Omnipan – High-Performance, Modern Cookware

Omnipan – High-Performance, Modern Cookware | Incredibly versatile and naturally non-stick modular cookware


Durable pans you can always count on. Ability to withstand a high temperature of 450°F/232°C in the oven. FDA-approved, chemical-free, and food-grade silicone material.


Prep, Cook, Bake, and Steam with Ease.

Omnipan streamlines the entire cooking process. You can prep, cook, eat, store, and reheat in the same container, eliminating the need for multiple dishes. And the clean-up is even easier: put them in the dishwasher when you are done. You can use Omnipan in the oven and microwave, so you decide how to cook your food. It is hands-off cooking at its best. 7234a6c5ce1197658da87d66f57ab6f8 original.gif?ixlib=rb 4.0



Conveniently stack and store when done, perfect for any size kitchen.

Omnipan’s modular and compact design maximizes storage space in any kitchen cabinet or drawer. The 3 pan sizes and shapes were constructed to fit exactly within one another. ba624834f46457c02570004409b59f69 original.gif?ixlib=rb 4.0

Height and thickness designed for uniform heat retention and circulation.

Omnipan is made with thicker, high-performance silicone that will not sag or fold. You can place it directly into the oven without having a sheet pan underneath.   Omnipan’s sturdy frame makes it easy to hold. The dimensions have been designed for uniform heat retention and circulation, so food gets cooked and browned perfectly.

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Oven-safe lids with dual steam vents.

Omnipan has clear, silicone lids that can go from refrigerator to oven with ease and can withstand high oven temperatures (450°F/232°C). Omnipan’s lids allow you to watch food as it cooks and let you see the stored food inside without opening the lid. These lids also have dual steam vents to prevent moisture condensation, steaming food optimally. b91eddb4a87b4c8f8962c6c12e51178c original.gif?ixlib=rb 4.0


Easy to clean and dishwasher-safe.

Omnipan is naturally non-stick and made with 100% FDA-approved, high-grade silicone material and without any coatings of harmful chemicals. The pans and lids can withstand high oven temperatures (450°F/232°C). Food perfectly cooks each time without sticking to the pans. When you are finished, put the pans and lids in the dishwasher to clean.





Don’t cook at home? Not a problem! Use Omnipan for take-outs.

Take an Omnipan set with you to the restaurant and have them pack your food in Omnipan, instead of the disposable containers they use. Eliminate single-use consumables such as plastic bags, take-out containers, and aluminum foil that cannot be recycled. If you get food delivered, transfer it to Omnipan. Enjoy food right out of Omnipan and store the leftovers. You can reheat and eat without having to clean extra plates.







This is most people’s routine while cooking at home:   

They use plastic containers with lids or plastic bags to store prepped ingredients. When it comes time to cook, they use metal cookware on the stovetop or sheet pans with aluminum foil in the oven. Once the food is ready to eat, they serve it on plates. They store any leftovers in another set of plastic containers. Since plastic leaches dangerous chemicals into food when heated in the microwave, they transfer the leftovers onto plates and reheat their meal in the microwave. The food has been moved several times, creating more containers and dishes to wash. 

Omnipan removes the friction by letting you prep, cook, eat, store, and reheat in the same container without having to transfer food over and over. And when done, you can toss them in the dishwasher to clean. Omnipan can be used in the oven and microwave, giving you flexibility with how you want to cook your food. Each meal cooks perfectly in the oven, so you do not need to stand next to the stove cooking for a long time. It is hands-off cooking at its finest.



Modular Design

Most of today’s cookware is not modular. Haphazardly stacking cookware on top of each other takes up a lot of space in kitchen cabinets. Most kitchens are small and have limited cabinet space.

The modular design of Omnipan offers convenient storage. Each pan is designed to fit within one another, efficiently maximizing storage space in kitchen cabinets. The 3 pan sizes and shapes were meticulously constructed to achieve compactness and modularity. In approximately 10 in X 10 in X 2 in of space, the pans perfectly nestle inside each other.

The 3 sizes have been designed to meet all your cooking and baking needs. These pans fit in smaller ovens and microwaves. The small Omnipan is perfect for side dishes or portion-controlled individual desserts.


Silicone Material 

Omnipan is made with 100% high-grade silicone material. It is one of the most versatile, natural materials that performs well under high heat and cold conditions and lasts for a long time. It can cook food at high temperatures (450°F/232°C) in the oven. There is no need to use difficult-to-clean metal sheet pans with single-use aluminum foil that you cannot recycle.

Omnipan’s silicone is an FDA-approved material. It is lightweight, making it easier to handle. It is naturally non-stick and does not have an artificial chemical coating like other non-stick pans that release chemicals into the food or dangerous fumes into the air when heated.


Design and Structure 

The problem most people have with silicone is that the material is thin, flimsy, and sags when food is put into it. Therefore, it always needs to be supported by a sheet pan underneath. Since the thin material does not retain heat, the food does not get browned at the bottom.

Omnipan is made with high-end, thicker silicone material that does not sag or fold. It can be placed directly inside the oven without needing a sheet pan underneath. This helps you put any combination of various sizes of pans in the oven, without being constrained by the sheet pans’ limited sizes to support them.

Omnipan has a sturdy silicone frame. This gives the pan its structure and stabilizes the pan further, making it easier to hold. The lids fit perfectly on the stiff frame.

The length, width, and height have been designed for uniform heat circulation required for optimal cooking and browning of food. Omnipan’s silicone material is 3 times thicker than other silicone pans. This additional thickness helps with heat retention and browning of food at the bottom.


Oven-Safe Lids 

Omnipan has transparent silicone lids that can go from refrigerator to oven without missing a beat. These lids help to store prepped ingredients and cooked food in the refrigerator. You do not need to use plastic bags to store prepped ingredients that cannot be recycled and add to the landfill.

The lids are flat, so stacking containers on top of each other is a breeze, saving space in the refrigerator. The lids are also transparent, allowing you to watch the food as it cooks. When the food is in the refrigerator, you can see the food stored inside without opening the lid each time.

The lids have dual steam vents. This helps to prevent moisture condensation, giving you full control over the cooking process. You can easily steam vegetables and proteins in the oven and microwave. The steam vent cap is designed so that you can open the steam vent without taking the cap off the lid. The cap remains attached to the lid at all times. You do not need to worry about losing the small cap.




















 Add-On Cookbook 



Effortless cooking with Omnipan.

Enjoy making hands-off meals quickly and easily in the oven. These recipes are specifically created for Omnipan. This cookbook contains 6 sections filled with dishes that are simple to make yet indulgently delicious. There is also a bonus section on using herbs and spices to elevate the flavor profile of anything you cook. A full-page picture accompanies each recipe. In addition to receiving the hard copy, you will also be able to download a soft copy.

Retail price: $25.

Indiegogo InDemand Add-On price: $16.








In November 2019, we began working on Omnipan’s design. We went through a few iterations before honing in on the current design and producing the prototypes. In August 2020, we applied for patents and trademark registration with USPTO. We are happy to report that we have completed the initial tooling, as well as produced and tested the samples.









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