Late July Baked Tortilla Chips

Late Baked | Making it easier to stay up and pull all-nighters. Hand-delivering cookies to hardworking students.

If Reading Feels Like Eating Veggies;

Here is an extra short version! 

  • We sell milk, bake cookies, and smush marshmallows together with fruity pebbles so we can sell and deliver them on college campuses late at night!
  • We are shooting for a goal of $1,250 with plans to continue growing as a company if you help us crush this goal!
  • We are college students and this began as a school project, yet we have offically morphed into something bigger!

Now, if you still have questions or you just enjoy reading funny literature, please scroll down to find out all about us!

Long Story *Sorta* Short

Late Baked began as a dream for one student, and with the help of seven other classmates, Late Baked is on it’s way to becoming a thriving company that will be rolling in the dough. *pun*

As a senior in college at Southern Illinois University-Edwardsville, Ian Barbee wanted to start a late night delivery system on campus for all his late night studying hungers. In his senior level communications class, he was challenged to create a company within a semester and raise funds via crowdfunding. Challenge accepted.

We have two options for customers to chews from! *pun* We will hand deliver warm, goey, freshly baked cookies or sticky and sweet fruity pebble rice treats to campus dorms and student organizations from 9pm-midnight. We also plan to give these students cold and refreshing milk to help them wash it all down. Only a monster would eat cookies without milk. 

With a little bit of dough and a lot of Google searches, the project is really taking off and we need YOU to chip in to achieve a egg-cellent grade. *double pun* But more importantly, we need your help to reach the students on the rest of our campus.

Our overall goal is just to bake…er, we mean, make a student’s night. *pun*

How We Operate

We operate smoother than a nonstick pan!

Ian’s mom wanted to send him a care package of foods he enjoyed when this idea took off! The eight classmates had a extremely “professional” meeting and decided that they would create this company with the intentions of selling not only to college students directly, but also indirectly by allowing parents to order cookies from around the nation! Parents and students simply send us a Facebook message and digitally send us the cash, and quicker than you can recite the Declaration of Independence backwards, we will be at your door with fresh treats!

What We Need!

  • We are looking to raise $1,250 dollars to start baking and delivering. Ingredients aren’t going to break the bank, but we need a chunk of change to raise awareness of our product and purchase the tools necessary to operate on a college campus.
  • Without your support, our dreams will crumble, *pun* and you don’t want the broken dreams of eight 20 year-old’s weighing on your conscious do you? 


You help support us and we will give you items that you’ll never forget!

We have 5 levels of perks. Each level receives the perks from the level(s) before it as well. For example,if you choose our Level 4 option, you will receive the perks from levels 1, 2, and 3 as well as level 4.

  • Level 1: $5 = Newsletter with frequent updates and we will mentally give you a high five.
  • Level 2: $25 = Custom Late Baked sticker pack and a custom koozie.
  • Level 3: $50 = A Mystery Box. What’s inside? I am not allowed to tell you, it’s secret.
  • Level 4: $100 = A custom Late Baked T-Shirt.
  • Level 5: $420 = A priceless, handmade piece of art from us to you.

The Impact

Think back to your days as a college student who was up all night studying for finals or a big test. Think about all of the stressful group projects that had to be done outside of class. Think about those boring organizational meetings you attended. 

One thing that guarantees that you stay focused and the group stays on task is a box of freshly baked goods to bring smiles and energy to everybody. Everything is better with cookies in hand!

By investing in Late Baked, you are not only helping a group of students achieve something that they thought was impossible, but you would also be providing over 14,000 students with baked goods to help them power through late nights of studying! 

Your help would bring a service to our campus and community that many have been begging for, but are unable to receive because there is hardly anybody in the area that delivers late at night.

Plans For Growth

Right now we are starting small and operating out of campus apartment ovens (they aren’t the greatest). But we have big plans for our small company!! Once we reach the financial goal you see above, we can begin operating on our campus, but we don’t plan on stopping there! Hopefully we can crush our goal on Indiegogo because out on campus they will eat this up! *Pun* So after we crush our goal, here is our plan:

  1. Our first order of business will be finding a better home base. We want to find a place in town with bigger, better, and more ovens.
  2. Why stop here at Southern Illinois University-Edwardsville? We want to go to several other campuses, starting small in Illinois then hopefully going national!
  3. Continue growing and become more than we ever expected!

And ALL of this is possible with your support!!

Risks & Challenges

We will be completely honest with you. Our first batch of cookies turned out amazing! Our second batch…let’s say, wasn’t so hot *pun*. When we tried to bake cookies in our campus apartment oven the second time, the oven refused to heat up. So that was a challenge, but we already had backup ovens on standby and now it feels like we are cooking with gas! *pun* Operating solely out of college apartments is tricky, but who doesn’t like a good challenge! 

Other Ways You Can Help

If you are unable to support us with your wallet, we understand. Here are a few ways that you can still help us tremendously!

  • Whisk up some noise and tell all of your friends about us! *pun*
  • Share us all over your social media!
  • You could always name your children or pets after our team members. It wouldn’t do us a whole lot of good, but it would be a cool story or icebreaker.

We put 10 puns in here, so if you didn’t find them all you should share us with a friend. Together you can find all 10 and feed some hungry college kids on campus!

Thank you!

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