LOOKin Remote2: Modern Wi-Fi IR Smart Home Control

LOOKin Remote2: modern Wi-Fi IR Smart Home Control | Turn smart your AC, TV, TV-box: Realtime IR analysis, REST API, HomeKit, Google&Alexa support

LOOK.in Remote2 is a universal IR remote that can be integrated into almost any Smart Home system or even work independently – without a controller.

Moreover, it does not require the Internet or cloud services to work.*

Control your TV, fans, humidifiers, Media centers and air conditioners the way you like.

Remote2 supports integration with voice assistants such as Google Home, Yandex Smart Home, Amazon Alexa (in progress). It also can be integrated into almost any existing smart home system.

Also, Remote2 is, perhaps, the first IR remote control on the market that monitors all signals in real time and changes the status of the TV / AC or other appliances, even if you turned it on from the physical remote control. 

* Internet access is required only for the operation of voice assistants such as Alexa and Google, as well as for some air conditioners commands.

Global update#1 (23 dec 2020) for smart home enthusiasts:

Work on plugins for Home Assistant, HomeBridge and Athom Homey is planned for February and we can guarantee that they will be available by the time the devices will be shipped to you (July 2021). Local MQTT confirmed and will be avaliable at the same time.

During 2021 we will also release plugins for SmartThings, HomeSeer, NodeRed and JeeDom. We will do the best to add these 4 systems for seamless integration throughout 2021, but we cannot yet guarantee that they will be available by the summer of 2021.


Remote2 is a unique product. Its key features:

  • Wi-Fi and BLE Mesh (BLE Mesh will be available in Q2 2021 via OTA)
  • Native HomeKit support for AC units
  • In-device automation. For example, you can schedule the TV to turn on without the internet and a controller.
  • Ability to track status of your IR appliances even it was changed by phisicaly IR Remote. We name this feature it “Realtime IR analysis”
  • Easy integration in almost any smart home controller and voice assistants available out of the box
  • Internal temperature and humidity sensor
  • Built-in web-server with open HTTP REST API;
  • Huge base of IR signals and ability to train Remote from your own IR remote;
  • Ability to connect an external IR transmitter or temperature sensor (requires a special adapter)
  • Powered by Micro-USB or 4xAA batteries (Up to 2 weeks work)
  • Ability to mount the device to the ceiling/walls.


In 2019 we released the first version of the device, it is available to professional range of users who have tried already other analogs on the market and, as a result, we have chosen – the manufacturer with an unknown name, but with a device that really solve their problem. 

All this time we received 24/7 feedback and made changes to the product. 

Remote2 is the result of 1.5 years of product development in which we took into account all the wishes of both current and, hopefully, future users.


  • Operating Voltage: 5V AC 500ma (micro USB) or 4xAA batteries
  • Operating Temperature: 0 – 40 ºС
  • Radio Protocol: Wi-Fi 801.11 b/g/n, Bluetooth 4.1, BLE Mesh
  • Dimensions: 80mm x 80mm x 36mm

Mobile App

LOOK.in Hub is a mobile application that allows you to control the device.

  • Creation and control of IR remotes
  • Selection of the remote control by two buttons
  • Creation of automation scripts
  • Setting up integrations (like Google Home or Alexa)

Voice Assistants support 

 Remote2 can work from the box with the following voice assistants:

The process of adding integration has been worked out many times. If you need a special voice assistant not included in our list above, we can quickly – within 14 days – add it.

HomeKit Support

Remote 2 supports HomeKit for AC units. Making an air conditioner smart is now easy and adding to HomeKit takes a few minutes. It is enough to choose the model and brand of your air conditioner. This will be fully native support at the time of release.

Unfortunately, all other device types (such as TV, Fans and others) will not works with HomeKit. 


Realtime IR analysis

Remote2 analyzes IR signals in the room in real time. 

This means that even if you turned on your air conditioner from your physical branded remote control, the Remote will pick up this signal and recognize it. 

