Portable Aroma Diffuser For Air Purification

Portable Aroma Diffuser for Air Purification | Stylish & compact, with only the weight of an apple. OLOR.COCO purifies the air all day long.



OLOR.COCO’s essential oil is the world’s first to be developed through an all-natural extraction process, and our product uses cold-evaporation diffusion technology to prevent aerosol-transmission and infection from viruses and germs. In times like these, our product can provide you with the protection you need.


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For most of us, air purifiers and aroma-diffusers have become an inseparable part of our daily lives. What many don’t know is that the majority of diffusers rely on heat and ultra-sonic vibrations to disperse the essential oils. Such methods damage the purity of the essential oil being used. As a result, the full benefits of the oil are substantially decreased and the original scent is also greatly altered. Considering the expensive cost of most essential oils, and how the oils are wasted to a certain extent, we see this as consumers being ripped off, costing them time and money.


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Water mist diffusers work by changing the molecular structures of essential oils, due to the process of heating the essential oils. This causes the therapeutic benefits of the essential oil to be decreased, or even lost completely.


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Ultrasonic diffusers work by diluting essential oils with water. One disadvantage of this type of diffuser is how the dilution of the essential oil also greatly affects the benefits of the oil. Another downside is how the water mist produced from the diffuser increases your indoor humidity; high humidity causes your wooden furniture to absorb moisture and deteriorate, while your leather and metal furniture would also be more prone to corrosion.


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Traditional air purifiers are big and bulky, taking up a lot of space in your household. They also require you to clean and change the filters every month and that may be time-consuming for many busy people.


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Currently, almost all diffusers sold on the market damage the purity of the essential oils, dispersing unwanted substances into the air.  The unnecessary problems brought by such diffusers are bound to create frustration for most consumers. And there hasn’t been a product that solves all these problems, not until today. Now, we’ve created it.


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The design of our purifier was inspired by Mother Nature itself, and we’ve ensured that our product satisfies the needs of our customers to the greatest extent.


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Note: The OLOR.COCO air purifier and diffuser is suitable for all essential oils, including those from other brands. Our product works to ensure improved benefits of the essential oils used, as our design causes no dilution and damage to the essential oils.


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Whether you’re working by day or resting by night, our purifier works 24/7 to protect you and your family.


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Healing energies are hidden within the leaves, but a way to deliver the therapeutic powers has never been discovered…until now.


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The Thuja Plicata trees flourish in the forests and mountainsides and have been named as the Tree of Life by local Indigenous peoples. For hundreds of years, the Indigenous peoples have used the leaves of Thuja Plicata through the ancient methods of fumigation and have reaped both the physical and mental healing benefits of the tree. Those with rhinitis and asthma have experienced major physical improvements from the usage of the leaves, and Thuja Plicata has also been cherished for its antibacterial properties.


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In the past few years, the Canadian research team of OLOR.COCO has been working in collaboration with the Indigenous peoples to uncover the mystery behind the Tree of Life. After an extensive period of scientific research, we have not only discovered the healing properties of the tree, but we’ve discovered that the essential oil extracted from Thuja Plicata is quite distinct and unique from other essential oils.


Any type of water mist diffusers or ultrasonic diffusers are incapable of being used with the Thuja Plicata essential oil, as the molecular structures would be damaged in the process, causing the antibacterial and soothing properties to be lost. This is why it is difficult for this essential oil to be used with any other diffuser or purifier on the market.


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Check this short hands-on review made by Sanders Crew. Thanks so much for their work!

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For every 1mL of our essential oil extracted, 24,000 leaves are required to be processed. Needless to say, this is an extraordinarily precious essential oil and luckily, a little goes a long way.


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OLOR.COCO delivers the highest purification performance with the lowest consumption. Every 5 mL of the essential oil lasts for up to 30 days of use. This means you get the cleanest air while saving money on refill bills.


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OLOR.COCO has successfully overcome the series of problems caused by other types of diffusers and purifiers, such as damage caused to the molecular structures of the essential oil, which also causes decreased benefits of the oil.


