PlantHive: The Elegant Smart Garden

PlantHive: The Elegant Smart Garden | Growing your favorite plants has never been easier!

This is PlantHive

Have you ever suffered the loss of a plant? Then you must be familiar with the frustration of investing so much time and energy only to get disappointed in the end.

If your browser does not show our presentation here above, simply follow this link to our Youtube video to see it in full screen.

PlantHive automatically grows your favorite plants all year around, by providing them with the perfect climate and lighting conditions!

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Don’t let your busy time schedule and the cloudy weather restrain you from growing your favorite plants. Your smart garden will take care of everything for you. Just drop the seed and get growing!

Have any questions?

Hop-on to our website for more information, or send us a direct message

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State of the art indoor gardening

PlantHive offers the flexibility of growth medium: choose between highly efficient hydroponics or traditional soil, depending on your preferences! Your smart garden is also highly autonomous. You will only have to refill the water reservoir every three weeks.

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PlantHive is adjustable in size so as to be able to host bigger plants. For your fruiting and medicinal plants, simply get a set of columns and Plexiglas panels to raise the height of your garden.

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Choose the color of your Plexiglas between transparent, white and smoked (we’ll send a survey after the campaign). While transparent offers a better view on your smart garden, opaque panels will protect your plants from outside light all the while keeping them in intimacy. The smoked ones will do exactly the same, but with even more style!

Here’s what you can grow :

PlantHive can grow almost any kind of plant (ask us!), faster than in normal conditions and without pesticides. To start growing, simply plant your seed, pick a climate recipe from your app, and let your smart garden do the rest.

ph specie 1 ph specie 2 ph specie 3
Leafy Greens Aromatic Herbs Decorative Plants
lettuce, cabbage, arugula, etc. basil, coriander, rosemary, etc. orchids, roses, mimosas, lilies, etc.
ph specie 4 ph specie 5 ph specie 6
Small Fruits Small Vegetables Medicinal Plants
strawberries, cherry tomatoes, chili peppers, etc. pickles, zucchini, eggplants, etc. tea, chamomile, etc.
ph specie 7 ph specie 8 ph specie 9
Microgreens Root Vegetables Propagating Clones
red chinese mustard, pak choi, spinach, etc. carrots, ginger, garlic, etc. clone your favorite plants

In just a few minutes per week, you too will be able to enjoy your own home-grown organice produce! Our interactive and educational app will turn you into an expert grower in no time!

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Planthive urban farming smart garden grow connected PERKS table

Customize Your PlantHive

Prior purchase of a PlantHive smart garden perk required


Upgrade your PlantHive Smart garden with a temperature control and misting module. Heat up your garden, and humidify the leaves of your plants.


Unlock the Deep Learning capabilities of your PlantHive Smart garden with a Remote Sensing Camera. Your PlantHive App will diagnose your plants’ health by performing imagery analysis through Google’s Tensor Flow and adjust climate conditions accordingly inside your smart garden .

Raise the height of your PlantHive Smart garden with a set of Column and Plexiglas Panel Extensions. Your smart garden will now be able to host bigger plants.

Our interactive and educational App

Monitor and control your smart garden in real-time, optimize your yields, create climate recipes and access exhaustive tutorials with PlantHive’s interactive and educational app!

ph active app

Gardening in the urban fashion

ph option 1 2

Plant the seed of your choice
ph option 2 2

Choose a climate recipe from the App
ph option 3 2

Let your smart garden do the rest

Technical specifications

Minimalistic design, AI-Powered brains! PlantHive is the world’s first AI-assisted smart garden!

Dimensions (base) 39cm x 39cm
Height 52 cm, 77 cm with column extensions
Weight 10 kg
Water capacity 11 L
Control system Raspberry Pi
Lights 115 W PAR adjusted highly efficient LED grow-lights – 670 µmol/J output
Sensors Temperature/humidity, pH(optional), EC (optional).

