Plant-Based Burgers By Pirate’s Bone

Plant-Based Burgers by Pirate’s Bone | A new space for Kansas City’s best minority owned, intersectional vegan kitchen.

Food with Purpose 

Pirate’s Bone opened it’s door in 2014 quickly becoming a popular destination in Kansas City. Intersectional Vegan Chef, Owner and Founder, Zaid Consuegra Sauza takes pride in the flavors he creates as well as the artistic presentation of each dish. 


Featured in Food network, VegNews, Feast Magazine, Pitch, KC Live, KCUR, ACLU, Open Belly Podcast, etc. Zaid quickly found that interest in his compassionate cuisine was growing rapidly. Recently, Pirate’s Bone hit more than one road block to continuing to serve their patrons in it’s current location. This brings us to our current campaign.



What you need to know & What We Need

Soon after launching our burgers we realized there was a much larger demand than we ever imagined. It became apparent that we needed more space in our fridge for fresh produce, more space for customers, for our equipment, for prepping and for preparing the burgers. Which lead us to the heart-breaking decision to suspend serving our burgers until we found a better equipped space. Apart from the lack of space, our current location is nestled in a neighborhood limiting our visibility to the main flow of traffic on foot, bike, scooter, bus and cars. The majority of our customers travel by car and have expressed to us their struggle of finding parking in the small 7 car lot we share with 5 other businesses.

Then like many other great businesses in the Kansas City metro, we had a tremendously long and harsh winter. This winter resulted in us losing close to 70% of our regular sales. Our earnings & savings went out the window rapidly as we tried to lessen the impact on our business and employees. 

We are choosing to treat these hard times as great opportunity to continue Plant-based accessibility to the Kansas City Community.  

We’ve found a space! Our minimum goal is to raise $20,000. Your contributions to our campaign will directly go towards our move to 20th & Main St. in the Crossroads. Achieving our fundraising goal will open our doors to an expanded community in Mid-Spring 2019. We have 2 weeks to sign a new lease for our future home. This is an ideal location because this area has high foot traffic, is densely populated and more diverse. On top of those external benefits, there is more space for the kitchen and storage which solves one of the major issues we encountered at our current location.

The population is 229,000+ people within a 3 mile radius. The average income is $31,800 to $47,100. Within that same 3 mile radius there are over 300,000 employees. We need to sell a minimum of 80 burgers a day in order to pay bills, employees and make a small profit. Our previous sales numbers indicate a bright future in this location. 

We will be able to continue to provide an all plant-based menu and support the continued growth of accessible Plant-Based food in Kansas City. This allows us an opportunity to make a bigger impact and serve healthy and delicious plant-based burgers, sandwiches & waffles.



Chef Zaid and his crew have a strong belief in serving as many people as possible, those on a vegan diet and those who are not.  Pirate’s Bone strives to be accessible by people of different income levels, color, gender and backgrounds. We are here to be inclusive. Food is a part of our culture and identity, as well as something we can all relate to. Pirate’s Bone offers a safe space for positive change with environmentally conscious, healthy, and compassionate cuisine. Each meal consumed makes a positive impact on animals, health and our planet.

In recent divisive times, Chef Zaid found himself in the spotlight as a DACA recipient and business owner. His role as an influencer is affected by both his immigration status and his passion to embrace plant-based and vegan culinary exploration.



Meet our current crew

Executive Chef, Owner, Pirate, Founder // Zaid Renato Consuegra Sauza


Executive Plant-based Chef, Zaid is a proud undocumented immigrant from Mexico City and identifies as a humanitarian, entrepreneur and a person of color. Beyond the kitchen his passion lies in his work as an activist for immigrants, animals and veganism. As a DACA recipient Zaid has been working to pass the Dream Act bill in Washington DC and Missouri, with local organization KSMODA & United We Dream; the largest immigrant youth organization in the US. 

Zaid’s experience in restaurants began as a dishwasher in his middle school years. Several humble years later took him to his family’s business, Vive Latino. His status as an immigrant stopped him from further continuing his college education or a career in the TV and  film industry. After moving back to Kansas and working at a local restaurant, he decided to pursue a better life than what had been handed to him. It was his manager that encouraged him to think bigger, he was told to continue cleaning; as he was “just another illegal Mexican”.  After rejoining his mother’s corner store in a struggling time, he took on responsibility to help his family. His first personal endeavor as a Head Chef, began with Happy-X. A desperate move to save the family business, Happy-X became a cafe that shared space with a Peruvian restaurant. From Happy-X emerged Pirate’s Bone, with a $2,000.00 private loan from a regular customer at the cafe. Pirate’s Bone, which began as a coffee shop and eventually lead him back to his passion for culinary creation. In July of 2018 Pirate’s Bone ditched dairy and became Kansas City’s most popular immigrant owned all vegan cafe. 