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  • Eliminates 99.9% of germs

Scientifically proven by the BSL-3 laboratory and other respected organizations, our product is proven to be 99.9% effective at eliminating viruses, bacteria, fungi and germs in the air, as well as surfaces exposed in the air. Our research team has conducted extensive research and experimentation to make sure that our product truly works, and we hope that this brings you and your family greater peace of mind when using our product.



View full report here.



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  • Relieves Symptoms of Respiratory Illnesses

Our product has also been scientifically proven to relieve any symptoms of respiratory illnesses. Whether you’re suffering from asthma, rhinitis, allergies, or just a stuffy nose, the healing properties of our essential oil helps relieve your discomfort.



  • Maintaining 100% Purity of Essential Oils

Whether you’re using water mist diffusers or ultrasonic diffusers, both types unfortunately cause damage and alter the property of the essential oil being used, as well as decreasing the benefits of the oils. Thanks to our exclusive technology, OLOR.COCO succeeds in giving you the maximum benefits and effects of the essential oil, without any of the downsides.


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  • Proven to be Safe for Everyone in the Family

Are you worried about whether the OLOR.COCO purifier and diffuser is safe to use for everyone in your household? You can rest assured, because our product has been scientifically proven to be 100% safe and harmless for people of all ages. Whether you are using it with infants, pregnant women, young children or elderly family members, our purifier and diffuser is safe to use for anyone and everyone.


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  • Safe for Cats and Dogs

Yes, we haven’t forgotten your feline and canine friends! We’re happy to say that our product is safe and harmless for use in households with cats and dogs, so you can enjoy the full benefits of our essential oil without having to worry about your furry companions.


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  • Absolutely Silent and Noiseless

The OLOR.COCO purifier and diffuser doesn’t produce any unwanted sounds and it is absolutely noiseless. You can place the product on your bedside table to experience the antibacterial effects, while also enjoying a silent night of sleep.


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  • 110 Hours Battery Life on a Single Charge

There’s no need to deal with constantly charging our product after every single use. With an incredibly long-lasting battery, OLOR.COCO is able to work for 110 hours non-stop on just one single charge.


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  • 60m² / 650 ft² Coverage

The OLOR.COCO air purifier and diffuser is able to reach a coverage of 60m² or 650 ft², and anything within that area can reap the full benefits of the product.


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  • Zero Waste Design

This is the world’s first diffuser designed with an inverted bottle, one that never wastes a single drop of essential oil.


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The OLOR.COCO purifier and diffuser is designed to be compact and pocket-sized. It easily fits in your handbag, backpack and luggage. The product is 100% leak-proof, as tested repeatedly by our company staff, and won’t come apart during possibly bumpy rides and flights.


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Our product is also available for use with you on the go, as it fits in standard cup holders within cars. The purifier and diffuser works to clean the air around you anywhere and everywhere you take it, by protecting you from viruses, bacteria, fungi and germs in the air, as well as surfaces exposed in the air. If you are afraid you may be breathing in harmful viruses and bacteria, our product is here to ensure the air you breathe is clean, anywhere and everywhere you use it.


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  • 3 Simple Steps for Cleaner Air

No need to study an instruction manual just to learn how to use it. In just 3 simple steps, you can start using OLOR.COCO

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  • 2 Working Modes

Designed for flexible usage, there are 2 working modes for our product: Continuous Mode and Intermittent Mode. Continuous Mode is suitable for when you require maximum continuous operation of the purifier/diffuser. Intermittent Mode works intermittently, suitable for times such as when you are sleeping at night.

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OLOR.COCO was established in California, USA, and is a sub-brand of the international Air Quality Management Service Provider – SKYISH. Our technology development center moved to Düsseldorf, Germany in 2019.


OLOR.COCO adheres to the concept of “air safety, air cleanliness and air health” advocated by SKYISH, gathering the power of authoritative biology and pharmacology experts from the United States, Australia, Canada, Germany and other parts of the world to develop stronger and gentler technology products to improve indoor air quality.


Doctor James B Hudson is a world renowned expert in the field of anti-microbial diseases from the department of pathology and laboratory medicine at the University of British Columbia. He has led the research into the effects and benefits of cedar leaf oil.


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