HiveCube: Sustainable Homes For Puerto Rico


HiveCube: Sustainable Homes for Puerto Rico | Building sustainable homes that have simplicity, affordability and security at its core.


In recent years, affordable and resistant housing has become a growing problem in Puerto Rico. Economic and environmental factors have generated a housing crisis where resistant and accessible housing is scarce. With almost half of the population registered below the poverty level, formal construction of a concrete and wood house is out of budget for the most. Leaving most in unstable and insecure living conditions:

  • 55% of housing in PR was found to be informally constructed 
  • Of that 45% that was formally constructed, 98% suffered little to no damage after Hurricane María 
  • Hurricane María caused the destruction of more than over 70,000 houses in Puerto Rico 

ACPR: Foro Estudio de Vivienda: Proyecciones y Realidades, 2018.


Additionally, secure and affordable housing is readily available for most living in the island:



About HiveCube: 

Hurricane Maria has been the largest catastrophic event affecting Puerto Rico in recent history. The resiliency of the people and the desire to revisit and transform their outlook on life was the spark for our new concept. An idea that takes into account safety, pricing and comfort for middle-class families that, more than a house, need a home to re-start their lives after all the destruction hurricane María brought.

Our project envisions a modular concept that is utilitarian, expandable and adjusts to each client’s needs. Traditional housing in the Island is expensive, limited by geography and designed with the ideas of a previous century that are not necessarily considering the lifestyle and taste of a younger generation.

Built with all code specifications and guaranteed approval we propose an economic solution that can be built fast and, most importantly, right for the community and the environment. This revolutionary concept will help revitalize the local economy and provide more than an option; a solution in the local market.

Sustainable development, economic vitality, security & environmental integrity is the basis of HiveCube. We are a team of forward thinkers that will change the landscape of our country with our commitment to quality, excellence and value deliverables that will improve and enhance the lives of many.

HiveCube believes that security should not be a matter of income. That is why we have created our Basic Model Unit to help those in need of affordable and secure housing in Puerto Rico. The idea is to create a prefabrication system where we will be able to construct houses in less than three months and give our community the option of a house that is available to anyone. 




What we need: 

As of right now, HiveCube is working building its prototype and achieve funding to establish its prefabrication factory in PR.  We are focusing our initial sales efforts on projects that have a direct link to the benefit of our Puerto Rican community through organizations. 

Working alongside with Parallel 18, in their Pre-18 Startup Program, our goal is to be able to complete a fully sustainable, off-the-grid prototype by mid-June. This will allow us to further continue to raise funding for the construction of our HiveCube factory that will allow us to design and create our model unit and help families that have lost their homes;  while also creating jobs. 

Funding through this campaign will go directly to the construction of the prototype and establishment of the HiveCube Factory. 

Your contributions will go towards to: 

  • 5k Completion of Off-Grid Prototype Home
  • 74k Manufacturing of first two homes for families in Loiza, Puerto Rico displaced after Hurricane María: in partnership with Taller Salud (
  • 21k Job Creation through the Establishment of Manufacturing Facility 






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QwikFix – Handy Home And Business Connections


QwikFix – Handy Home and Business Connections | Qwikfix is a Home Repair Subscription Service. Don’t Sweat Home Repair!

We at QwikFix appreciate your taking the time to review our campaign. I had been in the financial services industry for over 25 years but have given it up to pursue building QwikFix. I have put everything into this, from money to time to sweat and tears because I know it will succeed enormously.

Having been a “do it yourself” guy for my entire life, I know the frustration and difficulty in getting the smaller jobs and tasks done around the home. Even if you have the skills, you don’t have the time or right tool or desire sometimes, you just want to get it done efficiently and economically. That’s why I developed QwiKFix. By having a subscription with QwikFix, customers just click and get it done. The subscription simplifies the scheduling, and takes away price issues. By paying monthly or annually, you don’t have to worry about the cost for labor, it’s included. Customers buy time, which can be used for a multitude of projects over the subscription term. Simple, efficient, Qwik !

We need your help to succeed ! 

We are currently looking for Fifty Thousand Dollars ($50,000) to get us to the next level.

Our full function web site along with our web app is live!. We are currently building our contractor and provider list in our local area and we even have a few local customers who signed up because of personal knowledge of the business. We need funds now for customer acquisition and knowledge seminars for our contractors. 

  • QwikFix will be a huge success with help from you! We know their is a need. We know there are homeowners and small business owners staring at small repairs every day that just don’t get done because they don’t have a simple solution.
  • We know there are contractors and service providers looking to pick up extra work and income but don’t want the hassle of advertising, taking calls, going on estimates for smaller jobs. When told they can grab a job on their smartphone based on their current location and skill set, they love it !
  • We would love to secure our full campaign amount or more, but will be able to put any amount to good use in our advertising for contractors and customers. The subscription based model will provide additional funding as we grow but a push forward now will get us there sooner. 


We truly appreciate your interest ad help in making QwikFix successful! We will be helping to employ many throughout the country over as we expand. We want to have a focus on helping our veterans get work as well as those who need the flexibility to work that our platform offers like single parents. As we grow, we are looking to give back by offering service through charitable contributions of service time to those who live difficult conditions and cannot afford the repairs they need. We want to make an impact on the quality of life for those less fortunate, but we need your help to get us on our feet first so that we may carry some of the burden for others.

I know the model will be a success, I have started to utilize it in another business I am building. QwikPlow (which will become a division of QwikFix as we mature) – is an on demand snow removal service that I started this past winter. I had bought a truck and plow 2 years ago to help my son and nephew get started. I soon realized that just before or during a snowstorm, the phone would ring constantly for service, but aside from the local calls, others would be coming from miles away in different towns. There was no way we could travel to all of these in different directions. QwikPlow was born. I began reaching out to independent snow removal people form the surrounding areas. We had them sign up with us and used a third party GPS tracking app to keep tabs on their location during a storm. When calls came in for areas we could not cover, we simply found the closest driver and referred the job to him for a small fee. We even signed up customers for contracts for the entire season. By using this method, we were able to service many customers under our brand – QwikPlow. 

I know the model works, we WILL be extremely successful and  grow across the country and more. Please help us get a jump start ! Thank you


QwikFix will have it’s challenges, but we know we can overcome them ! Advertising is extremely important as we need to not just get our name recognized, but customers and contractors  need to understand the platform, they need to be comfortable utilizing it.

Our biggest concern right now is contractor availability and reliability. We learned with QwikPlow that we need to have redundancy of in our contractor base. Trucks broke down, accidents happened, drivers got tired and burned out after hours of plowing. We had to have a number of different providers in the area in order to assure proper service. This is also a challenge for QwikFix, one of our biggest. We are actively signing up contractors in various areas as well as with many different trade skills in order to provide seamless service.

We also need to have a redundant system in place for technical issues and failures. We cannot lose contact with customers and service providers. This presents a challenge, especially as we grow.

Again, we thank you !

We know that not everyone has the ability to help with funding this project, but we do appreciate your reading through this and hope that you will spread the word about QwikFix. Sometimes the best advertising is word of mouth or personal statements on social media. Let the world know we are coming and look forward to not only help get things done around the home and office, but also help those who need a hand up !

QwikFix – Don’t Sweat Home Repair


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Zega Intelligent Cookware Reviews


Zega Intelligent Cookware | The worlds first smart, app-enabled walkaway cookware that does the cooking for you.



Zega is smart, app-enabled, walkaway cookware that does the cooking for you.

Its patented double wall thermal insulated design and SmartControl technology heats in minutes and continues to cook safely for hours off the stove. Simply turn on the stove, add your ingredients and when it reaches the required temperature, switch off the stove and walk away

Your food continues to cook off the stove, without gas or electricity, and then stays hot for hours. With the Zega App, you can choose from delicious recipes and remotely monitor your cooking so you’re no longer a slave to the kitchen.

Of course Zega also functions as conventional cookware when required, is compatible with all stove types, is highly energy efficient and looks great.

mbi5erozqqtilsybelwwZega’s unique self-cooking process means food retains more nutrients and is always cooked to perfection.



SmartControl technology remotely monitors your food and notifies you when its ready.


Without the need for gas or electricity, Zega’s self-cooking process uses retained heat to gently cook any meal to perfection. Because Zega saves on your gas & electricity bills, it ends up paying for itself and is good for the environmentsrmnkvkl6ntt3ajhq3i8




df711d b3659a7abb0641e299cdd9740780f87e~mv2

h1szw2kfuw7htg9wtavgCook hearty soups, stews or your favourite pot roast, steam a basket of healthy, nutritious vegetables or grate fresh parmesan cheese over your favourite pasta


df711d 4cf6c4028a2e4a6b8010fb49ec633d2e~mv2




With the Zega App, you can choose from delicious, healthy recipes prepared by our expert chefs who have done all the thinking for you. SmartControl technology senses when Zega is ready to self-cook and notifies you when your food is ready.


jevjehgdnwoomlmrnemwThe secret is the double-wall construction that sandwiches a thermodynamic layer of air between two sheets of 18-10 stainless steel. This traps heat and moisture inside the pot like a Thermos bottle so you heat it for just minutes and it cooks for hours, all by itself, off the stove – no stirring, no tending.


df711d fe6bf99b7781411683ef93211af1c672~mv2


Keeps food above the USDA food safe minimum internal temperature for 4 hours off the stove.ec3zfybteyiwntelrbbg

Bluetooth, app-enabled SmartControl knob monitors the temperature inside the pot and alerts you when your food is cooked.

zerrd2yw3jacgpph7yoqZega has a 5L or 5.2qrt. capacity enabling you to easily make large meals for family and friends.


df711d 84d7c9384db94e9cb97cba8de43e06d4~mv2qzqfiy0utljaocooenoqCook entire meals at once with the included steamer / grater and meat rack


df711d 52a5eb115ef04834a6cca3de2556c2d5~mv2

vnb4rwnnwhivrfvgwocaThe unique self-basting lid keeps your food moist and succulent, locking in more flavour.

df711d 2090254472e74ecb8b7dcb75ec708fc1~mv2

Accessories fit inside the pot minimising storage required


df711d 425355b45a4f4a98bcdc44b67a00760c~mv2

df711d 04ed6e66fb854600b8870847ef4994f6~mv2

Simply dock the smart knob onto the provided charging dock – the battery will last for 12 hours of cooking.

