Pickle My Fancy: Next Level

Pickle My Fancy: Next Level | Help the pickle queens expand Pickle My Fancy, ATX’s superfood ferments company!


  • We are Scout & Diana -founders of Pickle My Fancy- a couple of latinas from Miami, Florida with a passion to own our own business and feed our local community fun and delicious probiotic-rich foods.
  • Pickle My Fancy has been growing for 2+ years and is ready for its next level of production! We are switching over to natural oak barrels to ferment higher quality goods and increase production quantities. We are also transitioning to organic ingredients, sourced locally whenever possible.
  • Every contributor will help Pickle My Fancy lead an even more environmentally conscientious business through ingredients, materials, and fermentation equipment.


Below is a list of our $7,000 goal, broken down by item, reason, and in order of priority:

  • 2019 Permits: These permits are necessary for continuing operation of a food enterprise, including insurance. $660 
  • (4) 10 Gallon Oak Barrels: Using natural oak barrels to ferment improves overall quality of the finished product and removes the possibility of toxins from unnatural materials. $400/each
  • Organic Ingredients: Transitioning to available organic produce and spices calls for more money upfront. With time, we will be able to sustain organic sourcing on our own. $1,000
  • Large Cooler: Ferments need to be kept in regulated cold temperatures. As pop-up market enthusiasts, we need a large cooler to home our ferments. $100
  • Wagon: Transportation of equipments and materials at markets: $100
  • Pop-up Tent: Another requirement for many of our pop-up markets. $100
  • Wholesale Containers: Restaurants order large quantities of our ferments at a time. Delivering our product in large, reusable, glass containers is important to us. $100
  • Microscope: With a microscope, we are able to take samples of every batch of ferments we craft and gain a more accurate understanding of the existing bacteria. $2,000
  • Contingency: 10%(+/-) of the budgeted fundraiser goal is for unforeseen future expenses.


  • Donate $100: Receive a sampler pack of all 6 Pickle My Fancy products-

    • (1) 12 oz Kraut Of This World
    • (1) 12 oz Jicamazing
    • (1) 12 oz Upbeet
    • (3) 2 oz Belly Buddy Shots
  • Donate $500: Receive a sampler pack of all 6 Pickle My Fancy products and Pickle My Fancy flare.

    • (1) 12 oz Kraut Of This World
    • (1) 12 oz Jicamazing
    • (1) 12 oz Upbeet
    • (3) 2 oz Belly Buddy Shots
    • (1) Pickle My Fancy T-Shirt
    • (1) Pickle My Fancy Mug 
  • In the event that our goal is not fully reached, we will put your donations toward our above list of expenses, in the order they are written.


  • Attend our Pickle My Fancy Fundraiser Party at The Buzz Mill on April 13th from 3-8 PM, support our local fermentation community and participate in loads of pickle-themed games!
  • Spread the word by sharing this link on your social media platforms! Use the Indiegogo share tools to make sharing quick and easy.


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