Give Life To Por Vida Bakery!

Give Life to Por Vida Bakery! | Latina-owned bakery in need of startup funds to buy much needed new appliances


Hello everyone, my name is Eileen Payan. I am an Arizona native, enthusiastic about all things food, and founder and owner of Por Vida Bakery. Por Vida is in collaboration with Palabras Bilingual Bookstore to bring the community a unique experience of Latin culture and art in literature and baked goods.

Mission: To provide Latinx pastries by utilizing local, organic, and high quality ingredients to lend a sense of nostalgia and excitement in every bite. In turn, help my community with resources due to I.C.E. and deportation, and help young adults become entrepreneurs so they too can help their community.

About Me

 I am a self taught baker with 10+ years of kitchen experience. I have such a passion for all things food. I have worked in every type of kitchen setting. This is my life, for life, POR VIDA!!

In August 2014, my family’s life changed forever. In front of my neighbors, in front of my child and myself, we witnessed the abduction of my husband by I.C.E. I froze. I was scared for my husband and worried for my 5 year old child. I didn’t know who to call, what to do, nor did I have the financial resources to hire a lawyer. I felt helpless and alone. Six years later, this topic still hurts and upsets me. I always wished I knew of some sort of organization or outlet that could have provided help, group sessions, financial resources such as fundraising opportunities due to income being cut in half. I didn’t know of any. I felt clueless. One day in 2019 at Palabras Bilingual Bookstore, I shared my story in front of a group of people. As painful as it was to conjure up these feelings, it felt good to let it out. This sparked something in me. I knew it that moment that my experiences could be a source of solace to others. I just didn’t know how to go about it. A few months later, Chawa, the owner of Palabras Bilingual Bookstore, spoke with me and told me how much she’s enjoyed my pastries and that my story inspired her and she wanted to help. That was the birth of Por Vida Bakery. I believe, through my own personal experience, providing a space for people to share their story while eating pastries baked with love will be therapeutic. I want others impacted the way my family was to know that they are not alone and they have support.

What We Need & What You Get

Currently, I am working in the bakery department for another company. This is my “bread and butter” if you will. This income is to sustain my family’s well-being and I intend to remain employed there as long as it makes sense for me and my family. In regards to Por Vida Bakery, I have acquired my proper licenses, secured a kitchen space, and we (Chawa and I) have obtained a beautiful space coming soon in the Central/Downtown Phoenix area. With your help, I will be able to buy what I need for Por Vida to expand and grow my business. In order to do that, I need to raise $13,500 for:

  • Register System
  • New Oven
  • 2x Refrigerator (One for Kitchen, One for Retail Space)
  • Large Freezer
  • Display Case
  • Toaster Oven
  • 6 Months rent and utilities for kitchen space and for shared space with Palabras
  • Other things to be functional such as ingredients, cups, napkins, etc.
  • Additional amount to cover campaign promotion and Indiegogo fees (.03 for each credit card processed and 5% of funds raised)


As a thank you for your support, I am offering some “sweet” deals including recipes, “How To” videos on how to make some of my favorite pastries, shirt with ” Por Vida” logo, Por Vida membership with 10% off, and much more!

The Impact

By supporting Por Vida Bakery, you are:

  • Supporting the success of a Latina owned business
  • Helping Por Vida support the community affected by I.C.E. and Deportation
  • Teach young adults to be entrepreneurs so they can help their community
  • Increase awareness of our culture and give children more of an opportunity to see themselves in books they read from Palabras Bilingual Bookstore because of our collaboration
  • Create a safe space to help those share their most vulnerable moment 

Risks & Challenges

Right now , I find that I am not able to bake at my full potential capacity. I am currently obligated to working two jobs to support my family. By baking a mass quantity, I will be able to bake for Por Vida/Palabras, Farmers Market, and consignment for two locations that I’ve secured, in addition to future consignments.

The oven I work with now causes me to work double and I encounter constant glitches. In my experience, working in a professional kitchen for so long, I know that I have potential to work more efficiently with more quality appliances.

In regards to baking, everything has to be timed exactly. With a quality oven, my time will be used to its maximum capacity which will allow me to work more efficiently for my business and customers. The extra free time will be appreciated because I can spend it with my family.

Other Ways You Can Help

Your donations will support me in purchasing the remaining items needed to launch Por Vida Bakery. If you are not in position to support with a monetary donation, please know that sharing this with your network would be invaluable to me and greatly appreciated.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart

Por Vida Bakery’s founder and owner,

Eileen Payan

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