Included in the box is everything you need to create healthy, nutritious, home-cooked meals.


dtnvdtkag2vz9lj5g2onOur team has developed and manufactured over 25 million consumer products for some of the world’s largest brands including:


hyyrvjqkquiawuvde2a2We have spent over two years perfecting & testing every aspect of Zega to ensure it meets the highest standard of design & manufacture as well as looking great in your kitchen.



h8wjkhw2idio9b09dizdWe are ready for mass production at our state of the art manufacturing facility




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Alpha Sheets 2.0: Pure Silver Bedding


Alpha Sheets 2.0: Pure Silver Bedding | Micron technology with self-clean system to help fight germs, wrinkles, stains and allergens.


fca33d902fc271421d94dd5e571a94f0 original.jpg?ixlib=rb 2.1


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4c35871e6f2a4810e85ffda93ab969d3 original.jpg?ixlib=rb 2.1



14f9cb5dde723a873663f6fd36bbbf4a original.jpg?ixlib=rb 2.1



Alpha™ Silver Sheets 2.0 are scientifically engineered sheets, made with pure silver fibers and ultra soft premium cotton to help your bed remain cleaner by fighting germs, bacteria, fungus, viruses and other pathogens.

Utilizing game changing pure silver Micron™ Tech, Stain Repel and Wrinkle Resist, Alpha has become the ultimate natural bedding to help promote a healthier lifestyle.





Premium breathable materials in combination with pure silver fibers to helps the bedding to stay cleaner and help better regulate temperature. Alpha will help provide you with the most comfortable bedding so that you’re prepared for a restful night sleep.


















Bacteria seems to be great stuff of nightmares. Most common bacteria found in bedding is gram-negative rods ~42 percent,  gram-positive rods ~27%, both bacilli ~ 25 % and gram-positive cocci ~12 percent. The power of silver technology will help fight these pathogens so that your bedding remains fresh. 



Source: “Bacteria in Your Bed.” Amerisleep Blog, 15 May 2018.

Silver does it’s deadly work when it comes in contact with bacteria, fungus or virus. Alpha Sheets 2.0 feel better, smells better and only needs to be washed 7X less frequently than standard cotton sheets.  Alpha’s silver is fully coated on to the fibers for a more permanent effect. Now everyone can have cleaner bedding that we all deserve. 









Milk experiment between Alpha Sheets 2.0 and Regular Cotton Sheets. Both sheets were washed in 99% alcohol and air dried before placing in the test tube. We added a pasteurized organic milk, cover the test tubes and let the bacteria do its job.  

Real experimental data shown.


The milk with Alpha Sheets remained fresh, where as the Cotton Sheets grew Billions of Bacteria. That’s the power of Alpha’s Self-Cleaning fabric with 100% pure silver fibers. 






Alpha’s waterproof sheets will keep the liquid spills away from your mattress. It can also be a valuable asset during potty training, providing an extra layer of protection for your mattress.

















You will be able to choose Alpha’s size preferences in the survey after the campaign ends. 








Ivana T. Lowchareonkul is a Product Designer. She has a passion for simple interfaces. She is the ultimate problem solver and loves to create innovative products.

Science is something that she greatly enjoys. “It challenges ideas that we think are ‘right’! There is always something new and interesting to discover and the journey to get there can be really, really exciting.” said Ivana.




Ivana has played critical leadership roles in 17 successfully funded and fulfilled Kickstarter projects that have raised over $4,000,000 with over 25,000 backers (3 Alpha projects). Her keen eye for innovation has given her multiple opportunities to create successful products. Her experience in manufacturing has been perfected and she is very excited to bring Alpha Sheets 2.0 to volume production.




6e9fe7473daf55b2f18fd8fabe702c35 original.jpg?ixlib=rb 2.1
59fa5315604aefb03a223c0d5dbd3a03 original.jpg?ixlib=rb 2.1
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9f96afae28c8c744ad2db4da6e19eb33 original.jpg?ixlib=rb 2.1



*This product does NOT claim to diagnose, cure, treat, or prevent an illness or condition.

**Alpha is a trademark of Ivana Designs LLC

***Due to continuous product improvements, product descriptions and images may differ slightly from actual product. 

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Rising Balance By Bin Xu


Rising Balance by Bin Xu | The candleholder that brings you balance!

Hello, my name is Bin Xu

I am Product Designer and Interior Architect. I have been educated at the Rietveld Academy in the Netherlands and live and work in Amsterdam. I love to travel and nature fascinates me a lot. I get piece of mind being surrounded by nature. The natural space is often inspirational to me. Time becomes irrelevant. A continuous flow in nature. The elements of wood, light, fire, stone, water and air. They live together and respond to each other.  They addept and change each other to maintain a certain balance.  A balance we people also need but is increasingly avoided by hectic livestyles. See the Rising Balance candleholder perhaps also as a symbol for improved personal balance and relaxation. Just take 30-60 minutes to relax and watch the movement.

Your support for production

With your help and support we can further develop the Rising Balance candleholder and prepare for production on a larger scale.

Your support for distribution

The funds from this campaign will be used to develop a new production method and create a distribution network.

So if you buy one or more candle holders we say thank you very much for your support to produce the Rising Balance candleholder and we will work very hard to deliver on time and keep you informed on new developments and give you the first options to buy new products at best price.

If we reach the $30.000 goal, we will use the funds as follows:

– product development and new production method for large scale production

– travel to production facilities and making sure we deliver best quality and products shipped in time to you.

– setting up a website, marketing and distribution network

If we don’t reach the full amount it will depend on the number of Rising Balance candleholders sold wether we can deliver the product for the price mentioned in this campaign. The minimum number of Rising Balance candleholders to be sold in this campaign in order do so is 600 pieces. 

Your support to spread the word

We need your contribution and support to reach this goal. If you like the product, please inform your friends and family via the Indiegogo links about the Rising Balance candleholder and help us to make it happen.

We already have the production facilities selected and tested and we are confident we will deliver your Rising Balance candleholder before april 2018.


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CHUTES 3-IN-1 Beauty Shower Solution


CHUTES 3-IN-1 Beauty Shower Solution | Daily misty water therapy: dechlorinated, purified filter combined with aromatic skin-caring booster

Life is busy, we get it but you deserve to enjoy all the health and wellness benefits you purchased your CHUTES for without the hassle, work, and extra time it takes to achieve a pure and PH-balanced, and aromatic water experience. 



Not even a luxury, high-tech showerhead can provide you with a special misty shower feeling. Over 600 dense water outlet holes, giving the spray a dense, soft and waxy feeling. 

The dense spray is close to a foggy state under the same water pressure, covering the whole body to achieve a deep cleansing effect.


CHUTES dichlorination pressurized beauty shower removes excessive chemicals. Its silver ion antibacterial effectively inhibits the growth of bacteria. It’s all about the water! 



Our Aroma Vitamin-C Beauty Booster fragrance collection with olfactory compositions was chosen to offer you an atmosphere according to your preferences: Joyful and full of energy, conducive to relaxation or dynamic, and energizing.



CHUTES uses its simple yet stylish design with its selective modern metallic colour tone naturally makes it a unique decoration to your bathroom/showroom.



CHUTES 600 mini water holes pressurized technology disperses water flow into millions of tiny droplets and combining with the iconic nano-filter core, our beauty dichlorination shower filter can effectively filter up to 8 tons of municipal tap water at a flow rate of 6.5L/m. You could save up to 30% of water per shower while enjoying the unique misty coverage over your skin.



There is no worse feeling in the world than getting into a shower stall and having to make every last drop of water count. Effluent 0.25mm extremely small L diameter, CHUTES vitality water activates the potential of every drop of water.

CHUTES technology disperses the flow into millions of tiny droplets while reducing flow to a remarkably low, you could save up to 10 gallons of water per shower while enjoying the unique misty coverage over your skin. Our water outlets are distributed proportionally, ensuring a light and full water feeling. Healing all of our daily irritability. Let’s give our body a gentle water hug!

(Items included)





Every husband may face a similar mystery of his wife, has tons of different types of shampoos, and shower gels but never gain full satisfaction with any product. James is one of these husbands.

Water, the essence of life 

Because of curiosity and love for his wife, he started to discover the irritating truth. James was shocked to discover that “water” is the true cause of all. The water quality of different regions could vary largely. Each shower system selected by different hotel brands makes our skin/hair quality in distinct results.