Single parent to two rescued pit bulls, Zaid continues to fight for equality and is happy to call Kansas City home. 


Barista, Beverage Manager // Lydia Palma

Lydia serves as Beverage Manager for Pirate’s Bone, stocking the shop and training new hires. In collaboration with Owner and Head Chef, Zaid, Lydia enjoys creating specialty beverages for customers to enjoy, including unique house-made plant-based milks, nitro-refreshments and warm coffee libations.tgvgelytgvkqi9keztwq Working at Pirate’s Bone, 100% plant-based establishment, aligns with her personal values as a vegan and Lydia loves that her work supports Pirate’s Bone’s mission to increase plant-based options available in Kansas city. As a strong believer in appreciating what one has, she values the shop’s stance on using reusable and compostable dishware as well as, their efforts to recycle and compost when possible. As a biracial female, Lydia embraces the company’s efforts to create an inclusive environment.

Outside of the shop Lydia enjoys cinema, live performances, nature, dance and travel. Her experiences in the world are what inspire her creativity and passion and flows through everything she does. 


Front of House // Laurena Roytberg 

Laurena is a local Kansas City artist, proud Pirates Bone member and devoted vegan. She believes that food can transcend positive emotions through sustainable and genuine production. She values the mindfulness that Pirates Bone possesses in ethical nourishment, recycling/composting, and gratitude exchange. For her Pirates Bone has become family; from the work staff, to the flavors, and returning visitors who’s smiles she meets at the counter.


Jr Sous Chef // Greta Jackson


I attend Penn Valley Community College, though I am still officially a Junior in high school, thanks to a program called ECA or “Early College Academy”. This program will allow me to not only graduate with my diploma next year, but my associate’s degree as well.

I started working at Pirate’s Bone about a year ago, and the experience has taught me a lot about personal responsibility, time management, and some pretty good cooking tips as well! 

I am unbelievably grateful for all I’ve learned at Pirates Bone, and I’m excited to see where this new direction takes us. 


Barista // PJ Meacham (aka Pooch)

PJ is a Philosophy student at UMKC and is eager to learn more about plant-based food and drink. A long-time coffee lover, PJ is aboard the Pirate’s Bone team as an apprentice barista. He is always looking for interesting conversations about music, literature, philosophy, or science. If you are looking for book or music recommendations, PJ is a great source for something new.


Designer, Art Director​ // Edwing Mendez



Risks & Challenges

In order for us to secure the location we will need to put down 3 months rent and a security deposit. We need a minimum of $10,000 to sign lease and start building out the space. If we are unable to do so, we will need to look for another location and delay our open date. Donations will also be used for start-up costs associated with moving into a new location such as equipment upgrades, insurance, and build out.


Other Ways You Can Help

Low on cash? Please vote for us  (click here-} “FedEx Small Business Grant Contest” {-click here) We just filled out the application and there is a $50k grant! Tell everyone to vote for us too. You can vote once everyday until it closes! 

Give $5! At that amount we only need 6,000 donations and there’s more than 200,000 people living within a three mile radius of the Crossroads. The numbers would be in our favor, even a single dollar per person would get us to our goal.

Please share this fundraiser on your social media and with friends, family and colleagues. Help us get the word out! 

If you have any trade skills you are willing to offer and/or would like to get more involved with Plant-based Burgers please contact us at [email protected]

We have a list of equipment needed for this concept, your donation or gifting would be highly appreciated. touistvivvi7s3jzbgdz

Complete Equipment Registry coming soon!


Become an investor! We are creating investing opportunities at various amounts in order to make it accessible for anyone who believes in us. WE need a village. A meeting  will be scheduled soon for anyone interested.

We’ve learned a lot in our last four plus years running Pirate’s Bone but we don’t know everything. We are eager to learn from others in the same and related industries.

Thank you!



Currently being helped by:

Delia Marin, Business Development Consultant 

Chef Iris Green 


Pictures by:

Chris Dolt

Alyssa Broadus

Zaid C.S.


What others say about us


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