Soil setting: soil moisture
Hydroponic setting: Water level, Water temperature.
Climate control Lighting, Water level, Temperature&humidity (Optional)
Connectivity Wi-Fi
Power 12V DC
Outlet 110 – 220 V 50 – 60 Hz rated power supply with country-specific plug
Mean power consumption 60W, the equivalent of a small laptop
Noise 40dB, the equivalent of a small aquarium
ph dimensions

User Cases

The PlantHive Smart Garden is a powerful and versatile indoor gardening solution that brings a concrete answer to anyone willing to become an urban grower, by providing a controlled ecosystem that is ideal for crop growing. Its state of the art 110W dimmable grow-lights allow to grow any kind of plants, it also offers flexibility in growth medium between DWC hydroponics and soil.

You can simulate a raised bed inside your smart garden! For instance, this herbal and leafy green garden configuration hosts some mint, spinach, red and green basil, and a lettuce head (30 days after having been sowed)!


The PlantHive smart garden can also host miniature fruit and vegetable plants, like these cherry tomatoes and peppers that are growing side by side. Although small in size, our dwarf plant seed selections are very productive and fast yielding inside controlled environments.


Alternatively, you can place your potted plants inside your indoor growing solution. In this showcase, we had some lemon thyme, a chamomile plant, a Chinese mustard and a curry bush, happily growing together inside our PlantHive.


Your PlantHive becomes the perfect host for your favorite decorative, culinary and medicinal plants when equipped with the column and Plexiglas panel extensions. In this showcase we see a flowering orchid.


About Planthive

We are a complementary, multilingual and multicultural team of technology and urban farming enthusiasts. We started our adventure in mid-2015 when we decided that building personal urban farming solutions was our vocation. Since then, we kept building prototypes until feeling confident enough to release our first fully functional Alpha Series. Hypothesize, test, iterate, we are working hard to deliver a quality product in a timely manner!

vallas garcia lucchetti
Vasileios Vallas Yanni Garcia Postigo Federico Lucchetti
safieddine demuyser borner
Hassan Safieddine Nathalie de Muyser Alexander Pascal Borner
IT Consultancy & Development Product & Graphic Designer Marketing & Business Development

Long Interview

Our timeline and future steps

Industrializing a hardware product comes with a lots of risks. Nevertheless, we have gone a long way to develop a fully functional prototype, and being a multidisciplinary team, we are confident we can make it through the next steps!

ph timeline v2

Our Story


We want to give people a new experience: “discovering how life can grow from a seed to a fully-fledged crop, ready to be harvested and enjoyed”

It all started when we decided to try and grow strawberries in our living room in the middle of winter. Being inspired by the MIT concept of a “personal food computer” for growing plants indoors, we decided to make our own version with the DIY hacking equipment that was available. We imagined a computer that grows plants naturally and faster, with no pesticides.

So, in January 2016, we started building a rough prototype. Our first step was building our LED lights. We tried a lot of different configurations until deciding that our first version will be PAR optimized and dimmable. At the same time, we started building DIY structures to host our lighting and climate sensing system. Our prototypes were ugly, impractical – clearly, a prototype – but plants were growing from 30% to 50% faster than under ordinary sunlight!


While we were working on our electronic system, we begun re-prototyping our mechanical structure. We made efforts to curate the design with every iteration. Once we were pleased with our design, we went on with building a look-alike prototype out of laser cut wood.


When we felt comfortable enough with our prototypes, we decided it was time our look-alike mechanical structure and electronic system came together. Squeezing the cables of our DIY electronic system inside the narrow enclosures of our laser cut structure resulted in many sleepless nights. But we were satisfied with the result as it allowed us to take some pictures for our website and start building our brand.


Our pre-industrial version of our smart garden also proved its worth in terms of product development. We presented it to the Belgian leading research center Sirris, and asked for cooperation on a feasibility study. In February 2017, Sirris came back with good news: the PlantHive could be done, on the condition of doing certain design changes.