If you turned on the air conditioner at 23 degrees, then you will see this temperature in voice assistants, HomeKit and even through the HTTP API.

In this video we will try to illustrate how this function works.



That is, if you turned on the TV from the remote control, then in Google Home it will also be shown on. If you change AC temperature from physical IR Remote you can see current set temperature too.

Built-in temperature and humidity sensors

The Remote has built-in temperature and humidity sensors. They are available in both the app & HTTP REST API. So you will always know the climate in the room. Naturally, since the device provides HomeKit support, you can always ask Siri or another voice assistant for the temperature.

Integration with Smart Home Hubs

Remote can be integrated into almost any smart home system via HTTP requests and virtual devices (documentation on Postman).

We are actively expanding the integration of Remote into smart home systems, for example, the SmartIR plugin for HomeAssistant already has Remote support. Current roadmap:

Available by July 2021 (first wave):

  • Home Assistant plugin
  • HomeBridge plugin
  • Athom Homey app
  • Local MQTT

Available no later than end of 2021 (second wave):

  • SmartThings support
  • HomeSeer support
  • NodeRed support
  • JeeDom support

We will do everything in our power to ensure that the second wave plugins come out earlier. Also, if you are interested in some kind of automation system that is not listed above – let us know in the comments and we will put it in the roadmap. Our goal is maximum device support in all home automation systems.

At the request of the community, we quickly carried out the necessary tests and can confirm that local MQTT will also appear on Remote2.



In-device Automation


Most smart home systems are built around a central controller. It runs automation and access control. It provides a beautiful interface for managing your home. It stores all the rules of behaviour for devices and scenes.

LOOK.in device allows you to abandon it.

The LOOK.in project is based on the principles of group robotics.

This means that you can create automation scenarios using a branded application and they will be implemented without the Internet and a third-party controller.

Examples of automations that can be implemented using Remote built-in automation:

  • Turn on the TV to the First Channel at 8 pm on weekdays and turn off the TV at 9 pm
  • Turn on the air conditioner at 3 am and turn it off at 4 am
  • If a signal is received to turn on the TV, the receiver and TV-box are also turned on
  • Switch the humidifier mode to medium at 11 pm on weekends; switch it to eco in the morning

But this is only about built-in automation. When Remote is integrated into any smart home system, its possibilities are almost endless.

External Temperature Sensor and External IR Transmitter

We have provided Remote2 with the ability to connect an external temperature sensor and an external IR transmitter.

An external temperature sensor can be useful, for example, if you intend to control an air conditioner or ventilator using the Remote. In this case, such automation rules as turning on the ventilator or air conditioner become available if the temperature exceeds a preset threshold.

An external IR transmitter can be useful if the Remote is hidden in a nightstand or needs to control a device that is out of reach of IR rays.


However, in order not to overload the design of the device and not to change its case, we had to implement this function using an external adapter. It is a micro-USB extension cable with two branches in the form of 3.5 mm jacks. The adapter is inserted into the Remote and then it is possible to connect standard 1-wire temperature sensors to the jacks, for example, DS18B20, and any IR extender with a 3.5 mm jack.

There are 2 options:

  • Adapter + external temperature sensor OR external IR transmitter for $7
  • Adapter + external temperature sensor AND external IR transmitter for $9

If you need an adapter please add bonus support to your pledge. If you have selected more than one device, then specify bonus support in multiples of the number of devices for which the add-on is required. 

If you chose the $7 add-on we will ask you what to put in the box before shipping: external temperature sensor or an external IR transmitter.

From the creators to potential bakers

If you have read this far, then the project seemed interesting to you. Thank you for paying attention to it.

We work day after day so that LOOKin Remote2 is going to be released and we hope that it will take its place in the homes and apartments of those who supported it. 

If you are interested in the device, then we ask you to support it now, and not wait until it appears in stores. Because otherwise, this device may never be released.

We would like to thank everyone who decided to support the campaign or spread the word about us.

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