QFoods: App Making Dieting Simple And Customized!

qFoods: app making dieting simple and customized! | qFoods helps you make healthier meals and track healthy eating progress based on foods you like.

Why qFoods?

All the science is embedded in this app.  Actual fact-based science, research, and development on the latest in the field of nutrition.  We routinely update our algorithms and methods to best serve our customers.

qFoods allows you to eat the foods you like. We all know quick fixes and fads do not work.  This is well-established and can seem unfortunately daunting as dieting is hard and daunting.  Also, healthy eating is more effective if food and meal suggestions align with people’s personal preferences.

Millennials eating habits are not good… research is showing that millennials diets are worse than older generations, meaning that overweight and obesity, and the physical and health issues that come with it, will not be far behind.

but food consumptions applications aren’t geared for this generation.  Millennials do appreciate quality foods, a quality corporate culture, and do want to contribute to the general well-being of the environment.

qFoods targets the tech savvy customers with an easy solution for people to get tailored meal suggestions with a tap of a button that can ensure healthier eating.

Whether you’re tired of the daily food rut and looking for better meal choices, trying to impress your date or significant other, or figure out some new healthy meals to make for your kids, qFoods ensures you’ll get the best selections possible.

What the app does

Initial setup

Like any application, we need to know a little bit about what you like to eat.  Some set up is required, but some is optional.  Eventually, the system will learn what you like anyway, but the more you tell us, the faster that gets.

At minimum, all you need to do is…

Download the app (Google Play and App Store from Apple)

Pick cuisines you like (Italian, Greek, American, Mexican…etc.)

Optionally, if you want to fill out more information on foods you eat, we can help guide you even further.  And hey, for your efforts, we’ll score your current diet so you can see how you improve right from day 1.

We’ll be in the app stores, so we won’t be collecting any financial information or any personal information from you.  You’ve already given that to Apple or Google, we don’t need it.  We just need to know what you eat.

Daily use

Once the simple set up is done, all you need to do is….

Tap a button for meal suggestions.

If you like the suggested meal, eat it! If you don’t, swipe left on the food and see another option. 

Once you’re done, tell the app if you ate the food.

It’s that simple!

The application uses the qCal methodology to rate the quality of foods eaten, and we will track changes to your dietary diversity and healthy eating over time

Tracking progress

You can track your progress over time, seeing how your diet quality and diversity changes.  Set weekly goals and alerts to ensure you get what you need.  

Community challenges

We will build functionality for many communities, starting with:

qConsumer Community

Challenge your friends to win contests.  We all love wining fitness challenges, and now we can win these challenges too.   

qContributor Community

Contribute to a community of food recipes to unlock special app features and deals. Do you think you have a recipe that the world will love?  Prove it!  If your recipe gets attention, so will you.  You’ll not only be featured on our newsletter and web site, but you will get great prizes and unlock special features that only our super contributors can access.

Risks and challenges

The main risk of any new idea is whether or not there is a market, and then the subsequent challenge of how to most effectively engage that market and meet their growing demand. In our marketplace, an estimated $30 billion is spent each year by Americans alone trying to lose weight. 73% of people claim to take steps to eat healthier, and 78% of people also consume a food because it makes their life easier. Assuming we target the American market first before reaching out globally, then there are 96 million Americans aged 18-40 (most likely age group to use a smartphone app and/or web site), and based on the above percentages, a potential serviceable market of roughly 72 million people initially. If we can reach just 0.1% market share in the first year, the product will be profitable and able to set the stage to fund other products, research, and projects along the food supply chain over time. To meet the challenge of engaging that market, our market adoption plan includes targeting 4 events: the Institute of Food and Technologists Trade Show (24,000 attendees), the Food and Nutrition Conference and Expo (10,500 attendees), the Americas Food and Beverage Show and Conference (12,000 attendees), and the American Food Fair (60,000 attendees). In addition to these events, we also have an advertising approach that will focus on podcasts frequently listened to by our target audience and by targeted online advertising with high impressions, reach, and engagement rates. We will also measure click-through rate but feel that the first three KPIs are better measures of an advertising campaign’s success.

Another risk is true of anyone doing software development, bugs and troubleshooting. We will have a work plan with milestones, progress, and we will keep all of our backers updated along the way. So, if delays come up, you will know when we know, and you’ll know what steps we’re taking to overcome any issues along the way. We have developed commercial projects before and host all of our customer-facing projects in the cloud (typically AWS) ensuring security, and all transactions from the subscription fee for the app are handled by Apple and Google through the App Store and Google Play, so we won’t be collecting anyone’s personal financial information through the app.

Lastly, as with any other commercial product, we have to worry about liabilities. We have a law firm who have worked with us previously on our operating agreement and will be with us to put together our terms of use and protect our intellectual property and trademarks to ensure we mitigate any and all legal risks that may arise.

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