Fresh Portal Prototype Campaign

Fresh Portal Prototype Campaign | Bring this newly patented product to market!

The Fresh Portal is in discussion with major online delivery retailers that are interested in seeing this product come to market, BUT we need help to build our prototypes (8 of them to be exact).  During this 30 day campaign, join us to enjoy special perks only available to our friends and family here on Indiegogo.


The Fresh Portal™

The Fresh Portal™ is a patented, innovative home delivery solution. The Fresh Portal™ features advanced multipurpose delivery receiving solutions, remotely controlled via Fresh Portal™ app and WiFi that incorporates Far-UVC disinfection, package security, and climate control into a single household appliance. 

The Fresh Portal™ keeps delivered groceries and prepared food fresh and temperature controlled until you can collect it into your own home.  The Fresh Portal™ is also the solution for temperature sensitive medications.

The Fresh Portal™ is the ideal delivery solution for the modern home.


$3,450 Installed*

*Price includes a standard installation with one added electrical location.


The Fresh Portal™ will help our customers harness all emerging delivery options, to the benefit of keeping their families healthier and safer. The Fresh Portal’s™ new technology will facilitate a direct-to-consumer and eco-friendly supply-chain by inspiring concepts like farm-to-table, improving freshness and reducing single-use waste. cy29kwddde5o6i1bgqdl

The Fresh Portal™ Story

The Fresh Portal™ idea came to life in 2015 when three professionals in the Carmel, California luxury building market were trying to design a fresh food delivery solution so their customers could focus on enjoying the weather rather than running for groceries. We envisioned Fresh Portal™ owners waking up to freshly brewed Carmel Roasting Co. cappucino delivered and ready to be enjoyed. This was at a time when food delivery services were just emerging and before Amazon came out with their locker program. Since then, Fresh Portal™ has been fully designed, we have applied and been granted a patent, secured a local engineering firm, designed the software and PCB behind the product and now we are seeking to raise funds for the production-ready-prototype and we will then begin shipping and installations.

(USTPO Patent No. 10729265.7)




How Fresh Portal™ Works

Fresh Portal™ is an appliance installed into an exterior wall of your home or office. A securely locked exterior door is accessible to delivery persons using a unique one-time access-code sent to their device over your existing WiFi network. A locked interior door gives you personal access to the delivery products. Fresh Portal™ has the ability to safely control temperature based on the needs of the particular delivery – your meals can be kept cool or warm and you can adjust the temperature so that your temperature sensitive medications or packages can be kept safe. Fresh Portal™ units are designed with two temperature zones. In a single delivery you can have hot pizza in one zone and cold beverages in another. The Far-UVC disinfection light cycle automatically runs every time a delivery occurs. 

Reduced contact delivery keeps you healthier.

Fresh Portal’s™ ability to receive deliveries when you’re not home gives you peace of mind. You control everything from an app on your personal smart device. Notifications and live video allow you to monitor activity whenever activity occurs.



Fresh Portal™ Construction & Durability

The patented design of the Fresh Portal™ has three main components.  

Mount Box

Interior Door

Exterior Door

The mount box is permanently installed. It is made of the highest quality stainless steel and is corrosion resistive. The mount box contains zero moving parts – it will stand the test of time!

The interior and exterior door components include all of the Fresh Portal™ mechanical features. These parts are made of the most durable powder coated steel. They are the moving pieces of the Fresh Portal™ and, as such, may wear out over time. A manufacturer warranty will be available and replacement parts will be available.

How is Fresh Portal™ Installed?

Fresh Portal™ installation is much like adding a window to your home. 

A certified Fresh Portal™ installer cuts a template into your interior and exterior wall finishes between stud bays (or similar for masonry) using dust mitigation technology. The mount box is inserted and affixed and then insulated and waterproofed just like a window. We attach the interior component and the exterior component, together accounting for 100% of the moving parts. The Fresh Portal’s™ weather-proof seal is tested and perfected. Your installer will then power it on, connect it to your wifi and you will download and install the Fresh Portal™ app to your preferred devices. Once paired with your devices, your installation is complete. You can customize your Fresh Portal™ app settings and then simply enjoy.

How will the Fresh Portal™ app Integrate with Food Delivery Providers?

The Fresh Portal™ app will be your go-to app for food delivery – whether it’s fresh groceries or prepared foods. Within the Fresh Portal™ app you will have access to local farmers, grocers, restaurants and established food delivery providers. As our technology matures, we’ll continue streamlining vendor-partner communication with the goal of providing the one-click ‘Deliver to my Fresh Portal™’ option. 


For example, within the Fresh Portal™ app, order dinner by searching for your favorite restaurant, place your order and adjust the temperature zones. The app will notify the restaurant of your order and then provide a one time access code to be shared with the delivery driver. The driver uses the one time access code manually or the wifi and Bluetooth technology automatically open your Fresh Portal™ door as he approaches. He places your dinner inside the Fresh Portal™, he taps the door to auto close and he leaves (it will auto close if he forgot). You get a push notification that the Fresh Portal™ door has closed and your food has been delivered. Once the door is closed, the Fresh Portal™ runs a UVC light pulse to disinfect the package surface. You can even view your food with interior cameras so enjoy the rest of your leisure walk or stay on that call with your Mom a while longer, all while having the peace of mind that your food is safe inside your Fresh Portal™.


