Help Us Build A Home

Help Us Build A Home | Help Wisdom and his Street Homeless Children to build a better and permanent home

Hi. My name is Wisdom, founder of Stream Of Hope Foundation(SOHF), a non-profit, non governmental organization in Ghana, registered legally on the 21st October 2016 with the registration number CG062602016 with the Registrar General Department, to help overcome poverty in deprived communities in Ghana. I was once a street child and a school dropout. Our overall aim is to rescue children from the street, protect young girls from early marriage, child labour, child trafficking and prostitution, providing attention, care and education for the street and vulnerable child. We are committed to helping vulnerable children to have their basic necessities of life; food, water, clothing, shelter and health care, to live a productive life of fulfillment spiritually, mentally, socially, economically, emotionally and physically.

My story:

want to talk about the difficult times I had when I lived on the street. On the street at age(8) I had to work before being able to buy some food and even water to wash myself. Not always did I manage to get enough money to buy food or water. Sometimes I can only wash myself twice a week and at times I had to pick food from the garbage dump to eat, or eat leftovers from total strangers by open market food vendor tables, that was very dangerous as I was physically abused sometimes, but I was left with no choice. Often criminals would sleep with the girls, some 13, 14 year olds got pregnant, others were easily influenced by criminals, some died on various incidents. I am a survival of the fittest. It was especially, difficult and tough for us during raining seasons, we didn’t have any place to sleep then, so when it was raining at night we had to stand and wait until the rain was over. Often, it was cold at night, quite often, I became seriously sick of malaria, from mosquito bites and there was no one to take me to the hospital. I had 8 siblings, 3 have died during a famine in early 1980’s in Ghana. My dad died in the year 2000 at age 54, two years later, my mum died also at age 54, all in adverse poverty. My 3 younger siblings were left under my care, while I was still on the street, fending for them to prevent them from running to the street and to avoid the danger out there. I managed to send them into apprenticeship and today it is a success story.  My passion was ignited by my story. On my case I spent 19 years on the street. I slept on a mattress and in my own rented room for the first time at age 32.

Why my campaign is important:

I am always heart broken when I see children suffering, especially, a girl child. Finding them a home will save that poor little girl or boy from the dangers of the street,  prevent them from becoming a criminals. I feel good when I see a smile on a child’s face. And that would revive their hope for a better future also help them become responsible adults.

Magnitude Of Your Contribution:

Your contribution will make a huge difference because poverty in some parts, if not the whole country, is REALS, sending innocent children to the street to engage in child labor, child trafficking, prostitution and early marriage, a tendency that will damage their future and at end become a risk to our society. Your contribution will also bring shelter, change people’s lives, lift people up, into a better social life, You helping to save young girls from teenage pregnancy and rape.


We Need & What You Get

We need Sek 335000 Swedish kronor to build the permanent home. Your contribution would be used as follows:

1. Building materials for a 2 storey facility 

2. Architectural design

3. Outdoor covered concrete works

4. Plumbing works

5. Modular electrical system 

6. Labour 

What the funds would be used for in case we don’t reach 

In case we don’t reach our goal, funds would commence our building project to whatever level and pulse to mobilise funds to finish the project.


The Impact

Your contribution will be used to build a permanent home for homeless children. This intervention is aimed at the most poor, orphan, street and homeless children. We are helping to change the situation and bring them into a better social life through housing, feeding, clothing, education, counselling, to prevent them from running to the street and to avoid the danger out there e.g. rape, teenage pregnancy, child prostitution and many other forms criminal activities out there.


* Protect and promote the right of children 

* Investing in children through education, health, end violence against children, end abuse, exploitation, trafficking and all forms of violence and torture of children 

* Eliminate all forms of violence against the girl child including trafficking and sexual exploitation 

* Eliminate harmful traditional practices, such as child early marriage 

* Strengthen national and local commitments and action 

* Prohibit all violence against children 

* Prioritize prevention 

* Promote non violent values and awareness raising 

Risks & Challenges

In recent years working closely with children, we have learned quite a lot about risks involved care giving. That includes children with special needs, children with poor health conditions, children running out from the home and getting missing, children who can just abuse their fellows, children who are sensitive to the care environment, and children that can just sense that care giver is not their biological parents amongst other sensitive children related obstacles. Due our past experience and with our energetic, enthusiastic, passionate, well mannered and contented team members including nurses, a doctor, counselling experts, prayer team, teachers, entertainment professionals, care givers, child rescue team amongst others. With our knowledge and experience, we can assure you that this time we are more prepared for the task. Other challenges includes inadequate financial support to manage children’s home successfully, when we started with Pastor Aggudey in 2015, along the line, we faced very tough financial constraints. Moving forward, we have enlarged our base by including friends, family and Church, in the near future we have resolved to get philanthropists, ngo’s and other social bodies on-board. 

Other Ways You Can Help

We are grateful to all our old and new friends for standing with us all these years and now. We want to encourage you that there are other ways you could help achieve our goal. SHARE the campaign with your family and friends by hitting the indiegogo share button. You can also donate via our paypal; [email protected]   

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