Rokher – Ergonomic Simplicity To Romance Your Muse

Rokher – Ergonomic Simplicity to Romance your Muse | Sleek, European minimalist rocker to support Artists physically + financially.

Greetings ALL – from Asheville, NC,

Have you heard “Sitting is the new smoking” well, rocking is actually healthy sitting. It keeps blood circulating around the lower part of the body. The Rokher is the world’s most ergonomically correct rocker, providing stellar lumbar support, butt-drop into gentle [circulation enhancing] knee roll, relaxed, bucket seat chair angle (103 degrees) to the mid-back bowl right up to the slightest neck return.

Please OPEN a new browser to hear from the physicians on why rocking is healthy sitting – for home and office:…………

Over the last 25+ years of being a musician & producer ( and advertising agency executive (, I’ve endured chronic back/neck pain from long hours in the wrong chairs. So, in early 2014 I decided I would design and build the ultimate rocker. First I began studying ergonomic chair designs, interviewing chiropractors & physical therapists and literally “Frankensteining” components together until I had the perfect rocker radius and rocking distance, lumbar support, chair height and angle of repose (relaxed balance). Then I took my concept rocker to a renowned furniture designer (RJ Harper) – who immediately loved the concept and the feel of the rocker. From there we worked together for 18 months designing and refining 6 levels of prototyping. Then I presented our chairs at NAMM (National Assoc. of Music Merchandisers), became Sponsors of music festivals (Merle Fest, LEAF, Grey Fox, IBMA), went to two High Point Furniture Markets to begin securing music stores & boutique retailers.

Then we took all this invaluable market intelligence to develop the final chair and all of the engineering specs, templates, jigs and molds to bring the Rokher to market. Not to mention months of interviews to; select the right craftsmen and furniture builders to partner with to press the 17 layers of hardwood to make the one-piece chair, articulate the long smooth rocker runs with precision mortise & tenon joinery of the all Ash rocker legs and cleats and to have the right hard-shell finishing. In March 2016 my vision is realized in the Rokher: a Patent Pending, all American made heirloom rocker that’s timeless in its Euro-minimalist aesthetics and ergonomically correct.

# 1 – Increase Production Runs:
This will dramatically reduce our wholesale cost so we can offer a basic Rokher to select music stores & boutiques that they can retail at $880 – which will literally quadruple our market size. Currently we’re selling a mid-line Rokher at $1280 and the Sunburst at $1480. We will still be offering a high-end Rokher with new color schemes at $1480 – but we want to appeal to the mid-market, which is 4 times larger than the high-end category. Additionally, with increased production throughput we will actually increase our quality and color finishing refinements.

# 2 – R&D + Product Line Extensions:
– Ottoman Dual-Tone Cajon where you can tap your foot to make bass and woodblock tones 
– Advanced acoustical refinements where the Rokher becomes an extension of your instrument
– Branded Rokher Cushions (seat, back and neck – these help shorter folks adjust their height)
– New Rokher Chair Mold for people 5′ – 5’10”
– On-Stage, fold-able traveling unit  

# 3 – Own the Category
– Drive our online Sales through aggressive Direct Marketing, Social & PR campaigns
– Launch a 12 month marketing intensive in Nashville where we’re featured in publications, at salons, at high-end retail boutiques, music stores, and premiering at music venues, insider parties and studios
– Select 3 other major music cities to partner with key publications, retailers and interior designers

# 4  Celebrity Endorsements:
To expand national recognition, the Rokher will sponsor 10 major musicians for their endorsement. Giving theses artists a Rokher they can brand with their signature, color scheme and the back of the chair will be shaped like their guitar head stock type.  From there they can promote and sell their signature Rokher through online sales.
– This is the precursor to setting up an Affiliate Marketing Program for up-n-coming working musicians. Whereby by promoting the Rokher they can earn monies, so they can stay focused on their craft – not working some dead-end job

# 5 Increase Festival Participation:
Last year, as Sponsors over half of our Rokhers we sold through festivals. We were Merle Fest Sponsors again this year (selling 9 chairs) and we’re negotiating with 14 other Festivals to be Sponsor/Vendors (average Sponsor Vendor cost is $2k). So, we are upgrading our Booth, Banners, Brochures and hiring support teams. 

{Drum roll please}

We’d like you to become a Rokher ambassador and help us fund the Rokher’s 2017 national roll-out. With your invaluable financial and social media marketing support (sharing this campaign and the Rokher website), the Rokher will become the preeminent brand in the category and we will sell over 300 Rokhers this year. And through our Affiliate programs – help so many other artists realize their creativity.

Thank you for your interest and investment in the Rokher.

“kick back and rock on,”

Timothy J. Martin
– Inventor, Investor, Rah-rah guy, QA guy, Ad guy, Product Innovation, Pack & Shipper

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