QwikFix – Handy Home And Business Connections

QwikFix – Handy Home and Business Connections | Qwikfix is a Home Repair Subscription Service. Don’t Sweat Home Repair!

We at QwikFix appreciate your taking the time to review our campaign. I had been in the financial services industry for over 25 years but have given it up to pursue building QwikFix. I have put everything into this, from money to time to sweat and tears because I know it will succeed enormously.

Having been a “do it yourself” guy for my entire life, I know the frustration and difficulty in getting the smaller jobs and tasks done around the home. Even if you have the skills, you don’t have the time or right tool or desire sometimes, you just want to get it done efficiently and economically. That’s why I developed QwiKFix. By having a subscription with QwikFix, customers just click and get it done. The subscription simplifies the scheduling, and takes away price issues. By paying monthly or annually, you don’t have to worry about the cost for labor, it’s included. Customers buy time, which can be used for a multitude of projects over the subscription term. Simple, efficient, Qwik !

We need your help to succeed ! 

We are currently looking for Fifty Thousand Dollars ($50,000) to get us to the next level.

Our full function web site along with our web app is live!. We are currently building our contractor and provider list in our local area and we even have a few local customers who signed up because of personal knowledge of the business. We need funds now for customer acquisition and knowledge seminars for our contractors. 

  • QwikFix will be a huge success with help from you! We know their is a need. We know there are homeowners and small business owners staring at small repairs every day that just don’t get done because they don’t have a simple solution.
  • We know there are contractors and service providers looking to pick up extra work and income but don’t want the hassle of advertising, taking calls, going on estimates for smaller jobs. When told they can grab a job on their smartphone based on their current location and skill set, they love it !
  • We would love to secure our full campaign amount or more, but will be able to put any amount to good use in our advertising for contractors and customers. The subscription based model will provide additional funding as we grow but a push forward now will get us there sooner. 


We truly appreciate your interest ad help in making QwikFix successful! We will be helping to employ many throughout the country over as we expand. We want to have a focus on helping our veterans get work as well as those who need the flexibility to work that our platform offers like single parents. As we grow, we are looking to give back by offering service through charitable contributions of service time to those who live difficult conditions and cannot afford the repairs they need. We want to make an impact on the quality of life for those less fortunate, but we need your help to get us on our feet first so that we may carry some of the burden for others.

I know the model will be a success, I have started to utilize it in another business I am building. QwikPlow (which will become a division of QwikFix as we mature) – is an on demand snow removal service that I started this past winter. I had bought a truck and plow 2 years ago to help my son and nephew get started. I soon realized that just before or during a snowstorm, the phone would ring constantly for service, but aside from the local calls, others would be coming from miles away in different towns. There was no way we could travel to all of these in different directions. QwikPlow was born. I began reaching out to independent snow removal people form the surrounding areas. We had them sign up with us and used a third party GPS tracking app to keep tabs on their location during a storm. When calls came in for areas we could not cover, we simply found the closest driver and referred the job to him for a small fee. We even signed up customers for contracts for the entire season. By using this method, we were able to service many customers under our brand – QwikPlow. 

I know the model works, we WILL be extremely successful and  grow across the country and more. Please help us get a jump start ! Thank you


QwikFix will have it’s challenges, but we know we can overcome them ! Advertising is extremely important as we need to not just get our name recognized, but customers and contractors  need to understand the platform, they need to be comfortable utilizing it.

Our biggest concern right now is contractor availability and reliability. We learned with QwikPlow that we need to have redundancy of in our contractor base. Trucks broke down, accidents happened, drivers got tired and burned out after hours of plowing. We had to have a number of different providers in the area in order to assure proper service. This is also a challenge for QwikFix, one of our biggest. We are actively signing up contractors in various areas as well as with many different trade skills in order to provide seamless service.

We also need to have a redundant system in place for technical issues and failures. We cannot lose contact with customers and service providers. This presents a challenge, especially as we grow.

Again, we thank you !

We know that not everyone has the ability to help with funding this project, but we do appreciate your reading through this and hope that you will spread the word about QwikFix. Sometimes the best advertising is word of mouth or personal statements on social media. Let the world know we are coming and look forward to not only help get things done around the home and office, but also help those who need a hand up !

QwikFix – Don’t Sweat Home Repair


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