Why do I need a Fresh Portal™?

Convenience. It’s that simple.


  • Order your favorite meal delivery before leaving work and when you arrive home your meal is ready to remove from the Fresh Portal™ and serve.
  • Receive your medications that require refrigeration and secure delivery without having to be home to immediately transfer it to the refrigerator.
  • Skip the hassle of end of work day shopping, come home to your freshly delivered groceries. Online order and delivery services for groceries have vastly improved, now you can have an equally efficient receiving option that is incredibly convenient, delivered to your Fresh Portal™, Far-UVC disinfected and ready to use.
  • Don’t want your family, pets or yourself to be disturbed by the doorbell? Your Fresh Portal™ alerts you via text, when product is delivered, allowing you to retrieve it when it’s convenient.


Help Fresh Portal™ Advance From Concept to Shipping!

The Fresh Portal™ is turn-key and ready for production. We are raising $100,000 to work with our Berkley, CA engineering firm to refine the production-ready-prototype specifications (BOM).

What we’ve accomplished so far:

  • Applied for and been granted a patent (USTPO Patent No. 10729265.7).
  • Commissioned a market research study by Burke Market Research with exceptional results.
  • Designed the environmental control (heating, cooling & humidity).
  • Designed the electronic chip hardware (PCB).
  • Obtained an Engineering firm in CA, that is ready to refine the production-ready-prototype specifications (BOM).
  • Used our patented specifications to 3D print a scaled-down version of the hardware for proof-of-concept.
  • Consulted with manufacturers to confirm each part can be sourced and manufactured at high volume.
  • We have a Mutual Nondisclosure Agreement signed with Amazon and Amazon Key and continue to update our progress schedule.


What your contribution will help us accomplish next:

  • We will fine tune our production ready prototype, 
  • We will select the final colors and finish details.
  • We will instruct our manufacturer to begin tooling for the first production run.
  • We will train licensed general contractors on the installation protocol.
  • We will approach wholesalers and home builders and work on getting our New-Home Model pre-installed in the modern homes built today.

We expect a timeline of 3-12 months for the prototype stage, and then only 60-120 days for the manufacturing stage. Our Berkeley, CA firm is capable of domestically producing up to 10,000 units per year economically. As sales exceed their abilities, larger manufacturing options will be utilized, and our costs will decrease without compromise to quality.


The Fresh Portal™ retails for $3,450 so if you want your very own, you’ll definitely want to check out our perks!


  •  For $20 we’ll add your name to our office surfboard to commemorate you.  By joining us in the Fresh Portal™ launch, we’ll send you an email for your e-signature or doodle.  Then we’ll laminate the office’s vintage board with your mark.  We’ll post photos so that you can see your mark along side the other company contributors. This surfboard will forever be with us in the hopeful the Fresh Portal™  headquarters.


  • Not ready to commit to a purchase, but think you might want a Fresh Portal™ in the future? The COUPON CODE perk is for you! Pay just $50 now and when you’re ready to make your purchase on our website at some later date, you’ll save $250 with your coupon code!


  • We have the option to PRE-ORDER and receive a $500 discount. This deposit holds your place in line for delivery & installation. We’ll contact you no sooner than March 2021 to collect the remaining $2,950. 


  • Our deepest discount comes with the PURCHASE of a FRESH PORTAL™ FIRST EDITION. You save $1,000 by paying in full today. You’ll be one of the first units to be delivered and installed




Can’t make a contribution?

Don’t Fret!

You can still help by sharing our campaign on your social media platforms and getting the word out!



Help bring the Fresh Portal™ to market and become a pioneer in the future of home delivery!


The more our vendor-partnerships grow because you demand the Fresh Portal™, the more our one-click ‘Deliver to my Fresh Portal™’ option will be made available by retailers and delivery services like AmazonFresh, Safeway, Krogers, Albertsons, Costco, GrubHub, DoorDash, etc.

Please join us in shouting out…NO MORE WILTED LETTUCE!

The Team behind Fresh Portal™

The Fresh Portal™ is brought to you by Nurdwerx LLC, founded by Jeremy High, a Licensed Architectural Builder and head of the Construction company he founded 12 years ago. Jeremy has spearheaded builds of impressive custom multi-million dollar homes in Pebble Beach and Carmel, CA . He earned his BS at the University of Oregon.

Co-Founder and Head of Design Josh Bauman has 9 years of experience designing homes in Pebble Beach and the Pacific Coast. Josh designed 3d printable parts for a proof-of-principle prototype, confirming the Fresh Portal™ can be built and installed as planned.

Co-Founder Phil Ciszek has been immersed in high-end building and construction work for 10 years. Phil is a key member on the design and development team.

Attorney and Chief Technical Officer Gary Romel II is an Air Force Veteran. He ran the airborne computer systems aboard the AWACS aircraft. He graduated with honors from Loyola Law School, Los Angeles and holds a Bachelors of Science degree in Technical Management.

Chief Financial Officer Kelly Parrish is a Licensed CPA. She earned her Masters of Accounting degree from Florida State University. Kelly also assists with other functions such as HR and marketing management.


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