Quench-A Simple Way To Save Your Expensive Plants

Quench-A simple way to save your expensive plants | Quench takes the guesswork out of plant care by telling you when to water


The Indoor Garden

of Your Dreams Awaits


Humans have an innate connection with plants. We are drawn to them for their beauty and rejuvenated by their ability to return us to nature. We give them water and care, and in return they inspire us, add life to our living spaces, calm our minds, and keep us grounded.


Our relationship with plants is harmonious when it works… but frustrating when it doesn’t. Remembering to water and knowing when not to can be a real challenge in today’s distracted world.

When getting it wrong leads to leaves dying, rotting roots, or losing a plant, the stakes are high. For many plant parents, these hard lessons have left us longing for a solution. This is what inspired us to create Quench.


Quench Takes The Guesswork Out of Plant Care 

Quench lets your plant tell you when it needs water. All you need to do is listen! By letting Quench do the hard stuff for you, you can experience more of the joys of owning plants, and less of the frustrations.


A Simple Device to Make Plant Care Easy

Quench is a first-of-its-kind device that reads soil resistivity and plays a unique tone to let you know when it’s time to water. By giving your plants a voice, you’ll never have to rely on memory or guesswork again. And worry not, the tone is subtle and soft, so you’ll hear it in a quiet moment, but it won’t disrupt your day. 


When It’s Time To Water, Each Quench Plays A Unique Sound

Just as every plant is unique, every Quench plays a unique tone to give each of your plants a unique voice. 


Sleep Friendly


Quench’s smart light-sensing technology knows when it’s nighttime and replaces the audible alerts with a subtle light. Therefore, Quench won’t bother you when you’re sleeping.

Quench can be tailored to different plants by simply adjusting the depth. The handy scale markings make this easy to do. For dry-loving plants, insert Quench deeper into the soil, and for plants that prefer the soil to stay moist, simply insert Quench shallower.

Have Large Plants?


Quench comes in two sizes: regular and large. The regular size can be used in most pots. For large plants in pots greater than 20 cm (8″) deep use the large size. 

Made To Last

Quench is engineered with longevity in mind. The easily replaceable button batteries last at least 3-years. The robust, corrosion-resistant sensors and other components were designed to last the life of your plant. There is no need for refills, subscriptions, or other ongoing costs.

Built For Simplicity 

Quench is 100% phone and app-free. In a world of non-stop mobile notifications, we didn’t want your plants to get lost in the noise. Quench is perfect for all plant lovers – not just the tech-savvy ones. Quench is so easy to use that even kids can get involved and learn the responsibility and joys of caring for plants.

Quench was designed to complement the aesthetic of your plants and home, not to compromise it. It’s small, discrete, and so darn cute! So go ahead and proudly showcase your finest plants with Quench.  




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 From Loss To Light Bulb


“When I first moved out on my own, my immediate desire was to fill my home with plants. As an engineer with a busy schedule, I often found it difficult to remember to water them. While some plants are forgiving, others are not. After seeing the leaves wither and die on my large Dracaena, I knew I needed something to help.

I searched for a moisture meter that would remind me to water my plants, but I couldn’t find one that was effective for me. Some didn’t work, some were large and unsightly, and others only gave visual cues. Remembering to check a moisture meter was no easier than remembering to water. That is when I had my ‘light bulb moment.’

Since that day, my vision has been to build a moisture meter that gives a voice to my plants. With simplicity as my guiding principle,  I set out to make a device to help plant parents feel confident in caring for their plants and inspire new plant parents to start their journey.

For four years, I rigorously tested and perfected each detail, never rushing the process. Over 20 prototypes later, I came up with the design that offered the best performance, functionality, aesthetic, and user experience. I am so excited to finally launch Quench.”

– Andy, Founder of @QuenchPlant


The Minds Behind Quench

Andy Burke, Founder and Plant Nerd
With over a decade of experience as an engineering physicist, Andy has built a successful career using creativity and ingenuity to solve problems. By leveraging his extensive background in both hardware and software, he is the perfect fit to solve this challenge not only for himself, but for all plant lovers.

Andrea Samartunga, Fearless Leader
A passionate and motivated leader, Andrea has successfully managed multiple technical projects throughout her career. With her combined passion for plants and engineering background, Andrea has been instrumental in making Quench a reality. She weaves her tenacity and innovation into the design, marketing, and operations at Quench. 


Ford Clapperton, Marketing Hipster
Ford is a young entrepreneur who brings a fresh perspective to the team. Being a fourth-year student hasn’t stopped him from dedicating himself to the Quench vision. He’s played an invaluable role in shaping the Quench brand and our marketing strategies.

Risks and Challenges

The Quench team has years of experience executing large, complex projects, and we bring all of that expertise to this project. We’ve been working with our manufacturing partners for the last 4 years. The preparations and quality assurance measures are in place to fulfil any large scale order. We have also ordered long-lead-time parts in advance to reduce the risk of fulfilment delays. We are confident in our scheduled ship date, but these are uncertain times, and unforeseen circumstances could cause delays. Regardless of what happens, we promise to communicate transparently and frequently with you every step of the way.

Environmental Commitments

Long-lasting design

We’ve designed Quench from the ground up to be resistant to obsolescence. There are no apps or communication protocols that can become outdated and the sensors are made from thick corrosion-resistant materials. Therefore, Quench can last decades when used as intended.

Reusability and recyclability

We programmed Quench to be energy efficient so that the batteries will last over 3 years. Once the batteries are depleted, they can be easily replaced allowing you to use the same device for years to come.

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