Natural way, last longer 

So a small vision came into being. He hoped to find a cure for everyone’s skin/hair irritating problem and design a price-friendly, environmental-friendly shower to provide a consistent/comfortable experience all over the world. 

ONE step forward  

In 2019, he established the CHUTES team and completed the first product design in the same year.

CHUTES: a design for you, the design for us 

With your help, we will start to deliver products to users all over the world in February 2021.


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KingGaroo, Easy Clean Powder


KingGaroo, Easy clean powder | This is used for stool disposal of disabled people, easy clean pet’s stool, children’s vomit & pee.

What is KingGaroo?

KingGaroo is a revolutionary cleaning tool that is different from the tools we use today.
‘Garoo’ means powder in Korean.

KingGaroo is used for stool disposal of disabled people.
It is also used to clean a pet’s stool on carpets and to clean children’s vomit.
That is, it facilitates cleaning in general, which is useful, especially in such a hectic world
we live in today.

Can Everyone Use It?

Unlike the stool of a healthy person, that of the old and the infirm contains a lot of moisture. Stool disposal is especially challenging for patients with Alzheimer’s disease and those ill in bed because they cannot control their own bowel movement. Moreover, it is a hassle to clean up pet waste on carpets, especially because remnants and odor remain. Sick children also frequently vomit suddenly, which leads to an unforeseen mess. In all of the aforementioned situations,
one can simply cover the contents with KingGroo to dispose them and the smell.
Children would no longer have to feel ashamed for making a mess and guardians of people
with disabilities would be able to dispose their stool easily.


Is It Dangerous?

KingGaroo is made up of ingredients that are not harmful to the human body, including a natural mineral called Zeolite. KingGaroo also reduces the amount of cancer-inducing chemicals, such as HCHO and Radon, and cleans the air, prevents mold, and dehumidifies.
It is an environment-friendly product that is useful in one’s daily life by releasing far-infrared radiation and anions.


What Other Characteristics Does It Have?

As important as it is to dispose stool completely, it is also crucial to remove the smell.
KingGaroo is capable of decomposing almost all ammonia that is present in stools, which allows it to remove the smell as well as the stool itself.


Understanding the Composition of Commodity

KingGaroo is in an odorless powder contained in a 400g container.
You simply sprinkle the powder wherever you want, similar to how you use cheese powder on your food. For those who wish, a 500g plastic bag is also available.  


Background of Development

KingGaroo was developed after I recognized the inconveniences prevalent in the daily lives of members of CK Trading Company. Robert has two cats that make a huge mess, Micky has children who often ruins family time due to their frequent vomiting, Thomas has a grandmother who has a hard time moving her body, and Henry has a puppy that often makes a mess on the bed or carpet when he is not home. Thus, the production of KingGaroo was first developed based on our own experience, which fostered our desire to facilitate cleaning for others who share the same experience with us.



About Delivery

Delivery is, of course, going to be free once we reach 10,000 dollars in goal.  
We will try our absolute best to deliver on time even when there are unexpected mass orders or other unforeseen circumstances.

Another MOV clips;

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Almond Guard: Self Arming Home Security System


Almond Guard: Self Arming Home Security System | World’s most intelligent Home Security system that integrates Mesh WiFi and Smart Home Hub.

Almond Guard secures your home from burglars and your smart devices from hackers, giving you and your family total security.

4 features2

Unifying Home Security, Cyber Security, Smart Home Hub and Mesh-WiFi into a single system makes Almond Guard an unprecedented innovation in the market.

Almond Guard’s capabilities go beyond that of any home security system in the market. By integrating smart home hub & Mesh WiFi capabilities, it has access to more contextual information like WiFi presence, GPS location, smart device activity, which allows it to deliver far better home security than other systems. It is also the first home security system that guards your smartphones, PCs and smart devices from Cyber attacks.

Home Security
24/7 Professional Monitoring
Self Monitoring
Automatic Arming/Disarming
Battery and 4G Backup
Camera Integration
Arm based on Zones
iOS and Android Apps
Built-In 105 dB Siren
Up to 100 Sensors
Smart Home
Smart Home Hub
ZigBee Built-In
100s of Compatible Devices
Z-Wave via USB
Alexa Voice Commands
IFTTT Integration
Mesh WiFi
Expandable Mesh WiFi System
Parental Controls
Router/Extender/AP Modes
Block devices
Manage Connected Devices
Wi-Fi Triggers
Cyber Security
Protect Smart Devices
Malware blocking
Protect Smartphones/Tablets etc.
Periodic Scans
Network Device Notifications
Network Awareness


Almond Guard lets you monitor your doors, windows, movement as well as check for water and smoke. You can choose from the 100s of compatible security sensors to build your security system. You’re not limited to just sensors supplied by Securifi. It notifies you when it detects anything out of the ordinary. You can also choose to send this information to a UL certified, professional monitoring station which can call emergency response. Simply connect the sensors around your home and enjoy robust home security. 

Extremely Easy to Set Up

easy setup

It’s Got Your Back

Forgot to arm your home? No worries. It detects no one’s phone is on the network and arms it for you

its got your back

Hands-Free Security Experience

Coming back home with your hands full? Walk right in. When you are back home, it detects your phone and disarms the system.

its got your back2


No Need to Punch in Codes. Phew!

Built-in Battery & 4G Backup


The built-in battery can power Almond Guard for up to 5 hours in case of a power outage. Combined with 4G cellular backup, Almond Guard ensures that the security of your home is never compromised.

Smart Home Hub

With built-in ZigBee radio and Z-Wave support via USB, Almond Guard works with hundreds of compatible devices from your favorite brands, to make your home a smart home.

Click here for Complete list of compatible devices


Mesh WiFi System

Eliminate WiFi dead zones at your home with Almond Guard’s Mesh WiFi System. You can connect additional Almond 3S or Almond 3 units to your Almond Guard  to expand the WiFi coverage to every nook and cranny of your home.

mesh WiFi system2

Watch what matters the most

Keep an eye out for what happens at home. Our motion-based camera records as soon as any movement is detected. Almond Guard also works with Nest cams and lets you watch motion snippets right from the Almond app. We plan to add support for additional network cameras.


Professional Monitoring.


We work with UL listed professional monitoring stations to make sure help is on its way in case of an emergency.

Made Affordable

We’ve been on a mission to reduce the cost of owning a home security system for over 5 years, and Almond Guard is the result of this mission.

Almond Guard
Other Systems
Indiegogo Exclusive
Retail Prices
Pro Monitoring
Self Monitoring
Not Available


Join us and save hundreds of dollars in monitoring fees every year.

Self Monitoring

self monitoring2

Stay notified of events and control your home through the Almond app for free. You can also easily add cellular backup to your system and let us manage the telecoms.



The free Almond app makes it easy to monitor and control all your sensors, smart devices and WiFi from anywhere.


Almond Guard makes it easy to setup rules to suit your lifestyle. You can base them on your daily schedule, use sensors or even weather conditions as triggers.

Your Home, Your Rules!


Almond Guard helps protect your smartphones, laptops, cameras and other smart devices from hackers. The built-in cyber security software helps ensure that your personal data stays personal.


Limiting your kids’ screen time is as easy as pressing a button or just talking to Alexa. You can set schedules to limit their internet access. For example, you can block Wi-Fi on school nights after 7 PM.


Perks for our Backers

Our backers can choose from one of the three Hardware Packages. You can add more sensors to your system anytime.

Who we are

Securifi has been a pioneer in the Wi-Fi and Smart Home space since 2012. We’ve shipped over 300,000 Almond devices worldwide to delighted customers.


More than a critical success, Almond devices are a customer favorite, with an average rating of 4.2 stars out of 5, based on more than 15,000 Amazon reviews.

Almond Guard Delivery Timeline

Current State of Hardware Prototypes

We’re on the verge of finalizing our hardware design at this time. We’ve already passed preliminary EMI scans for FCC/CE regulatory tests. In parallel, the current hardware is also undergoing a battery of reliability tests. We’ve shipped an older version of the prototype to reviewers at AnandTech. We will update with a link to that review once its ready.

What doesn’t work in the prototype?

  • Seamless Cellular Roaming
  • Antenna Range Optimization

What works in the prototypes?

  • 2.4GHz & 5GHz WiFi (AnandTech sample had an issue with 2.4GHz WiFi)
  • Cellular Backup (AnandTech sample used older hardware with an issue with Cellular)
  • ZigBee & Z-Wave Smart Home Hub Capabilities

Current State of the Software

All our Mesh WiFi and Smart Home Hub features are fully functional. In fact these functions work exactly the same on Almond 3S as our Almond 3 hub. With our latest mobile apps and Almond 3 firmware, many of the Self Monitored home security features are already working in our apps. We’ve yet to release ZigBee & Nest Camera support. We’re working on this internally now. We’re also currently working on the backend software to transmit alarm events to the CMS. We’ve yet to start work on GPS based Geo-Fencing to make the self-arming even more intelligent.


How did you manage to pack all these features into a single system?

We’ve spent the last 5 years developing and successfully delivering market disrupting products. We’ve been integrating smarthome hubs with our WiFi router since 2013 and we’ve spent the last 2 years fine tuning our system specifically for home security features. Almond Guard is the culmination of all these years of R&D.

We’re proud of what we’ve come up with, and we think you will love it.

How do I arm/disarm the system?

You can set the system to arm/disarm automatically based on your smartphone’s WiFi or GPS. You can also arm/disarm the system from the mobile app or using the touchscreen LCD.

