Philly’s 1st Kava Cafe & Cold-Pressed Juicery

Philly’s 1st Kava Cafe & Cold-Pressed Juicery | Bright bites & luminous juice. Euphoric teas & plant-powered eats! Jaya Kava’s first home.

What’s Happening at the Lightbox Cafe


Gaby and Jen are service industry veterans on a mission to do something that’s never been done. Amidst the drunken debauchery of cheesesteak alley, we’re seeking to open an oasis of goodness and bliss. Lightbox Cafe will provide plant-powered food and drink without pretension within a day-to-night space for music, art, and conversation. Expect drag on Sunday afternoons, midday dance parties on a weekday and a booze-free bar scene of herbal elixirs.  Enjoy a shell of kava kava while locals share poetry. Sip tea with a vegan treat. Lightbox Cafe will be a container for brilliant incidences of community connection. 


We’ve invested $80,000 of our own funds and nearly a year of our lives hand-crafting PA’s first kava kava lounge, cold-pressed juicery, and plant-based cafe in the heart of Queen Village. We are a few short weeks away from opening our doors, and we need your help to help us push through our final funding hurdles to make it all manifest!


What We Need & What You Get


$11,111 is our fundraising goal and we’ll use the funds towards:


  • 6-Panel Day & Night Urban Botanical Mural by Dora Cuenca: $2,500
  • Glass-Wash Machine (Plumbing Install and Operation): $3,000
  • Funky Furnishings and Out-Front Parklet for Outdoor Seating : $5,500
  • Homies Helping Homies: $111


We are STOKED to work with the incomparable Dora Cuenca on a one-of-a-kind mural to beautify our bar with scenery to thematically unite the natural with the urban. As people don’t just need bread, they need roses too, our cafe needs art, not just equipment and juice! 


As we speak, we are awaiting word back from the city on our approval for the outdoor seating. The glass-wash machine would be an ecological dream come true, making reusable glass containers a feasible reality for our offerings! 


Giving Back is integral to our operations. We aren’t successful as a society until everyone has enough. 1% is the least anyone can do, so we are living that truth out here even before we open our doors. 1% of whatever funds we raise here will be donated to South Philly local Homies Helping Homies, a mutual aid fund. 


In exchange for your support of this new community hub, we’ve got a variety of sweet offerings!


  • $3 for a cup of fair-trade Ox Coffee or small herbal tea


  • $4 for a shell of premium Vanuatu kava kava with pineapple (4oz)


  • $5 for a wellness shot (4oz)


  • $8 sweet mylky vegan kava kava (vanilla, chocolate or golden chai 8oz)


  • $12 for an herbal mocktail, 12oz juice, superfood smoothie, or savory bowl


  • $21 for a limited edition Jaya Kava coconut shell, earning you $1 off each kava drink in perpetuity when you BYO shell (limited to one shell per day) 


  • $24 for a women’s crop top Lightbox Tank Top by Print Natural 


  • $29 for a unisex Lightbox Tee Shirt by Print Natural 


  • $33 for a $35 Gift Card to Use at the Cafe!


  • $50 for two rounds drinks and a food item for you and a friend ($55 value)


  • $55 for a mini juice package (5 12oz juices) ($60 value)


  • $69 for a $75 for a Gift Card to use at the Cafe!


  • $111 donation – no physically redeemable reward. love and mutual support! thank you!




The Impact

Your contribution to the Lightbox Cafe will kickstart a rippling vibration of positive impacts to the surrounding community. From improvements to our facade and investment in more plants and outdoor seating along 4th street, we will provide a neighborhood beautification benefit with your investment. Travelers and neighbors alike will get to delight in local art and music by simply strolling by, and even moreso should they come in and decide to nourish their bodies with immune-boosting juices, tension-soothing teas, or plant-based treats.


Avocado toasts and nutrient-dense grain bowls. Adaptogenic lattes and smoothies infused with superfoods. Herbal elixirs and kavatails made with Pacific Island roots. Our menu will be an honorable offering to all bodies. 


This business seeks to be a powerhouse purveyor of all good things, tasty, nutritious, and a little bit spicy. From the food & drink to the proposed roster of weekly happenings: this is the start of the booze-free bar scene you’ve been craving. 


Risks & Challenges

The risk? None for you, unless our Plumbing continues to get held up by L&I and we have to delay opening by yet another month. Your humble co-founders, Gaby Vazquez and Jen Hombach, are sturdy Tauruses that will see this project through to completion, no matter what. 


Other Ways You Can Help


Can’t contribute financially but want to be a part of the Lightbox effort? Do you have social media or make art? Do you want to host a community event like Comedy Nights or Variety Shows? Do you play music or want to DJ a daytime dance party? The world is our oyster. Tell us your luminous ideas! Email jen at [email protected] or gaby at [email protected] 


Indiegogo has share tools right on this page. Click em! We love you so much and can’t wait to thrive alongside of you. 




All of this is made possible by friends. Special gratitude to Kat Veri at Veri Productions for pulling this truly awesome video together over many days and many hours of filming, recording and editing. We can’t believe how cool it is!!! If you ever have video needs for anything, ever, message Kat!!! She will HOOK IT UP!


Gratitude to Phil Asbury for our final logo and icon designs. He is a wizard. His graffiti style can be seen at @es_team on IG. Mel Andrel is to thank for our Jaya Kava logo design and the first passes of our Lightbox Logo and Icon. So many friends have helped us at the shop: Leo Lightwork, Eyota Catori, Nidhi Krishen, and MJ Heart. We wouldn’t be here without the support of our friends and families and can’t wait to serve you!

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