KI Roasters Mobile Slow Bar

KI Roasters Mobile Slow Bar | Let us take you on a journey of coffee with our mobile slow bar unit!

KI Roasters?

My name is Bert Davis and I am the Owner and Roaster at KI Roasters based out of Denver, CO. I have been roasting for about 2 years and founded KI Roasters a little over a year ago. Our reviews, feedback, and overall knowledge growth of both coffee and coffee roasting has been exponential during that time.

This campaign will provide us with the much needed funds to take our concept of a mobile bike unit that provides hand crafted, hand poured, premium coffee and turn it into reality. The unit, being mobile, will give us the ability to travel throughout the city of Denver and educate the general public to specialty coffee, grow our brand name in the process, and create revenue that will help us reach our ultimate goal of building out our own brick and mortar shop. Your contribution will mean more to KI Roasters, my family, and the coffee community of Denver than we could ever explain in words!


What is a “Slow Bar”

Have you ever been to fine dining restaurant, or a craft brewery tour, or just had something handmade with fresh ingredients?

Have you ever wondered where your coffee comes from? Who was the farmer who grew it? The mill that processed it? How did it get from a coffee plant in Ethiopia to my cup? Did you know that every coffee has a different flavor profile that is unique to the place it was grown, how it was processed and even how it was roasted? That every person who touches that coffee has an impact on what it tastes like?

This is what happens at a slow bar. Much like a wine tasting, a brewery tour, or a waiter’s detailed explanation at a fine dining restaurant, the KI Roasters Mobile Slow Bar will take it’s customers on a tour of coffee. We will freshly grind our customer’s coffee right in front of them, brew it fresh in one of our hand poured methods (Chemex, Pour Over, Aeropress, etc), then explain the who, what, and where of the specific origin they chose to drink. 

(For high volume events we will also offer high quality batch brew coffee that will be available quickly and upon demand. We will also offer a nitro cold brew tap as well as plan for future expansion to offer espresso drinks.)

For the curious folks who want more detailed info on “slow bars” check out this awesome article by Laura Clark detailing their success and popularity:…

The Goods

We have set our campaign goal at $14,000. This will allow us to purchase the necessities we need to hit the ground running as soon as our coffee trailer is built and will provide us with cushion to carry our business beyond the initial phase. All needs and campaign costs are laid out in detail below. 

In return for your contribution, you will receive perks ranging anywhere from a bag of awesome KI coffee to a full on mobile slow bar party complete with a years worth of coffee and more!

*The unit in our campaign photo is an example that a company from Chattanooga, TN, built as their coffee cart and we are using it as a template for ours. Our actual product may vary depending on our specific needs.

Designed and built bike: $2500

T Shirts: $1200

16 oz Stainless Steel Bottles: $1560

Batch Brewer: $500

Airpots: Four at $75 each for a total of $300

New and exciting green coffees: $800

Upgrading retail packaging: $1500

Branded tent for hot sunny days: $750

Brewing equipment: $275

High quality commercial grinder: $1000

Disposable Cups: $100

Coffee Filters: $200

Shipping for perks: $500

Packaging for perks: $250

Gift Equipment for perks: $1000

Indiegogo fees at 8%: $1240

Total Costs: $13,675

The Impact

Coffee is the #2 most traded commodity in the world next to oil. The coffee culture and population in Denver is booming even more so than other areas of the country. Although there are plenty of specialty coffee shops and roasters in the Denver area, there is a shortage of mobile educational and experience driven coffee units like the KI Roasters Mobile Slow Bar available to our community. We believe that the impact we will have on the coffee culture in Denver will be HUGE!

We also believe that this unit will have a tremendous impact on the future of KI Roasters. We do hope to one day open our own brick and mortar but the cost and logistics of such a project far exceeds that of this step. A commercial espresso machine alone costs almost as much as this entire campaign.

We believe that, while building the coffee community of Denver, we will also be building our brand and allowing us to gain valuable revenue that will aid in our ultimate brick and mortar goal. This project also contains many items that will not be necessary for us to purchase when that next step becomes reality. When we do eventually reach that point, we will be better prepared in both experience and finances. It truly is a win for everyone!

Risks & Challenges

The biggest risk with this venture is that we build it and nobody cares. We do believe that the coffee culture in Denver is such that support will be there, however, we have plans in place to avoid any let down. That is where some business sense and a lot of sweat and hard work come in. We plan to have a regular presence in some of the major parks in Denver as well as at some of the more trendy farmers markets in the area. We will also be marketing ourselves to events both public and private.

Other Ways You Can Help

Honestly the best thing that you can do to help us, other than contribute financially, is to help spread the word about what we are doing! It doesn’t matter if you live in Denver or not. Share on social media via the links at the top of the page. Email friends and let them know about this cool project we are doing. Or do it the old fashioned way and talk to them in person about KI Roasters. No one will turn you down for coffee! Coffee knows no gender, ethnicity, or socioeconomic status. Coffee is conversation. Coffee is community.

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