Help Ryan Buy A New Pizza Oven!!!

Help Ryan Buy A New Pizza Oven!!! | Let’s get Ryan an oven!


This is all so wild. I’ve gotten a lot of requests for Andrew & I to do our popup in Richmond, so that’s what we’re going to do! I’ve added two purchase options on the sidebar for purchasing a single ticket and a two ticket package (wow, hot date!). It’ll be happening August 25 (come celebrate my birthday!) but the location is not yet decided. Go ahead and get yr tickets and we’ll circle back around about where.

Like I said in the previous update, I’m just going to keep adding more pizza equipment with every penny added. There are a lot of things I could use (proofing boxes, peels, sharp pizza wheels, pans, etc), so you can go to bed knowing your money is going to a good cause.

Thank you again.



I started the campaign and went to Costco (and other errands) and when I got home we had met our goal! I’m pretty taken aback and I love all of you very much. I didn’t think I’d need to work on my stretch goals just yet so just know that I’m going to keep buying pizza equipment with every penny and I really just want more bodies at these pizza parties!




As you may know, for the last year, I’ve been diving deep into a journey of self-discovery involving taking my pizza making to a new level. In this time, I’ve taught myself cheesemaking, honed my tomato crushing techniques, and perfected a slow fermented sourdough crust recipe.

In this time, I’ve learned that I truly love using my pizza as a vehicle to connect with others – friends and strangers alike. I’ve started traveling around Chicagoland with the oven but some roadblocks have presented themselves


What’s in it for me?

My oven, which has that has served me wonderfully since I bought it from a shady character on Craigslist, is falling apart. The frequent trips in my car and the hundreds of pies that have come in and out of it over the last 6 months have done a number on it, leaving me with a hunk of metal with a broken pizza stone that is now on its third propane regulator, second motor, and in desperate, desperate need of a paint job.

The truth is, it was never meant for how I use it:  hauling it around to friend’s houses and events to spread the good word of pizza. Luckily, a small, portable oven does exist, a former Indiegogo project: the Gozney Roccbox. The Roccbox is lighter, smaller, and most importantly, infinitely more durable than my current equipment. By supporting this campaign you’ll help me a acquire this new oven, allowing me to travel and take the good word of pizza with me wherever I go.


What’s in it for you?

My number one guy Andrew Funkhouser and I have been working towards combining our skills in pizza, cocktails, and experience in restaurants for a long time. Not only will reaching the goal position us to pull it off, but all contributions over $20 will give us the honor of hosting you as our first guests. You’re exchanging money for tickets to a series of SECRET pop-up pizza parties. Each ticket will come with one pizza from our menu, a cocktail (alcoholic and non-alcoholic, with suggested pairings!) and access to an essentially unlimited supply of La Croix, Faygo and Miller High Life.

For $50, in addition to your Pop-up Pizza Party ticket, I’m going to make a custom apron for you. It will be individualized, depending on your personality and the nature of our relationship. I can guarantee it will be food safe and strikingly beautiful.

For your $100 donation, along with your ticket and apron, I’m going to ask you for some help. What kind of help you ask? Important help! You and I are going to sit down, brainstorm, and eat a metric ton of pizza in order to find the perfect toppings combination to both share with our friends, and to use your name and likeness in branding that topping combo. We’ll serve this pizza at the Pop-up Pizza Party you attend, and your name will be attached to this pizza for the rest of time.

Along with your ticket, $200 will force me into hosting a pizza-making class for you and three of your friends at my house, where we’ll make some mozzarella cheese, draw on a whiteboard, experiment with different dough hydrations, throw flour at each other, and walk away with our own sourdough starters and very full bellies.

We’re hoping to raise $750 to take this dream to the next level. This $750 will allow me to buy my next oven and cover the fees and taxes between that and this fundraising campaign.

And because every penny counts, and in show of my gratitude, I will affix the name of every backer to my new oven.



Q: How’s come?

A: This is a hobby that I’ve grown very passionate about, and my poor career choice (documentary film making) doesn’t necessarily position me to throw a bunch of money at hobbies. It might sound corny, but I truly believe that food is a powerful tool for fostering community and understanding.  So I don’t want to do it just for me, but to create a cheesy, gooey hearth you all can gather around. My Midwest values keep me from saying it’s pretty dang good pizza but I will tell you that my mom really likes it and she has reliable taste buds.


Q: Where are these pop-up pizza parties happening?

A: Great question! We have a few options we’re working with and the location will be passed along to contributors as the dates approach. I can promise they will be in Chicago and not far from public transit.


Q: What if I really like it and want another, will I be able to purchase more pizza at the pop-up?

A: Yes, of course. No one will go home hungry!


Q: Who is Andrew and why is he making cocktails?

A: Andrew is my beautiful best friend and you may already know him from his lovely La Croix Reviews YouTube series. He is not only passionate for the bubbly water from Warren, Michigan but for all drinks (or as he would call them, bevs). He works behind the bar at a very fancy restaurant in Chicago and uses that skill to trade cocktails for pizza regularly. It just makes sense.


Q: I’m not in Chicago! How do I eat your pizza?

A: Again, wonderful question. We should talk because with the Roccbox and my Subaru, my pizza journey can go anywhere roads can take me.


Q: Vegan?

A: I got you.


Q: Gluten-free?

A: I don’t got you [at this time].


Q: Favorite toppings?

A: I’ve been making a pie with pickled onions and pistachios that excites me but am also easily swayed by mushrooms and spinach (Ryan).  Pineapple, baby (Andrew).


Q: Favorite color?

A: Green (Ryan), Blue (Andrew).



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