What are these arm/disarm locations?

Almond Guard is bringing you the ability to Arm/Disarm by zones, which is typically only available in very expensive high-end systems. This lets you arm only parts of your home depending on your needs. For example during nights, you can just arm the outside doors and leave the sensors inside the home disarmed. Another example is when your family is hanging out in the backyard during the weekend you can just arm everything except the backyard.

When will the siren sound?

Siren(s) will sound whenever sensors in the armed locations are triggered or tampered with. You can also choose to disable the siren for certain sensors if you want them to silently report to you (and the Central Monitoring Station, if you choose). Example: let’s say you want to silently monitor a specific drawer with valuables, but don’t want opening it to trigger the siren.

What is pro-monitoring? What is included in the $10/month fees?

We work with leading UL listed emergency response service providers to make sure you get professional help in case of an emergency at home.

24×7 Emergency response and cellular backup are both included in the $10/mo subscription.

What is a Central Monitoring Station (CMS)

A Central Monitoring Station is an Underwriters Laboratory (UL) certified facility, made up of a team of experienced professionals trained to handle home security. They monitor alerts and dispatch emergency response as needed.

How does pro-monitoring work?

Professional monitoring has many checks and balances to make sure that action is taken in case of an emergency and no action is taken in case of a false alarm.

In Brief –

  • If a security sensor is breached when the system is in armed mode, an Alarm is triggered.
  • We immediately send you a Notification with an option to disarm the system.
  • If the system is not disarmed, this information is sent to the CMS
  • The CMS will contact you, your family members or a friend in the order you’ve designated.
  • If you respond, they will take the appropriate action based on your response.In case of a duress situation, you can use a code word to discretely let the CMS know that you’re in trouble.
  • If you don’t respond, they will report the event to the local emergency service(s) to dispatch emergency response to your home.


Can I add more sensors & smart home devices? How do I buy more?

Yes, you can add upto 100 smart home devices and sensors to a single system. Securifi will sell some of the key sensors like door sensors, motion detectors etc. on our website. You can find the list of all the compatible sensors here.

How many WiFi & Network devices can the Almond Guard’s Mesh WiFi system handle?

On top of the smart home devices and sensors, you can also have up to 100 network (WiFi and wired) devices as part of Almond Guard system.
Note that with some devices like Nest, you have to count them both as smart home device and a WiFi device.

What smart sensors and devices are compatible with  Almond Guard?

Besides Securifi’s own sensors, it’s compatible with 100s of 3rd party products. You can access a list of compatible products here.

What cameras are compatible with Almond Guard?

At the time of delivery, the Almond motion camera will be supported. Integration with Nest Cam will be added soon after that. We also have plans to support more cameras in our roadmap.

Do I need to install a Camera?

Our system works with just the sensors (door, motion, etc..) even if you don’t install cameras. But we recommend cameras as they enhance the overall security of your system.

Please note that in certain counties and cities, local laws require that all alarm signals are verified by video evidence before a Central Monitoring Station (CMS) calls emergency response. Such laws exist to prevent false alarms. Please check your local rules.

When does a Central Monitoring Station (CMS) have access to my video feed?

First, only the cameras you designate will be able to be accessed by the CMS. Secondly, a CMS can only access the video feed when an alarm is triggered. At that point they verify the video evidence to make sure that a real emergency has taken place before dispatching emergency response.

How does the Almond motion camera work?

Almond motion cameras are battery powered and start recording as soon as motion is detected. They’re designed with privacy in mind with only a low resolution of 640×480 pixels. That resolution is just enough to figure out whether a real intrusion has taken place.

The video clip can also be used by the Central Monitoring Station (CMS) to to ascertain that an alarm is real and not a false alarm caused by pets or balloons or other such events.

Since they’re battery powered, you have more flexibility in terms of their placement.

Is Pro-Monitoring available outside the US?

We currently offer pro-monitoring only in the US. But you can self monitor your home for free wherever you are. Since Almond Guard has a built-in cellular capability, you can also add a local sim card to enable cellular backup.

Can I access video feeds through cellular backup?

With the $10 /mo service provided by Securifi, only alarm monitoring events are sent through the cellular backup service. Your Almond 3S hub needs a wired or WiFi internet connection to send the video data to our cloud. As a future update, we will provide users with the ability to purchase additional cellular data to transmit video and other Internet traffic also through your cellular connection.

If users install their own SIM card in the Almond 3S, they’ll have the ability to select whether to send only the Alarm data or all Internet data through that cellular connection.

What is the difference between the $6/mo service and the free service?

For our customers in the US who only wish to self monitor their home, the $6/month service provides cellular backup in case of loss of broadband internet. As explained in the previous question, this cellular connection only covers your alarm signal information and not the entire internet traffic of your system. We handle the provisioning of the SIMs and management of this service so that you don’t have to deal with the telecom

Do you have warranty?

Yes, we provide a 2 year hardware warranty.

Do you alert fire services?

Not at this time. Carbon monoxide and smoke detectors have to be monitored by the users themselves. The platform still supports them which means you can setup notifications and alerts but due to different regulations for different devices, we don’t send these monitoring signals to the Central Monitoring Stations.

However, this could change in the future as we’re looking into ways to bring such a service also in an affordable manner.

Can I connect my existing Almond to Almond Guard?

You can connect your existing Almond and use it as a Range Extender or an Access Point. If you have an Almond 3, it can be used to enhance the Mesh Wi-Fi with the Almond 3S hub shipped as part of the Almond Guard system.

How long do the sensor batteries last?

Below are the battery life figures based on typical usage:
Door Sensor: 2-3 years
Motion Detector: 2-3 years
Almond Click: 2 years
Flood Sensor: 2 years

Is the kit available in other colors?

No, Almond 3S and the sensors are only available in white.

What kind of Security do you use in your devices and apps?

We use bank grade encryption to transmit information between the Almond hub, our cloud and the Almond mobile apps. We also perform security audits of our architecture periodically. Lastly, when security issues were brought to our attention in the past, we have a history of providing timely firmware upgrades addressing such security issues.

Who should I reach out to in case I have any issues?

You can email us at [email protected] for questions about Almond Guard and the Indiegogo campaign. You can also reach [email protected] for questions about your existing Securifi products.

How do I stay up to date on the progress?

We will post weekly updates on the Indiegogo page until Dec 8th. Once the campaign ends we will post at least one update per month. After we ship all the rewards we will switch to our own blog for further updates.

How will the funds be used?

Besides the actual purchase of raw materials to deliver backer rewards these funds will be used for the plastic injection molds, compliance certifications and further R&D activities.

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At Home With Andrea Bocelli Album


At Home With Andrea | Building capital for a new home service business by collecting bookings and gifts of all sizes.

What At Home with Andrea is All About

Hi! I’m Andrea. I am a teacher, artist, and friend.

When I was a kid, I made a killing in allowance because I was the helper of our house. I learned from a young age just how wonderful it felt to spend an entire Saturday cleaning and organizing my room and laying back to take in the atmosphere. Was I a nerd? Absolutely. But that desire for a harmonious living space stuck with me, and now I am ready to put it to work.

My first business was a lemonade stand. I was 8 and in Southern Florida. Even then, I was able to analyze my market and provide a tasty solution–people were thirsty in the 90 degree heat. I marketed by riding my bike around the neighborhood yelling “Ice cold lemonade on 45th Street!” . I had product quality measures–every drop had the perfect ratio of  Country Time powder and filtered water. I even hired an employee! She quit when I wouldn’t give her 50% or gross earnings, but I knew even then that that wasn’t an appropriate rate for a cashier. I made about $15 dollars, largely in change from my peers and a couple of sweaty dads who  just finished yard work. I was rich! I put $10 in my piggy bank, and kept $5 in my wallet for miscellaneous candy items.

In my adult life, I have kept a “real” job and put myself through school. I received my Teaching Certificate in English and Spanish in 2011 and have spent the last 6 years in education. I absolutely love helping children and adults to reach their goals. However, that entrepreneurial itch never left. I am ready now to see where it can take me.

At Home with Andrea is my solution to:

  1. Owning my own small business
  2. Using my creative talents to beautify and increase aesthetic
  3. Providing healthy meal solutions for busy families (I love to cook!)
  4. Building my relationships within my community
  5.  Maintaining my freedom to teach, in a 1-on-1 setting
  6. Increasing giving by offering a 10% discount on “Pay it Forward” services– pre-paid services gifted to someone familiar, or a neighbor in need


Every contribution to this campaign will go directly to supporting the start up of At Home with Andrea. From cleaning supplies, interior design reference books, on-the-go kitchen tools, uniforms, etc., your contribution – of any size – will make a difference.


Give & Receive

I am looking to raise $5,000 for the startup costs. Each gift of $30 or more receives a service. See the perks section for more information. These perks make your gift less like a handout and more like a pre-paid service!

Startup costs include:

  • Cleaning supplies and tools
  • Website, Marketing, and Accounting tools
  • Interior Design reference materials
  • Home Staging supplies
  • Travel expenses
  • Income padding for career transition while building clients

Risks & Challenges

It will take a lot of work and tenacity to build clientele. I will largely rely on word-of-mouth to promote my new business. I will also need to reflect and refine my marketing strategies to make sure I am offering the right services to the right people at the right time. I am tenacious! I am ready! I am organized!

