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Purify Products | Uniquely Designed Dispensers, Paper Towels & Accessories to Keep Your Family Safe from Germs.

Hello, I am Stephanie Perry.

I created Purify Products, which are uniquely designed dispensers, paper towels, and accessories, for families.



Covid-19 has made Better Hygiene the New Normal. Purify Products are the first of its kind that offers families 99.9% protection against colds, flu, covid-19, other viruses, bacteria, mold, and fungi. It promotes hygiene and cleanliness, reduces disease transfer, and provides a sanitary environment for the home.

Because of covid-19, we all spend more time on our hand hygiene, making sure our hands and especially our kids’ hands were washed and dried properly. We infused our dispensers with antimicrobial technology, so diseases cannot be transferred from one per to another when touched. Also paper towels are dispensed one-at-a time to reduce consumption and waste.



Our Purify Products can be used in any room!



I was inspired to create the Purify Products line as a result of PTSD while serving in the military. I developed a case of severe OCD; I felt compelled to wash my hands several times while in the bathroom, and wash all the bathroom sinks in any restroom I entered, whether it was a restaurant, business, or someone’s home!

One day, while using the restroom of a friend’s home, I found–to my dismay–that there were no paper towels available. I began to panic, the cloth hand towel was wet and dirty, and the decorative cloth towel display dry and crusty. In a frenzy, I ended up running to their kitchen for the paper towels roll, then went back the their restroom to clean the sink. It was here that I said to myself, “why doesn’t someone make a paper towel dispenser that can be used in the home?”

This was the beginning of the Purify Products line.



No more mess, no more waste, no more paper wars with traditional paper towel rolls.



I was Inspired by Dad’s Habit

Dad had OCD with paper towel rolls. Every day he would grab paper towels from the paper towel roll and neatly fold them into small rectangle shapes and stack them on his bedroom dresser. When we ran low on paper towel rolls, we would go to Dad’s bedroom and grab a few.

Dad passed away from Covid-19 on April 30, 2020 – 11 days shy of his 86th birthday. He would have loved the Purify Products custom made paper towels I designed – they are folded just like his.

I am Encouraged By Mom’s Support

Mom is my best friend, confidant, advisor, and woman of wisdom and faith. She advised me through this whole process of starting a business. Together we’d watch Shark Tank every Friday and binge watch reruns every Saturday. She is quick to point out tips from the Sharks or the inventors that support our Purify Products.

I love you Mom for your continuous and endless support to push me tirelessly to bring real added value to the homes of families seeking to promote hygiene and cleanliness, reduce disease transfer, and provide a sanitary environment for their home.


What We Need & What You Get

We need your support to bring to life our Purify Products to leverage the current hygiene urgency!

Get our products just in time for the New Year, and reunite with family and friends in a safer environment with our products~

Be the first to get Purify Products Packages, which consist of:

     – Dispenser – Model T-Triangle (corner wall) or Model R-Rectangle (flat wall)

     – Paper Towel Package – Model T or R (4 paper towels bundles per package)

     – Accessory Cover (to go with the selected dispenser model)

     – Musical Push Button Module

Also get our company merchandise:

     – Oh So BETTER Water Bottle     

     – Oh So BETTER T-shirt

Once we receive your Perk selection, you will be sent a link to select the products listed in that Perk!


Product Details

Dispenser (Model T-Triangle and Model R-Rectangle)

Our dispenser is your first step to providing our family a sanitized routine.

* The 1st hygienic paper towel dispensers creatively designed to fit in small or tight places in your home!
* Infused with antimicrobial protection that is 99.9% effective against colds, flu, covid-19, viruses, bacteria, mold, and fungi.
* Limits cross-contamination – providing a more sanitary way for you to dry your hands and surfaces.
* One-at-a time dispensing reduces consumption and waste.
* Removable door makes refilling towels quick and easy.
* Hidden metal plate on door provides the option of interchanging Accessory Covers
* Holds up to 150 sheets of our multifold interlocking paper towels.
* Dispenser is sold as a manual or motion sensor unit.
* Dispenses our custom made multifold interlocking paper towels.
* 3-inch sight windows on each side to monitor paper towel fill level.
* Dimensions in inches:
     – Rectangle shape: 1 lb, 16″ H in x 4.25″ W x 2.25″ D
     – Triangle shape: 1.3 lb, 16″ H in x 7″ W x 4.25″ D

Paper Towel Package (4 paper towels per package)

Our paper towel package is equivalent to 6 2/3 rolls of the average paper towel roll. They are good for nature, and provide less clutter in your pantry.