We put the newly gained knowledge to test quickly. Our electronics had to go one more iteration to become CE and RoHS compliant. This proved to be a perfect opportunity to also iterate on our hardware’s functionality. It was time to re-design our LED and Raspberry shield PCBs. We are very proud to have our own electronic components!


The first Version 1.0 of the Planthive was born in April 2017, thanks to 3D printing technology. It took us a long time to crack how we were going to put together such a big structure of separated 3D printed pieces, but the first results were quite promising. Our feasibility study also provided us with great insights on how to approach different hardware production scales.


In summer 2017, we decided it was time to put our concept to the test in the hands of actual users, which proved to be a very useful step. Handcrafting our first batch highlighted the aspects that could be problematic in a larger-scale production. The PlantHives proved to be quite successful gardening units as you can see!


We are currently working on our supply chain and electronic component sourcing strategy. We are planning to start manufacturing activities in summer 2018. Our BETA and GAMMA testers will pilot test along with us the model that is to be shipped in February 2019.

How will funds be used

The PlantHive smart garden is already being tested by 10 hand-picked alpha users! In order to deliver you with the best possible quality product, before building our next batch, we wish to iterate on our smart garden’s functionality based our alpha testers’ feedback. The funds collected throughout this campaign will exclusively be dedicated to product development, certifications, (molds, etc.), and of course, building your PlantHive smart garden.

Contact Information

Interested to know more? Hop on to visit our website, shoot us an e-mail,
or give us call

Belgium: + 32 28999396

United States: + 1 (914) 2335352

United Kingdom: + 44 (20) 80894406


What does the PlantHive smart garden include?

PlantHive comes equipped with 110W dimable PAR optimized grow-lights, a high performance ventilation system, as well as a temperature and humidity sensor. You can increase your PlantHive’s capabilities by adding climate control modules.

Can I control it remotely?

As long as the Internet connection at home is stable, you can control your smart garden from any PC, tablet or smartphone.

What can I grow with PlantHive?

From aromatic herbs and leafy greens, to bigger fruiting plants, you can plant anything that does not outgrow your PlantHive!

What will my plants yield in the PlantHive?

Depending on what you are growing and whether you are using a hydroponic or soil growth medium, your plants will yield twice as much as they would in their natural environment.

How long until my plants are ready for consumption?

This depends on the species you are growing. Aromatic herbs and leafy greens will start yielding four weeks after you plant them, whereas it takes two to four months for fruiting plants. Keep in mind that you cannot go faster than that!

How much electricity does my smart garden consume?

The PlantHive smart garden consumes approximately the same amount of electricity as a small laptop.

How much noise does the PlantHive generate?

The fans included in the PlantHive generate around 40Db of noise.

I don’t like the magenta color of the lights! Can I change that?

You can switch to a pure white light by turning off the blue and red LED circuits of your PlantHive. Keep in mind though that it is not the most efficient spectrum for plant-growth.

How do I increase the size of my PlantHive?

Simply by adding an extra set of columns!

How can I further customize my smart garden?

You can add humidity and temperature control modules for better climate conditions control inside your PlantHive’s growth-chamber. You can also add a wide array of sensors for higher precision on environmental data. Finally, you can add the Hive vision cameras for remote sensing and AI assisted plant health analysis.

What will the funds be used for?

Industrializing a hardware product comes with many risks. We already have gone a long way to develop a fully functional prototype, and being a multidisciplinary team, we are confident we can crack it!
– Start component sourcing operations
– Organize manufacturing and logistics for worldwide delivery.
We have also started the CE labeling processes and will also certify our PlantHive for UL. We have prepared the worldwide patent filing and are protecting our trademarks.

What are the risks of this project?

Obviously, in hardware development, anything can go wrong. But we have worked hard to minimize risks, so here are our thoughts:

Components: no component is unique, we always have an alternative source, just in case.

Embedded computer: so far, the Raspberry Pi seems like a safe choice. But we are already examining the possibility of using another single-board computer.

Software: we develop in-house and don’t depend on externals, which is safer.