I plan on beginning my startup marketing campaign with discounts on services rendered within the first 3 months. I also have a Pay it Forward plan in place where services are rendered at a 10% discount when purchased for someone else, which will increase clientele and promote a sense of community.

Other Ways You Can Help

Short on cash to contribute to capital? No worries! At Home with Andrea will graciously accept likes and shares on social media, and word-of-mouth referrals!

I also have an Amazon Wish List for supplies and uniforms. Check it out here:

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HAUSTAINER — Your Smart HOME Inside A Container


HAUSTAINER — your smart HOME inside a container | Your tiny home, protected by a container. A house, which is – SMALL, SMART, SUSTAINABLE & MOVABLE


—-> DEUTSCH weiter unten!!!
—-> 1 Dollar = 1,07 EUR
—-> 1 Dollar = 72 INR

We are in the process of developing a smart HOME, which has the power to change the future living!

Imagine your current rented home/ living space(s):

  • Is it restricting?
  • Hate giving away your earnings in rent/ mortgage?
  • Is making room for kids / old parents a problem?
  • Have a vacant space that can give you rent?
  • Still looking for the perfect holiday cabin for the greens?
  • Have had enough of big, unmanageable spaces?
  • We have a solution to these problems.

Welcome to the world of HAUSTAINER, where we have designed a home that is …

  • easily movable, like a “tiny-house on wheels”
  • a smart home at the cost of a car
  • can still be your home, wherever you go
  • serves as your cozy nest off the grid
  • gives you more time to live life by de-cluttering your life



Green Living and Thinking
We at Haustainer believe in living and thinking green. All the materials used in these homes are used sustainably. From container to insulation to components used in interiors close to all can be reused. Use of traditional clay wall plates lets the house breath naturally and maintains the right level of humidity and temperature inside the house. Use of smart features ensures that energy is utilised in an efficient way.

No Barrier of Location
Haustainer can be put in any location of your choice and can be easily moved across continents as it is a home in a shipping container where the basic features of a container are kept intact. It can be moved by road, rail or ship to the place of choice. Almost no disassembling is required as these are independent plug and play units.

Minimal Living
Haustainer promotes the concept of minimal living. Haustainer is a small and simple house which means less stress, clutter free environment, minimal maintanence and more time for things that matter more. Haustainer allows you to live life as you want on your own terms.

Smart Engineering and Architecture
Haustainer is a product of smart engineering as every cubic inch is designed in such a way that no space is wasted. The room management is the key feature of design and architecture. From front door to multi-functional furniture to use of smart systems everything makes this house a comfortable place to live.


  • Affordable, priced under 20.000 Euro
  • Movable across globe with shipping certification
  • Environmental friendly (“one-way” containers can be used)
  • Kitchen with max. 4 standard cabinets
  • Natural disasters proof (earthquake & hurricane)
  • Double murphy bed
  • 2 main spaces (private / public, sound & view proof)
  • Enlargeable bathroom (standard shower & flushing toilet)
  • Extreme conditions proof (comfort range -15°C up to 50°C)
  • Fully automated (smart home ready)
  • everything IN & OUT through the main entry

Super Insulated for extreme temperature from 50 °C

……. down to -15° C

Haustainer stands for flexibility and  freedom

Future of our urban cities ….



Family Fuchs

Founders and Mahi, the main reason & future behind HAUSTAINER

Kailasnath Muraleedharan
Architect & Industrial Designer

Marc Cirsovius

Architect & Videographer

Charanpreet Singh

IT Engineer & Photographer

Sami El-Benghazi
Fitness – Specialist & Personal Trainer
CEO Herztakt Personal Training



We have a space to put our prototype. It is our base near Hanover in Wennigsen. We have completed the conception, design, layout and engineering phase. Now we are ready to procure the container and start building. We have a small team of young talent and we are in the process of expanding our team. We are currently working with a lot of consultants, engineers and freelancers who are experts in different genres of construction and building.


Haustainer is a venture of “Mahi homes”, founded by the name of our daughter, which is also the combination of first two letters of our names.



Sufficient support for finishing the prototype. We need funds to turn our ideas into reality and construct the first Haustainer and test its viability.

Haustainer is more than just putting a house inside a container. It is about smart engineering and design, optimum use of space without compromising on basic features needed for comfortable living and building a product that can be afforded by all.

Our dream is to make Haustainer available to everyone, everywhere. We need Funds to start our prototype in May. We are already through with the design and engineering phase. Apart from funds we need:

  • Your Support by sharing our campaign with your friends, colleagues & spreading our idea if you find our idea interesting and worth sharing.
  • SPONSORS or Partners who think their product is best suited to be a part of Haustainer.
  • Mentors who are advising and giving us constructive feedback.
  • Construction Partners who are helping us turn a dream into reality.
  • Investors who believe that our idea has the potential to change the current way of living.
  • Media for helping us reach to interested people —>  PRESS KIT
  • Team members who connect with our idea



deutsch deutsch deutsch deutsch deutsch
deutsch deutsch deutsch deutsch deutsch




Wir entwickeln ein ZUHAUSE, welches unser zukünftiges Wohnen verändern kann!

Klein, intelligent, nachhaltig und mehr als nur einfach zu bewegen.

  • Schränkt dich dein Haus manchmal ein?
  • Hasst du es Miete oder ein Darlehen abzuzahlen?
  • Ist zusätzlicher Raum für die Kinder oder Großeltern ein Problem?
  • Wie sieht es aus mit zusätzlichen Mieteinnahmen?
  • Du träumst von einem Ferienhaus?
  • Spürst du manchmal, dass dich die Größe nicht mehr glücklich macht?

Wir haben eine Lösung zu all diesen Problemen.

  • einfacher zu transportieren als eine Gartenlaube!
  • ein intelligentes Haus zum Preis von einem Auto!
  • immer an deiner Seite, wenn du es brauchst!
  • dient dir auch in der Wildnes!
  • bringt dich zurück zum “dein Leben leben”!



Grün leben und denken
Haustainer baut ökologisch, auf grün. Nachhaltigkeit ist uns sehr wichtig. Vom Container zur Dämmung bis zur verwendeten Innenausstattung kann fast alles wiederverwertet werden. Der Einsatz von altbekannten, traditionellen Baumaterialien wie z. B. Holzwolle oder Lehm lassen das Haus natürlich atmen (bestes Raumklima) und helfen die Innenraumtemperatur natürlich zu regeln. Der Einsatz von intelligenten Systemen sorgt für eine optimale Energyeffizienz.

Überall einsetzbar
Haustainer kann fast in jeder Ecke der Welt angeschlossen werden und lässt sich trotzdem noch bewegen. Wenn nötig sogar per Schiff, da unser Container seine Zulassung behält. Auf der Straße, mit der Bahn oder dem Schiff zum nächsten Wohnort – kein Problem. Nur Kleinigkeiten sind zu erledigen bevor man erneut auf die Reise gehen kann – alle Anschlüsse sind nach dem “plug & play” ideal gewählt.

Mit Absicht auf kleinerem Fuß leben
Haustainer wirbt mit dem Konzept “weniger ist mehr”. Haustainer ist ein kleines aber sehr kluges Haus, welches sich zur Aufgabe gemacht hat – Stress für den Eigentümer zu minimieren, weniger Unordnung, einen freien Kopf für die wirklich wichtigen Dinge im Leben! Fast keine Instandsetzungs- oder Reinigungsarbeiten. Haustainer erlaubt dir dein Leben zu führen, wie Du es möchtest.

Innovatives Ingenieurswesen und Architektur
Haustainer ist ein Produkt von intelligentestem Ingenieurwesen. Kein Zentimeter wurde verschenkt. Die Raumaufteilung ist ein Meisterstück der Ingenieur- und Architekturkunst. Von der Eingangstür, zu den multifunktionalen Möbeln, hin zur Vollautomatisierung machen dieses Haus zu einem echten Platz des Wohlfühlen – IHREM ZUHAUSE.



  • bezahlbar mit dem Ziel, ein Haus unter 20.000 Euro zu bekommen
  • LKW transportierbar, aber eben auch per Schiff (Standard Container)
  • umweltfreundlich (1x benutzte Container sind in großer Stückzahl vorhanden)
  • Küche mit 4 üblichen Einheiten
  • katastrophensicher gegen Erdbeben oder Sturmschäden
  • Doppelbett (welches sich in die Wand klappen lässt)
  • 2 Zimmer (privat & öffentlich)
  • Zauberbadezimmer mit Standarddusche & Toilette
  • Komfortbereich reicht von -15° im Winter bis hoch zu 50° im Sommer
  • voll automatisiert (Smartphone steuerbar)
  • alle Anschlüsse gehen vorne rein & raus


entwickelt für Temperaturen bis 50° im Sommer

……. oder -15° im Winter mit viel Schnee!

Haustainer ist die pure FLEXIBILITÄT, wenn man es denn möchte.

Innenstädte, die nächste Phase von Haustainer



Family Fuchs

Gründer und der Antrieb hinter HAUSTAINER

Kailasnath Muraleedharan
Architekt & Designer

Marc Cirsovius

Architekt und Filmer

Charanpreet Singh

Ingenieur und Fotograf

Sami El-Benghazi
Fitness – Spezialist & Personal-Trainer
CEO bei Herztakt Personal Training



Wir haben das Grundstück für unseren Prototypen in der Nähe von unserem Office in Wennigsen bei Hannover. Wir haben die Konzeption-, Design-, Layout- und  Entwicklungsphase abgeschlossen. Wir sind bereit den ersten Container zu bestellen und mit dem Ausbau zu beginnen. Wir haben ein kleines, schwer talentiertes Team und sind dabei dieses sogar noch auszubauen. Auch arbeiten einige Berater, freie Ingenieure und Freelancer für uns, jeder für sich ein Spezialist in seinem Bereich.


