POP Culture Champagne Bar Coming To Kirkland

POP Culture Champagne Bar Coming to Kirkland | All the Fizz without the Fuss! A fun + casual champagne bar in the heart of Downtown Kirkland

(Important Update: For legal reasons, we are not able to include alcohol with our perks. While it is too late to change the verbiage on the perks, we are still offering vouchers for bites and merchandise, as well as Pop Culture swag. We apologize for any inconvenience or confusion. Thank you for your continued support!)

What Does Celebration Sound Like?

The pop of a champagne cork! POP Culture Champagne Bar is the perfect antidote to a tumultuous 2020 – a bright, casual champagne bar, where the sound of popping corks never stops, and people can gather to toast our collective return to life, together. POP Culture Champagne is what Kirkland needs at this moment. After over a year of turmoil, Kirkland needs a space that is inviting, relaxing and offers the best champagne and sparkling wines around. There is nothing on the eastside that compares to what POP Culture will offer. 

With an extensive list of champagne and sparkling wines to satisfy every palate and budget, POP Culture is here to serve our beloved community. You can expect to be greeted and waited upon by a warm staff that make up our small – but passionate – establishment. Ownership has created an enthusiastic atmosphere that will transmit to our guests and wine club members.

We will offer flights, glass pours and bottles of Champagne and sparkling wines in a comfortable, fun and welcoming environment. Our sparkling wines (as well as still wines and beer) will be paired with fun, simple food dishes (think: potato chip bar! also: charcuterie plates, cheese plates and candy bar). We will also offer tiered sparkling wine clubs, with something for everyone’s tastes and wallet!

We are going to be spending some quality time together, and it is our joy to create a playful and comfortable sanctuary for you. POP Culture’s mission is to share our love of champagne with our community, but not take ourselves too seriously. To create many fantastic memories together in the town that we love  – cheers!

What We Need & What You Get

What We Need: While we have some starter funding, to really make POP Culture the space we want to present to Kirkland, we are respectfully asking for some supplemental contributions to really make it sparkle!

What You Get: Passion and commitment, hands down. Oh, and BUBBLES, of course! Champagne and Sparkling Wines are not a job, but a lifestyle. We want the community to have a place that is comfortable and unpretentious. Where you can learn and laugh. We want to share our bubbly enthusiasm with the world… and not take ourselves too seriously. 


Pop culture is a theme that will resonate in many ways with our patrons, it encompasses music, movies, social media and entertainment of all types. This will resonate with anyone with a pulse. Whether you prefer Marilyn Monroe or Marty McFly, we all love our pop culture. We’ll serve amazing bubbles and keep our clientele’s senses enthralled through sight, sound and taste. Also, there is nothing like POP Culture on the Eastside, a dedicated sparkling wine bar. We feel that we will be filling a niche that Kirklanders have been missing out on! We want to be the go-to place for all of your big – and small – celebrations. Bachelorette party? Date night? Celebrate making it through that workout? You got you! 

Risks & Challenges

We realize that it’s been a really, really tough time for small businesses, especially starting one right now. But we are hopeful that our community will rally around a new spot to gather, started by one of their own. Also, the space we have procured is fairly small for social distancing by large numbers of people, but we are hopeful that most will be vaccinated by the time we open our doors this summer, when we can all gather + celebrate safely together again! 

Other Ways You Can Help

If you are not able to contribute at this time, there are other ways you can help!

  • Please share this Champagne Campaign on your social media
  • Follow us on Facebook + Instagram

Because every celebration deserves a proper champagne bar, and Pop Culture Champagne Bar will be that go-to place for so many Kirklanders to savor sparkling new memories. 


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