Help Bring Hintonburger Home

Help bring Hintonburger Home | Support local & enjoy delicious, fresh burgers – handmade using quality locally sourced ingredients.

Thanks to the team at Hudson Marlowe for the video


The quick story …

Oh – How we’ve missed you!

It’s been just over two years since we closed our location at Bayswater, and even though we’ve seen a lot of our customers and neighbours at our various pop up events since then, we’ve missed actively being in, and contributing to the amazing community we love!

We’re really hoping to bring Hintonburger back home this spring for a season of great burgers, fries and a side of community.

But we really need your help


The longer story …
Who we are & how we’ve come to this point:

When we first opened up in our little shack in the neighbourhood, we were quite overwhelmed by the support and love that we received. It seemed as it was the desire of our friends and neighbours to help us succeed.

It was thanks to our neighbours and supporters, that we received numerous accolades including being voted ‘Ottawa’s BEST Burger’ many times … a reputation that we are committed to uphold and we strive for with each and every burger we make. We’ve been featured in newspapers, online blogs, books, radio, social media, local and national TV – all because of YOU and your support. Seriously – You lined up for us, you endured long wait times and you came with us to a few location moves as we grew! Your unwavering love and support kept us going for all these years!!!

Hintonburger was always eager to return the favour. We fed thousands of meals at our monthly neighbourhood breakfasts, raised money for local charities, donated food to various groups, fundraisers and more. We hired and trained local folks with barriers to employment. From day one, community involvement has been a top commitment and reward for the burger business that bears this great neighbourhoods name.

We love being in, and contributing to Hintonburg!

So – What happened?

Let’s summarize the last couple years quickly, and get back to the feel-good excitement of the relaunch!

After out-growing the shack, we moved to our second location. It was great but as time went on we then outgrew that location. Our last move, although a larger location had a lot of issues, including several robberies. It really just didn’t have the same vibe, then we started noticing a dip in sales, and to be honest, all these issues compounded and we got depressed. We were given an offer for early termination of our lease and we accepted, took a few weeks to clear our heads and spotted another location. It was too good to be true and soon that location fell apart, so without an ideal location we would miss the busiest months of the year.

At that point, we decided to reorganize and put plans and focus into coming back fresh and revitalized in the spring of 2020. See where this is going? We finished final negotiations and secured a location on March 10th 2020. A few days later on March 13th, lockdown was announced, thus dashing those hopes of reopening. With the restrictions in place we parted ways |and watched with heavy hearts as our friends pivoted and adapted constantly through the year. We hit the drawing board, and decided that it was best to wait, again, for spring 2021.

Still we missed it …missed you. Thanks to the help of some friends, we were happy and excited to present a series of well received pop-up events, but wanted to do more.

This brings us to here.

What we need

and what we’ll give YOU in return:

We have a solid plan which brings us back to the basics, or back to the shack style as it was, having a good time delivering great tasting, high quality, fresh handmade burgers using locally sourced ingredients and giving back to our community and supporters.

First of all – We have secured a new ‘home’ for Hintonburger

For now, we need to keep the location quiet until we meet our goal and can be sure we are able to relaunch as planned. What we can say is that while restrictions continue to be announced and changed and things seem uncertain, we have a great new location – one that will be able to adapt quickly to any restrictions that may happen or change to help ensure we can serve our delicious burgers no matter what.

We’ve also gathered and sourced great deals on most of the equipment and supplies we need to get up and running. A lot of time and funds have already been invested by the partners to help make this plan come to fruition.

We really need your support – Hintonburger needs to raise $6k to get going.

How will we use the funds raised here:

  • Kitchen equipment & installation (fryers, sinks, prep tables, fridges)
  • Licenses, fees & insurance
  • Kitchen Reno and decor
  • Initial food orders with our local suppliers and farmers

We’ve put together a fun set of rewards perks for our contributors.

Everything from stickers, shirts, burgers to some very limited and exclusive options.

Want to donate … and you have a special reward in mind that we haven’t listed?
We’re flexible, open for options and into collaboration – so drop us an email and let us know.

Other Ways You Can Help

Don’t forget that if you can’t contribute on this fundraising campaign or take advantage of the perks offered, you can still be a huge help by sharing this Indiegogo page on your socials  …and by following, liking and commenting on ours. Tell your friends & tell them to tell their friends – Help us spread the news.

Or do you have any skills you think might help us out at Hintonburger?

If you do, let us know – we love to collaborate.

In Closing…

As always, THANKS so much for all of your dedication and support.

When we reopen, we will continue to give back & support the community we love, while serving up delicious fresh, locally sourced, handmade food and having fun watching smiles on faces.

Now… Who’s hungry??? Who wants a HINTONBURGER ?

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