Haustainer ist ein Produkt von “MAHI homes”, gegründet nach dem Namen unserer Tochter, welcher durch die ersten beiden Buchstaben unserer Namen entstand.



Ausreichend Unterstützung um den Prototypen fertig stellen zu können. Wir brauchen das Geld um einen Traum in die Realität umsetzen zu können. Den ersten Haustainer bauen und testen!

Haustainer ist jedoch mehr als nur “ein Haus in einen Container laden”. Es muss einfach alles stimmen, alles! Es muss für ein Leben in diesen 4 Wänden stimmen, nicht nur für einen Urlaub am See. All dies soll etwas später für JEDEN, theoretisch ÜBERALL verfügbar sein.

Der Traum ist es, Haustainer in Wirklichkeit zu erschaffen und von dort den nächsten Schritt zu gehen, eine Produktion zu erschaffen – welche durch Stückzahl und möglicher Teilmontagen an unterschiedlichen Orten auch dem Endpreis treu bleibt! Helft uns im Mai mit dem Bau zu beginnen.

Sind die “Perks” nichts für Euch – dann könnt Ihr trotzdem helfen:

  • SPONSOREN oder Partner, mit passendem Produkt für den Haustainer
  • Mentoren die Tipps und Tricks verraten, uns helfen wollen
  • Hilfe wärend des Proto – Baus werden wir benötigen
  • INVESTOREN, welche sich vorstellen können was Haustainer bewegen kann
  • MEDIEN wie blogger, Nachrichten, Fernsehen oder Print  —>   PRESS KIT
  • Kollegen / Kolleginnen welche denken, wow … da muss ich dabei sein!


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Firewalla Blue: Cybersecurity For Home & Business


Firewalla Blue: Cybersecurity For Home & Business | Simple, Affordable and Powerful solution to protect your home and business from cyber threats.



The Firewalla Blue can be ordered here:

All orders will be shipped within 2 Business Days of ordering (Monday-Friday)​ 

If you are interested in a Multi-Gigabit and Multi-Interface Firewalla, we are starting crowdfunding on 11/5/2019 at 6 AM Pacific Time.  

Firewalla Gold




Meet Firewalla Blue

Firewalla is an all-in-one, simple, and intelligent firewall that connects to your router, protects your devices from cyberattacks, and provides you with rich insights about your network.  (There is no monthly fee)


Designed by a team of former Cisco engineers to secure the world.

In 2017, we introduced Firewalla Red through Kickstarter and Indiegogo; this year, we are introducing Firewalla Blue. The Blue is designed to be powerful, perfect for consumers and businesses who need the extra protection. Blue will be able to examine network traffic at near Gigabit speed and has enough power to protect more complex devices.


Why Do You Need Firewalla?


ads blue



Firewalla Blue

A Complete Cyber Security Solution

For Family and Businessr4gmppihcatquqhps0gj




Cyber Security

Worried about your baby camera getting hacked? Someone tampering with your smart speakers? Your phone being used by hackers? Firewalla will automatically alert and protect you from all of these cyber threats, giving you peace in the digital world.

  • Intrusion Detection and Prevention: alerts you of active cyberattacks and blocks them if needed.
  • Intelligent behavior analytics for abnormal behavior warning.
  • Actively blocks malicious sites.
  • Continuously scans your home for security vulnerabilities and risks.


cybersecurity v3


Parenting with Ease

Want to see what your kids are doing on their tablet? Are they playing games or doing something else?  Still pulling the power cord off that dusty router?

  • Stop all gaming with a single tap.
  • Stop all social networking with a tap.
  • Stop the Internet with a single tap.
  • See what your kids are doing: website, gaming, or social.
  • Get alerts on kids’ activities such as gaming, video or adult content.
  • Automatically alarm/block malicious and adult content.

ParentalControl v3


Your Privacy is a Priority

Are you comfortable sharing your data when using Public Wi-Fi?  Paying monthly fees for VPN services? Traveling to places where Internet is filtered or controlled?

Introducing Firewalla OpenVPN server, the VPN server that runs inside of your home or business.

  • Protect your privacy from public Wi-Fi, enables private browsing at work.
  • No monthly fee, no bandwidth throttling.
  • Surf the web just as you would at home.
  • Bypass internet filtering and monitoring when traveling.


Ad Block

Annoyed by those website ads? Do you know who is tracking your web browsing habits? Firewalla’s built-in ad blocker can make sure you don’t see ads and ads don’t see you.  

  • Block Ads across all devices
  • DNS cache to speed up all other lookups


Bandwidth Usage

Worried about Internet usage limits?  Having network performance issues? With Firewalla Deep Insight, get a summary of hourly, daily or monthly usage.  You can dig deeper into any device and see any IP or domain address consuming bandwidth. Tap on any flow to stop them!

  • Hourly, daily, monthly bandwidth usage summary.
  • Deep dive into any device.
  • Know exactly which domain is consuming the bandwidth.
  • Tap to block.



Family Time

Firewalla is committed to taking back family time from social networks. One hour at a time. “Social Hour” blocks all social networks for one hour.



Easy to Install

Up-and-running, as easy as 1-2-3! Zero frustration.  No password is required.

  • Connect your Firewalla to a power source and your primary router.
  • Launch the app on your mobile device and scan the barcode.
  • Monitor and Manage your device from anywhere in the world with military strength encryption.

install small


Simple & Sophisticated

Cybersecurity shouldn’t be complicated and intimidating. We believe with the right software, cybersecurity can be made as simple as tapping on a few buttons.  Most of our features are just that, one tap away.

And for sophisticated power users:

  • See and dissect network flows of any device
  • Upgrades automatically.
  • SSH access and Full Linux Distribution inside for the curious.
  • Lots of knobs for customization.




Business and professional users often demand faster Internet that approaches gigabits, and at the same time run complex devices far beyond that of a simple thermostat.   Our challenge is how to make Firewalla Simple, affordable and Powerful for the future.  Powerful enough to examine packets and detect intrusions at near gigabit speeds.


Difference Between Blue and Red

Speed and Power

While the Firewalla Red was optimized for affordability, the Blue will be optimized for power and speed. Faster processor and more memory to handle network traffic and attacks at near gigabit speed.  

Firewalla Blue will be based on the same software as Firewalla Red. The same software that’s been protecting families across 57 countries around the world.   

Both boxes will be using the same App, there is no change.   There will be changes in the cloud to provide more complex security intel for these newer devices.



New Software Features on Blue:

  • VPN Client: Connecting two Firewalla’s or connect to your favorite VPN provider.  
  • Deep scanning: More modules in memory to scan the network. 
  • Ability to scale to more devices.
  • Stores more historical data. 
  • Active Protect Advanced Block List:  More protection by default.


The Power of Gigabit

The Heart of Blue

The Blue will allow all of these wonderful security features to run at near gigabit speeds.  Why near gigabit?  Our current code is able to do 400 to 500 Mbits, and by the time we deliver, we should be closer to gigabit speed. 




How Does Firewalla Work?

Firewalla’s main packet processing engine has four different stages:

  • Deep Insight:  Make sense of all network traffic.  Dig deep and understand what they are.
  • Active Protect:  Intrusion detection services to detect bad things and Intrusion prevention service to block before bad things happen. 
  • Behavior analytics: See things from a different angle.
  • Control: This is where you tell us what to do.  Block ads? Block porn? Stop kids from social networks?



Deep Insight

  • Where are the flows from?  What country?
  • What website, or IP address?  
  • Which device is sending?  
  • How much traffic?
  • When was the transfer?
  • Are they gaming? Watching porn? Or using social networks?

Firewalla provides full visibility to your devices and networks.  Our packet processor will try to make sense out of the flows on the network without invading your privacy.   It can detect activities such as video, gaming, porn, malware and the ability to “zoom” all the way to IP addresses.  Some of these features you can only find in professional tools, and they will cost hundreds of dollars.


Active Protect

Utilizing deep insight and our unique cloud-based behavior analytics engines, Firewalla can actively detect problems (intrusion detection) and automatically block (intrusion prevention) them if needed once detected.

Our unique behavior analytics engine will capture the “strange” behaviors to prevent future attacks.  “Who is doing the large upload to this IP address?”



Always in Control

No longer will you need to pull the power cord from the router, Firewalla gives you full control of your network.  You tell it what to do, and it will do it. 


Multiple Firewalla’s on the Same App

Want to be the Chief Information Officer of the family?  Owns a small business? The Firewalla App allows you to manage multiple Firewalla boxes at the same time!  Right at your fingertips.


Open & Extensible

  • Firewalla is open source,  so you will always know what we are doing to your data.   
  • Our open platform is expandable, so expect more fun features in the future.
  • Powered by intelligent cloud and love, we protect you in the cyberspace.





    Firewalla started as a Kickstarter Project and then later joined Indiegogo in 2017.  The Red box raised over 400% of initial goal, and we delivered that project  late 2017 and early 2018.  Our slogan was “Making Cyber Security Simple and Affordable”. The Red box is now available on Indiegogo Market Place, Amazon, Newegg Business, and in Brookstone stores.