* Premium multifold interlocking compact triangle shape paper towels.
* Unlike cloth towels, paper towels help reduce the spread of germs.
* 300 count: 75 paper towels per bundle, 4 bundles per package for easy install and refill.
* Unique emboss enhances appearance and hand-feel. Design provides softness, strength and absorption for pleasant, thorough hand-drying and other tasks.
* Made from 100% recycled fiber, with a minimum of 40% post-consumer fibers, providing environmental benefits and a positive image builder.
* ECOLOGO Certified and EPA Compliant.
* Use with our custom made dispenser, Model R and T.
* Sheet dimensions in inches:
     – Open: 11.5 x 7.5
     – Final Fold: Triangle – 3.75 x 3.75 x 5.7; Rectangle – 4.00 x 2.00



Accessory Cover (Model T and Model R)

To personalized your dispenser even more, choose from a large selection of accessory  covers that easily fit on the front of the dispenser.  To get your kids to wash and dry their hands by purchasing one of the 3D designs, or a picture of a cartoon hero. And for you, consider purchasing a beautiful photo of nature or abstract art to adorn a room in your home.

* Accessory cover attaches to the front of the dispenser. 
* Choose the simple neutral colors of the dispenser or, take it to the next level and select accessory covers to adorn your home!
* Infused with antimicrobial protection that is 99.9% effective against colds, flu, covid-19, viruses, bacteria, mold, and fungi. 
* 3D design covers encourage children to perform good hygiene by washing and drying their hands.
* 12 Categories to chose from:
       3D                                     Abstract                        Acrylic Mirror               Animals       
       Food & Drinks               Fun & Games               Illumination                  Informational       
       Inspirational                  Musical                          Nature                            Seasonal          
* Dimensions in inches:
     – Rectangle shape: 1 lb., 16″ H in x 4.25″ W x 2.25″ D
     – Triangle shape: 1.3 lb., 16″ H in x 7″ W x 4.25″ D


Musical Push Button Module

Play our jingles to get your kids attention on the importance of washing and drying their hands.

* Just press the button and wash to the beat of the music!
* Great inspiration in training kids to effectively wash and dry their hands.
*  White plastic waterproof casing.
* Plays up to 100x jingle with AG10 cell batteries (included).
* Magnetic back to easily place on front of our dispenser, or used the enclosed double-sided tape.
* Dimensions in inches: 2.00 round, 1.50 Height.

The Impact

One of the greatest contributing factors to the spread of the coronavirus pandemic stemmed from consumers washing their hands improperly, or not washing or drying their hands at all.  

Through the loss of many lives, covid-19 has given us a greater understanding of the importance of washing and drying our hands to reduce disease transfer and the spread of germs.

Parents have a vested interest in reducing disease transfer amongst their children and creating a sanitary environment for their home; thus, making Better Hygiene the New Normal. Purify Products are the first of its kind that offers families 99.9% protection against the cold, flu, covid-19, other viruses, bacteria, mold, and fungi.

The caliber of the dispenser, paper towels and accessory covers will be the first ever produced worldwide. Moreover, the dispensers will be the first 99.9% germ free residential dispensers infused with Antimicrobial Protection. Consumers can interchange accessory covers to adorn their home. 3D and informational designs are made to encourage children to wash and dry their hands.



We have been working very hard for the past 2 years to source and identify industrial partners for tooling (as our products is not common), and for production to emphasize quality and safety. We are very ambitious on our roadmap, but the current situation of covid-19 and the high demand of personal hygiene has urged us to work even harder to bring real added value from our products. We want to prevent the spread of colds, flu, covid-19 or other new viruses now; thus, we need your support to bring our Purify Products to the masses.



Risks & Challenges

Issues concerning barriers to entry include high start-up costs for inventory and equipment. High digital advertising and marketing cost to get consumers to buy Purify Products in the short term, with the long-term aim of creating brand loyalty. Patent protection in China and abroad. Licensing.


Other Ways You Can Help

A 2020 Nielsen study stated that since the onset of Covid-19, Americans have become more obsessed with hygiene, and are seeking hygienic products for the protection of their families.

Purify Products meets this need by providing unique dispensers that are sanitary, compact, creative, and stylish for any room in their home.


Please help us get Purify Products to the masses by purchasing our products and spreading the word!

Thank you and Stay Safe!

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