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Our Story:


Id like to introduce myself. My name is Chris and am a Naples Native!

I have played in every aspect of a kitchen over the past 20 years from dishwasher to Executive Chef and have been in everything from a southern style diner to high end fine dining. As you may have noticed. I said play… NOT work.. Why you may ask? Well let me explain! I believe that if you absolutely love what you do and are passionate about it, then it is not work. A kitchen to me is the same as a playground to a 10 year old. I walk in and my eyes light up!

     I am at my point in my career that I believe I am ready to have my own operation as well I am to that point in my life where I want to go back to the true basics. although I have done many things in the kitchen world and got to play with all kinds of crazy ingredients, my heart lies with BBQ.  There is just something so enjoyable in watching the fire and smoke do their thing. At Gator Creek BBQ Co. our main focus is BBQ. I believe the one mistake a lot of supposed BBQ places do is that they over extend them selves and lose the focus of BBQ. I believe in small menu with the entire focus of BBQ and BBQ accompaniments is a necessity for GREAT BBQ and that is exactly what we are striving for.  Gator Creek BBQ Co. will be a takeout and delivery based restaurant with a small  retail area. In this day and age I am a firm believer that the restaurant industry will change and it will change in this direction.

     Contributing to this would be not only helping me accomplish a life long goal in a field that I have given my heart and soul to over the past two decades, but it will also be helping me build a legacy that I can pass down to my sons and hopefully to future generations as well as to give an outlet that can help me give back to the wonderful community around us!



I am asking for $175,000. This will go toward equipment costs, start up supplies, marketing and social media marketing, online order app, website, 1 year of rent, 1 year of employee pay, and to help with the first year of bills. The first year is always the biggest hardest year due to the many aspects that need to get honed and focused in on.  

As a perk for helping achieve the goal. Gator Creek BBQ Co. have a tiered discount program for those who donate once we open the doors to show my appreciation of you generosity.

Weather or not we reach our goal, we will open. The goal os set to ease the burdon of a loan. So please help. Weather you can spare $25 or $2500 any help would be greatly appreciated .


Risks & Challenges

The risks to achieving my goal are the same as any other restaurant. People have many choices when it comes to eating somewhere, so if you do not put your heart and soul into the food and your quality is not at the level it needs to be then people will notice and you won’t make it.

What makes us different you may ask? Why take the risk? Well, I have had over 20 years in the restaurant industry and all of it has been in the same area. Not only have I worked in the same area for over 20 years, but I also grew up here as well. due to this, I know the demographics, I have many connections and avenues I can market toward. Another factor that will lead to us being successful is that I am a chef and really, truly have a passion for food and to be the best I can be. I am not looking to become rich off of this by any means. I believe that a lot of restaurants especially the bigger ones lose heart and the owners push and push to make more and more money this leads to the restaurant cutting corners and lowering quality of product while over charging in order to please the owners pocket. This is not me by any means. I want to be successful, give my children something for the future, have fun and deliver amazing food to amazing people. 

My plans to be successful are quite simple. The biggest factor in success in minimizing or eliminating loans so that we are able to save as much gross profit as possible which will allow for hard marketing, social media marketing, promotions, and a “survival piggy bank” for when we are out of season, times get tough or something needs repairing etc. This is the main reason I am asking for donations. You all will be a huge factor in making sure Glades BBQ Co. is a successful business! Secondly, is quality quality quality. We will deliver the highest quality we possibly can while giving true southern hospitality to our guests. At Gator Creek BBQ Co., the guests are number one. I firmly believe that if you keep them happy then they will take care of you. When it comes down to it, its really all about the people right? Why do I cook? Because I enjoy making people happy. Plain and simple. I am passionate about giving someone something that makes them happy, makes them have a memory and being able to please others around them as well. Lastly, My vast network of people will be my final secret weapon on the way to success and BBQ greatness! One fantastic thing about working and growing up in the same area especially an area like this is that people will gather around you and help you. Everyone wants you to succeed even you competition. Luckly for us, there is not much competition for BBQ outside of the catering aspect.

Other Ways You Can Help

If you are unable to contribute, but that doesn’t mean you can’t help:

Ask folks to get the word out and make some noise about this campaign .

Use the Indiegogo share tools!

And that’s all there is to it.


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