Certification: when we worked with Sirris, we asked for help in designing the PlantHive to be easily CE and UL certified. Work still remains to be done, but since inception we made choices that will help us satisfy both labels.

Manufacturing: we are 3D-printing the PlantHive at the moment. We plan to go to intermediate or full-fledged production tooling when this campaign concludes. We are new to manufacturing, but we have an industrial partner that masters this domain very well (they manufacture and sell many consumer electronics products and have at least a decade of experience).

Intellectual property: we have protected our designs and trademarks, and are preparing the worldwide patenting effort for our PlantHive.

Reducing all risks? Yes we can! The more funds we raise through this campaign, the lower our risks as we will spend every extra money on improving, accelerating and strengthening our PlantHive project.

Like what you see? Share it with your friends and help us grow!

With just 30 seconds of your time, you can help us make the difference in spreading the word. Hit one of the bellow buttons and tag a friend or coworker that needs the PlantHive!

Thank you for your support!

We can’t do this without your help!

ph models 4

Voici PlantHive

Ne vous est-il jamais arrivé de perdre une plante ? Alors vous devez aussi connaître la frustration d’avoir investi autant de temps et d’énergie pour être finalement déçu du résultat.

PlantHive s’occupe de vos plantes tout au long de l’année, en réglant optimalement le climat et la luminosité au sein de leur espace de vie !

ph tech specifications v2

Ne laissez pas votre agenda surchargé ou le ciel gris vous empêcher d’avoir les plus belles plantes culinaires, décoratives ou médicinales. Votre jardin autonome s’occupe de tout pour vous. Plantez une graine et commencer à faire pousser !

Le jardin d’intérieur de pointe

PlantHive offre une flexibilité totale quant au type de culture : choisissez entre l’hydroponie (plus rapide et moins énergivore) ou le traditionnel terreau, cela ne dépend que de vous ! Votre jardin intelligent est aussi très autonome. Vous ne devrez remplir le réservoir d’eau qu’une fois toutes les deux – trois semaines.

ph design 4 s

PlantHive peut être agrandi, de façon à pouvoir contenir des plantes plus grandes. Pour vos petits arbres fruitiers et vos plantes médicinales, vous n’avez qu’à ajouter une extension aux colonnes et des panneaux Plexiglas afin d’adapter la taille de votre jardin.

ph design 5 s

Pour votre Plexiglas, vous avez le choix entre du transparent, opaque ou foncé (nous enverrons un mail après la campagne pour vous demander votre préférence). Alors que le transparent offre une meilleure visibilité de l’intérieur de votre jardin, les Plexiglas opaques ou foncés protègent vos plantes de la lumière extérieure et en les rendant discrètes.

Voici ce que vous pouvez cultiver :

PlantHive peut héberger presque tout type de plante (n’hésitez pas à nous demander !), la faire pousser plus rapidement que dans des conditions normales, et sans utilisation de pesticides. Pour commencer à cultiver, vous n’avez qu’à planter une graine, choisir une recette climatique depuis l’application, et vous pouvez laisser faire votre jardin intelligent.

ph specie 1 ph specie 2 ph specie 3
Légumes feuillus verts Herbes aromatiques Plantes décoratives
laitue, choux, roquette, etc. basilique, menthe, romarin, etc. orchidées, roses, mimosas, etc.
ph specie 4 ph specie 5 ph specie 6
Petit fruits Petits légumes Plantes médicinales
fraises, tomates-cerises, piment, etc. Concombres, Cornichons, Aubergines, etc. thé, camomille, etc.
ph specie 7 ph specie 8 ph specie 9
Jeunes pousses Légumes racines Propager des clones
moutarde, cresson, etc. carotte, ail, gingembre, etc. Clonez vos plantes préférées

En seulement quelques minutes par semaine, vous serez prêts à déguster votre propre production bio ! Notre application optimisera votre culture, et vous permettra de devenir un véritable expert en seulement quelques clics.

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