Park’S Place Amesville Ohio

Park’s Place | Donate to help cover start-up costs for a farm-to-table restaurant in Amesville, Ohio.

Short Summary

Park’s Place will provide a locally sourced, high-quality dining experience to the residents of Athens County Ohio and the surrounding areas to create a community that is more sustainable and cooperative.

Owned by Cory Richards & Josh Vernon, Park’s Place will make community advancement and superior quality its primary focus. Its investment and commitment to the local economy of Athens County and surrounding areas, and the people who support it, will be held above all else. Park’s Place will offer dine-in, take-out and large party accommodations and strive to be environmentally responsible. Due to these core values and diverse offerings, Park’s Place will be a premier locally supplied restaurant in Athens County.

About the Owner’s:

  • Cory Richards – Cory grew up in Barlow, Ohio and during his childhood would spend his summers in Amesville on his grandparent’s farm. Cory developed a passion for cooking at a very young age which has evolved into a fanatical hobby in his adult years. Since then, Cory has catered food for weddings and events, cooked as a sous chef for 5 course wine dinners, and finds any reason to make people happy through good food. Supporting local farmers and creating food with local ingredients is very important to him.


  • Josh Vernon – Josh is a 5th generation Amesville resident. He has countless childhood memories of helping his family on their farm located on Sand Rock Road where he now lives. He has ten years of experience in customer service and a bachelor’s degree in Animal Science. When he’s not busy with his ‘day job’, he enjoys helping out in the local community by volunteering for the Amesville Fire Department, the Athens County Junior Fair Sale Committee and many other community events.


What We Need & What You Get

  • Park’s Place doesn’t just want a hand-out, we want you to want to support this venture and for doing so you will be rewarded with awesome perks! The reward structure is tiered and each tier builds off the previous so the more you donate the more you get in return (besides just an awesome farm-to-table restaurant ran by two groovy dudes). At the mid-range level ($200) you receive a coupon for a free dessert, a Park’s Place decal, Park’s Place t-shirt, a coupon for 15% off all orders for the first six months of operations and a ticket for you and a guest to attend a private dinner event scheduled for July 13th 2019.
  • Park’s Place is hoping to raise $20,000 to help with start-up costs. Start-up costs include the following:
    • Two weeks of operating costs (food, wages, etc.)
    • Two events (a private dinner event July 13th 2019 and family / friends soft opening July 14th 2019)
    • All the small things (plates, silverware, cups, bowls, pots, pans, napkins, etc.)
    • All the big things (furniture, fixtures, equipment and point of sales system)
    • Renovations to the existing space
      • Updated bathrooms & dining area
      • Mix of farmhouse & industrial concepts
      • Family & community oriented
      • Bright, warm & welcoming
  • Even if Park’s Place doesn’t reach their goal of $20,000 the funds will still go towards the previously mentioned items. Whatever we don’t raise we will have to sell our houses to finance (just kidding, maybe just an arm and a leg).

    Other Ways You Can Help

    Even if you can’t contribute with funds today, you can still help Park’s Place by getting the word out. Share this campaign on your social media, free marketing is priceless.

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