    Now we need your help to create an even higher performing product to join Firewalla Red, making Cyber Security Simple, Affordable and Powerful.




    “Add a Firewalla to your network and you can see and manage all network devices and their actions. There are lots for techies to love in this tiny box, but even the average user can benefit.”

    Firewalla Red Review 2019

    Firewalla may be small, but it packs a powerful security punch, automatically blocking a host of network dangers and giving you plenty of handy extras. 

    Firewalla Blue Review 2019



    Comments from Our Previous Campaign



    Firewalla Software Running Across 57 Countries





    About Us

    We are a group of former Cisco engineers; we want to use our experiences in networking and security to secure the world.  We want to make cybersecurity simple, affordable, and powerful.  Everyone on our team writes code; and everyone support our customers directly.  We are all passionate about architecture, design, and making our customers happiness a #1 priority.


    Thank you so much for visiting our campaign!  We hope you like our goal of making cyber security simple, affordable and now more powerful.   With your support, we hope to build more interesting features on the Firewalla platforms.    Please help us forward this campaign to your friends,  peers, and give us a cheer.  



    Stretch Goals

    • 160,000:  Regional Power Plugs!
    • 200,000: Firewalla Web Interface!




    Reference Materials:

    If you are interested in how Firewalla works (this applies to both Red and Blue)  here are some links:

    1. Various tutorials on the basic feature set
    2. FAQ
    3. User Community
    4. Questions or Help?  email: [email protected]


    Progress Tracker

    • (update 12/17/2018)  We just entered production, units delivering soon!

    • We will be leveraging the same software stack as RED, which is already in use in 80+ countries around the world.
    • Android and iOS apps are already out and they will work with both Red and Blue.



    Is there a monthly fee?


    What is “near gigabit speed”?

    At the moment we don’t know how close to gigabit we can go.  If you have participated in our previous campaign, our style always been under promise and over deliver.  We decided to launch the campaign when we reached around 400 to 500 Mbits, and push as close to gigabit before and after we deliver the box. 

    So … we claim near gigabit, and promise to have >500 Mbits, and likely to deliver something higher.

    Will this replace my router?

    No, Firewalla is a dedicated security appliance attached to your router.  Firewalla is focused on security and control, and your router should focus on providing connectivity.

    What routers are compatible with Firewalla?

    Firewalla has two modes of operations, so it is likely your router will work with one of them.  Here is the detail list.

    Is Firewalla Blue replacing Firewalla Red?

    No. Firewalla Blue is more of a Pro version than a replacement. Although the pricing is low right now, the final retail price will be much more expensive. The Red will always be the more affordable version of the Firewalla family.

    Since majority software will be shared between the Red and Blue, we will take this campaign to upgrade Red software as well.  (So majority of changes in common software will show up in Red, only those consume more resources will be exclusively for the Blue box)

    Is this the real “Blue Box”?

    Yes. We are currently working with two vendors on the final Firewalla Blue board. One of them is what you see here, and another one may be a little bit bigger. Depending on how much we raise, it will be the one you see here, or a slightly larger/flatter board.  

    We do not build our own boards, we try our best to use existing boards with minor modifications. We will  continue to support open boards (boards that publishes their design and are open source). This helps us save money and lets us focus on the thing that we do best … software.  

    Is Firewalla Blue running the same software as Red?

    The platform layer (operating system + drivers + switching code) will be different; the Blue will have more packet processing enhancements. The platform independent layer is the same, and the app is the same. There will be specific features on the Blue (see software section).

    Some of our Firewalla Red supporters wanted a built-in VPN client, but unfortunately we were never able to get to it. We are going to use this crowdfunding to make that happen. The VPN client will also run on the Red.

    What are active protect entries?

    List of IP addresses that are bad … you should never visit them and they should never visit you.  (Example, vpnfilter’s stage 2 servers).   When IP addresses are on this list, they will be blocked by default.  

    Do I need Blue or Red?

    Get Blue if

    • You have or are planning to upgrade your Internet connection to be greater than 100 Megabits
    • You have many complex devices (PC/Linux/Android/iOS)
    • Business user
    • You want to install a bunch of other things on Firewalla

    Get Red if

    • If your network is less than 100 Megabits or you only monitor part of your network, you should get Firewalla Red. And if you can’t wait until February 2019.

    Where can I find more information on Blue?

    Send us an email [email protected] or visit our Blue specific community

    Can I just build this using xyz and run it on raspberry pi?

    Firewalla is an integrated solution with mostly our own software. It consists of code running on the Firewalla box, mobile apps, and also the cloud that makes each box just a bit smarter. This integration helps us build something that’s simple to use and powerful for professionals. And often, making things simple is not that “simple.”

    If you really want to run our software on your own board, we do sell developer licenses.  The code that runs on the Red/Blue box is published at


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    Nukkua: The Weighted Blanket To Stay Cooler Longer


    Nukkua: The Weighted Blanket To Stay Cooler Longer | First weighted blanket with Ventoflo™ Cooling to keep cooler longer. Get the deep sleep you deserve.

    Click the link here to download the full report.​



    Meet Nukkua, a weighted blanket with Ventoflo™ Cooling, ventilation technology that keeps you cooler longer. We spent the last year researching, developing and testing the perfect sleep solution to reduce the heat of weighted blankets. 


    The right environment plays an important role in good sleep and relaxation, and one of the most critical factors is temperature. 

    Traditional weighted blankets insulate and trap body heat, ironically making it harder to fall asleep and stay asleep all night. Without ventilation, body heat will continue to accumulate. 


    Body Heat Escapes 

    Our revolutionary Ventoflo™ Cooling ventilation system is a breakthrough in thermoregulation management for weighted blankets. It facilitates airflow and eliminates overheating, keeping the body cool throughout the night.  

    d4e566020918ebe8f8a9faa20fe66bb6 original.gif?ixlib=rb 2.1

    Data-Driven Design

    The thermal imaging technology was utilized to develop and design the ventilation system. By understanding the body’s natural heat map, breathe openings were mapped for optimal airflow, thus keeping the body comfortable and preserving the full benefits of the weighted blanket.


    46 to 53 Ventoflo™ Cooling Breathe Openings

    Our twin and queen sizes are each designed with the perfect amount of Ventoflo™ Cooling openings punched through 7 layers of high-quality lining and glass bead filler to keep you properly ventilated and cool all night for your best sleep.     

    e36d6d870ffd07cf37e9649d3210bd3a original.gif?ixlib=rb 2.1

    Premium Filler: High-Quality Micro Glass Beads

    Our non-toxic, hypoallergenic bead fill provides a consistent weight and smooth texture without the feeling of pebbles in your blanket. No bumps, no lumps, just perfect light and deep pressure.     


    Reinforced Non-Leak Zigzag Stitching 

    Each Ventoflo™ Cooling opening is reinforced for durability, ensuring accurate bead weight in each section and no leakage.       





    For Self-Care | To Help You Reduce Stress And Anxiety

    The deep pressure from a Nukkua weighted blanket activates the body’s sensory systems. This creates a calming effect as the brain lowers cortisol (a stress hormone) and increases serotonin and melatonin levels to decrease heart rate and blood pressure. 


    8515d79f4a57ec5a9165e271483a3930 original.gif?ixlib=rb 2.1

    For Sleep | To Obtain The Ideal Temperature For Optimal Sleep


    The importance of sleep.



    Deep, restful sleep requires the right ambiance. Optimal temperature plays a big part in your sleep experience—ideally a cool 60-70 ℉. Ventoflo™ Cooling is designed to keep your body ventilated so you can stay at the right temperature longer.    

    For Well-being | To Protect Your Quality Of Life 

    Getting sufficient quality sleep protects your mental health, physical health, quality of life, and physical safety. Your well-being depends on falling asleep and staying asleep effortlessly each night. With our size and weight options, there is a Nukkua blanket to help you get the quality sleep and relaxation you deserve! 



    3ffcea7cab692cbc6810807d5d205b63 original.gif?ixlib=rb 2.1

    Choosing The Right Size Blanket

    Since everyone’s needs are different, we offer the Nukkua weighted blanket in size and weight options. It is recommended that you choose a weighted blanket that is approximately 10% of your body weight for the best results. 


    Coupling The Weighted Blanket With The Duvet 

    Nukkua would like to give our customers choices and options in the way they use our blankets. It is intentional that our duvets are designed without breathing openings so that it provides an alternative use of the weighted blankets. 

    In the warmer months of summer, the single use of the Nukkua weighted blankets with Ventoflo™ Cooling will enable you to keep cool for longer periods whilst enjoying the relaxing benefits of the weighted blanket.

    In the colder months of winter, you may not want this cooling effect and would prefer to be kept warm and snug. Coupling the weighted blanket and duvet provides this option.  





    • To our Kickstarter backers, thank you for supporting us. At Nukkua Sleepsuite, we guarantee to deliver a quality product to you within three months (or less) of the campaign’s end date.*

    • We have planned and executed our supply chain deliverables very tightly to avoid disappointing our backers.

    *Barring any unforeseen circumstances that will affect shipping within the United States.

    **For international shipping, please note that backers are responsible for duties, fees, and taxes applicable to your region.

    Kraine Technologies was born out of a belief that technology transforms lives in more ways than one. We conduct research, develop concepts, build solutions, and embed technologies to offer a higher level of user experience. We are immensely proud that all of our products are original and designed in-house. 

