Perk in the Right Hand Column
SeedRope Perks are 12′ for each variety / 60′ Total for the 5 varieties
Perfectly Spaced Carrots
No Thinning Required


Near 100% Germination-Sprouting


Easy Grow Seed Rope Planter – Speeds Planting of Large Areas


Widely used by large growers – Now available for gardeners everywhere
Help Fund the SeedRope Project – Select a Perk in the Right Hand Column
SeedRope Perks are 12′ for each variety / 60′ Total for the 5 variety

Bionoc – “Plant Booster”

Proven Results

Increase Food Production By Up To 100% Or More 

“Growing With Bionoc Help A Beginner Achieve The Results Of A Master Gardener”

Butternut Winter Squash

Close To 100% Germination  /  Increased Plant Growth And Development

“Growing With Bionoc Help A Beginner Achieve The Results Of A Master Gardener”


(Above 2 Photos Courtesy of Dr. David Johnson, New Mexico State University)




How Does It Work?


Thanks to Dr. David Johnson at the New Mexico State University, using genome technology, a much deeper understanding of plant growth dynamics has been revealed.  Using a simplified method of static composting he and his wife Dr. Su developed a ‘static pile’ bioreactor which produces a highly diverse, fungally dominated soil inoculant.  When used in conjunction with cover crops this new agricultural management system is called BEAM for biologically enhanced agricultural management.  An understanding of why Microbes in Bionoc are essential to plants is shown in this image.



Our Team at EasyGrowFood has advanced this technology even further by the addition of BioChar, a form of stable carbon which provide a ‘home’ for this fungal dominated biological inoculant.  We named this unique Patent Pending soil booster ‘Bionoc’


  Examples of BEAM Benefits


(Photos Courtesy of Dr. David Johnson, New Mexico State University)


Help Fund the SeedRope Project – Select a Perk in the Right Hand Column
SeedRope Perks are 12′ for each variety / 60′ Total for the 5 varieties



Bionoc Pelleted Seeds

Pelleted Seeds With Bionoc Are Easier To Plant And Start As Seedlings

Increased Germination (Nearly 100%)

 More Rapid Growth and Development

 Increased Food Production (Up to 100% or More)



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SeedRope Perks are 12′ for each variety / 60′ Total for the 5 varieties


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Our Goal


BEAM is rapidly being discovered by the large agricultural producers because of its hugely impressive benefits to crops.  Our Goal is to set up 2 production, manufacturing and distribution centers for Bionoc pellets, EasyGrow Seed Rope and EasyGrow Pelleted Seeds.  They will be located in Southern Illinois and near Austin, Texas.  We plan additional Canadian production and distribution in the near future.

Our goal is to make this amazingly beneficial technology widely available to home gardeners, local market gardeners as well as larger commercial growers: To make “Food Growing Easy” and successful, even for beginners.



Our Team

vjnkdmggrrimnk1gdfku  Richard Porter

Richard is a life-long gardener, former professional bee keeper, lecturer to Illinois State Garden Clubs and recent Co-Author of the successful Market Gardening Book – “Abundant Harvests’.  Richard is Co Head of Research and Development for EasyGrowFood and iGrowOrganic Company.  He is jointly responsible for the development of the many novel products from EasyGrowFood that are the ‘Future of Agriculture and Food Production’.

 Dennis DeLaurier

Dennis is the Head of New Product Development and Testing for Easy Grow Food.  His experience as a seasoned Hydroponics grower, Commercial MicroGreen grower and life long gardener have given him a wealth of both technical and practical knowledge of all aspects of Market Gardening.  Earlier careers as  Engineer, Technical Writer/Trainer and as a Global Server and Storage Support Engineer round out his extensive skill sets and he is responsible for the many instructional manuals and graphics that explain and support training in the many novel present and future products in the Easy Grow Food product range.


  Tony Humble

Tony Humble, Special Advisor and Serial Entrepreneur with over 20 years in natural resources, banking, finance and mortgage brokerage will be overseeing the introduction of EasyGrowFood into Canada in the near future.,  Tony has invested in, and managed companies in the fields of renewable energy (Synxx Synfuels), waste management (Torxx Group), biotechnology (TeloRegen, PhotoSonX), and more recently in advanced greenhouse technology (Prosperium Global Solutions) and soil technology (EasyGrow Food).  All of this has been ideal preparation to help communities improve food security in these challenging time.   Tony looks forward eagerly to working with the EasyGrow team to ensure the maximum possible distribution in the shortest possible time. 




Join Our Team

We invite you to be a Team Member Partner in our Affiliate Program

EasyGrowFood New Methods of Food Production Represent the “The Future of Growing”.  If you like Gardening and Growing, we offer a great opportunity to participate in this exciting project and Profit at the same time.  This Affiliate Team Member opportunity will be offered upon completion of this successful Indiegogo Campaign.


Seed Rope and Bionoc Pelleted Seed 

Vegetable – Herb  -Flower



 Varieties Available  

                 Carrot                                                       Celery                                                 Parsley 


          Beefsteak Tomato                                         Roma Tomato                               Yellow Pear Tomato

                            Broccoli                                                 Bell Pepper                                    Squash


                     Ruby Lettuce                            ButterCrunch Lettuce                                 Basil

             Zuchini Squash                                            Popcorn                                           Sweet Corn        


      Japanese Onion                                              Bok Choy                                               Asian Radish

           Waltham Squash                                      Green Mustard                                    Green Beans 


                     Radish                                                 Swiss Chard                                        Cucumber


                       Pumpkin                                                   Beet                                             Purple Basil


      Dill                                                       Turnip                                               Fennel

                   Mustard                                                      Mizune                                          Asian Radish

                           Radish                                                         Radish                                     Romaine Lettuce


                            Kale                                                Kale                                                      Kale


                   Lisianthus                                  California Poppy                                Lisianthus


           Digitalis/Foxglove                                  Carnation                                             Carnation

See Additional Future Offerings at www.easygrowfood.com




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“Help Make This Amazingly Beneficial Technology Widely Available: 

Make “Food Growing Easy and Successful, Even for Beginners.”




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