    As an extended team, we have experience collaborating with makers and innovators from around the world for many years. We have jointly designed and manufactured products for retail as well as crowdfunding in our previous capacities. This includes products in the fields of robotics, sleep monitoring, STEM toys, IoT, smartwatches, e-mobility, weather stations, smart clocks, and industrial products used in smart buildings. 

    We have come together now, under the Kraine umbrella, as a vibrant team brimming with new ideas and passion. 

     Our Philosophy Sets Us Apart


    Since our founding in 2018, we have been focusing particularly on sleep solutions, an area in which we feel we build better solutions and truly make a difference. Our sleep solutions brand is Nukkua (pronounced as Nook-Kwah) which means “to sleep” in the Finnish language. 

    Why Focus On Sleep Solutions?

    Sleep is an important part of health. Over the past years, we have closely supported brands with high growth in weighted blankets. But sleep science is ever evolving, bringing us new solutions for better sleep such as thermoregulation. Nukkua aims to create research-backed products that can reduce stress, alleviate anxiety, and promote better sleep for everyone.

    The Team


    As founder and CEO of Nukkua, PP Foo is dedicated to sleep solutions. During his tenure as chairman of Brookstone, PP Foo saw the rise in popularity of the weighted blanket. However, there were many challenges in making weighted blankets comfortable for everyone. The weight causes heat, which can cause sweating; a hot body underneath a thick blanket certainly defeats the purpose of the weighted blankets as encouraging relaxation. Many users had to remove it halfway through their sleep when it got too hot, resulting in sleep disturbance. 

    Foo’s experience leading the acquisition of retail chains and managing labs to generate new product ideas and solutions gave him the idea to solve that problem. He works with an experienced and passionate core team: Joanne Tan as the Chief Marketing Officer and Saner Q as the Chief Designer.  

    Please email [email protected] with any questions. 

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    Sink Spinner, The Future Of Bathroom Faucets


    Sink Spinner, the future of bathroom faucets | The next generation of bathroom faucets! Keep your sink clean, while reducing your water usage.

    Meet the Sink Spinner, the future of bathroom faucets.  Sophisticated, simple to use, eco-friendly, and fun– we are revolutionizing the bathroom faucet. With its smart engineering and modern appearance, Sink Spinner is a product for anyone and everyone. Once you have it, you will not believe how you ever lived without it!




    Sink Spinner is an attachment that transforms your existing bathroom faucet into a smart(ly) engineered, eco-friendly automated self-rinsing device that keeps your bathroom sink ever-clean while saving you time & money. 

    Sink Spinner is truly the best solution for messy bathroom sinks. Our technology transforms your regular bathroom faucet into an automated device, giving you an eco-friendly, and effortless way to rinse your sink. Developed for modern and sustainable lifestyles, Sink Spinner keeps your sink and bathroom cleaner and greatly reduces how much water we waste, every single day.


     Sink Spinner is an attachment that transforms your existing bathroom faucet into a smart(ly) engineered, eco-friendly automated self-rinsing device that keeps your bathroom sink ever-clean while saving you time & money.


    We’ve designed Sink Spinner so it is easy to install, no plumber is required. You simply attach it to your existing bathroom faucet.

    The Spinner is not just another gimmick or gadget, it’s 1000 hours of brilliant engineering packed into a revolutionary lightweight eco-friendly device that improves  your existing bathroom faucet. There is nothing like this on the planet, this is the FIRST EVER tool that uses the power of your running water to automate cleaning your sink.  


    We have reinvented the bathroom faucet making life better for you and better for our planet. It is our mission to positively impact the environment while also enhancing people’s lifestyles.




    We’ve teamed up with Nuts and Bolts CNC, a manufacturing company based out of Las Vegas, NV. Nuts and Bolts are eco-friendly and operate a zero- waste factory! They are a pending B-Corp status corp. and are perfectly aligned with our mission. 








    We are a risk-taking, idealistic, gritty team who loves to push boundaries and won’t accept the status quo.  Sink Spinner is nearing the finish line of its three year development, and now the only thing missing is your support, and your sink.

    Let’s change the world, one sink at a time. 

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    Steps To Safety Lift A Client In A Hoist


    Steps to Safety | Simplifying basement fire escape routes for all people of varying abilities.

    The Impact of CLI-M-IT™

    CLI-M-IT™ WILL help everyone, young and old, and people of all abilities. It removes the necessity of having a ladder or a dresser under a window. Instead, the CLI-M-IT™ will be fit into your wall, with nothing protruding to obstruct movement in the room. It eliminates the worry of temporary solutions like ladders that go missing and dressers being moved or falling. Parents, landlords and caretakers have peace of mind, knowing there is always a safe way out in emergencies. If the stairs are impassable, climb out. If smoke or darkness limits your vision, the L.E.D. lighting will guide you to the CLI-M-IT™. 


    What You Get

    • Discount on a package of 3, approximate retail value $195.
    • Get a discount coupon for your use, or to give to friends and family.
    • Invest in us and get the perks of being a part of a life changing product.For bulk order purchases and / or investment opportunities contact us at ([email protected])


    What We Need

    To get this product into production we need to purchase molds, undergo product testing, and arrange packaging and distribution.


    The Next Step

    CLI-M-IT™ is now in patent pending phase. The next step is to get this product on the market and available to everyone. Feedback from building inspectors, fire departments, homeowners, landlords, care providers and organizations for persons with disabilities has been very positive and encouraging. The videos are getting people excited and there is an urgency to get this life saving product on the market.


    Want to help, but can’t contribute?

    Everyone can get involved! Spread the word, share your excitement. Contribute to this campaign by spreading the word. That’s right!…grab one of those links beside the “back it” button. Use those links, share it on Facebook, tweet about it and most importantly use the hashtag #stepstosafety! You too, can be a supporter of an amazing, life-saving product. Safety should always be a priority.

    Find us on Facebook

    Check us out for a chance to win $3,500

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    BOBOP. The First Smart Robot For Parents


    BOBOP. The first smart robot for parents | We are building the first smart robot that will help you take care of your kids.


    Did you know that every year around 10% of deaths worldwide are from children between ages 0 and 5? And that most of these deaths are caused by preventable house accidents?


    This is why we have developed BOBOP, the first smart robot that besides being fun, will help you take care of your kids.




    BOBOP follows your kid and watches what your baby is doing from anywhere. Take control of BOBOP from your smartphone at any time and watch through its eyes what your little one is doing. Perfect assistant when you leave your baby with a nanny.

      Smiley face

    Let your kids reach their maximum potential. BOBOP has an ever growing number of games, stories and activities that besides being fun, stimulate the early development of your children.

    Smiley face

    Watch the vital signs of your children from your smartphone. You can watch their breathing rate, temperature, sleep cycles and a library of data that will expand over time, so you can rest assured that your child is doing well.

    Smiley face


    BOBOP is able to interact, react and learn from your kid and the environment. BOBOP can recognize faces, objects and play games.

      Smiley face

    BOBOP includes an HD camera with night vision. This will allow you to watch your kid at any time, even when you are not in the same room or during the night.

    Smiley face


    BOBOP is designed so your baby can’t reach its robotic little parts, and it’s so durable it will withstand any rough use your kid can give BOBOP.

    Smiley face

    BOBOP has a double wheeled system that allows it to move and a proprietary computer vision system that will let BOBOP identify your kid and follow your baby anywhere

    Smiley face 


    In order to make it safer for kids, BOBOP doesn’t need any wires or plugs to be charged, its induction charging system will allow it to get charged without the need to be plugged in.

    We know how easily babies can get sick and how sensitive their skin can be,  this is why we use hypoallergenic materials that also won’t breed microbes so your kid can be safe with BOBOP around.

    Smiley face

    Through our smartphone application you will get timely notifications that will help you take care of your kids, remembering things like putting them to bed, the best time to feed them and when nap time is due.



    You will also be able to watch your kids, show emotions through BOBOP´s wink system, move BOBOP´s camera, receive and send audio.





    Smiley face

    BOBOP can become anything, from bunny or bear to a firefighter or cop. BOBOP will have a great variety of costumes available so you can have the perfect partner for your child.












    We´ve been working hard to develop BOBOP, right now the foundations are done, we need your help to finish the details 😀

    Smiley face

    Smiley face


    Smiley face


    We are a group of engineers and designers with the dream of making the world a better, cooler and safer place for any living being.

    We´ve been working on this project for almost a year and INDIEGOGO is the logical step so we can finish the development and start mass production.


    We need to raise $25,000 USD so we can get the materials and machinery to go from a prototype to a finished product and deliver it to those who need it.

    We really appreciate all the support you can give us, no matter the budget. With every contribution you make to BOBOP’s development, we will give you a very special early stimulation and development manual, constructed with the help of specialists in child development and child psychiatry.

    There is always a risk with any project. In terms of technology we feel very confident, since the prototype we have is pretty much done.

    We are considering a realistic approach to the development of a good product. We are being completely honest with our capabilities and delivery time, and in the case that we don’t reach our full goal (depending on the amount we raise) we´ll seek investor funding and government grants to get the rest of the money, and we´ll deliver the full product to those who supported us.

    If you want to help us, but don´t have a budget, you can always share our campaign and our project 😀 We will be very happy if you decide to support us that way. 

    If you subscribe to our newsletter we´ll keep you informed with news of our project, and we could even become friends 😀

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