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“Ridiculously soft sheets.” – Forbes®



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Who or What is Sheets & Giggles™?

The world’s first entirely pun-based enterprise, S&G is a new brand of sustainable bedding that focuses on driving as much value to our community as possible. That includes insanely soft, sustainable bedding made from eucalyptus trees; prices that poke a finger into big box retail’s eye; treating our customers like actual human beings (we buy stuff, too); regular donations of bedding to homeless shelters; and occasionally free pizza for like, no reason.

During May 1 – June 15, S&G ran a 30-day preorder on Indiegogo to prove that there’s a strong market demand for sustainable bedding (and to prove that the free market loves puns). We were over 1,000% funded, got strong reviews of our sheets by major outlets like Forbes and Real Simple, and became the largest crowdfunded Indiegogo ever for bedding!

We’re now a real, live, wildly successful (ish) company, so order today at!

Below, you’ll find remnants of our Indiegogo campaign from May 2018, which we keep here as a sort of living museum to how much fun we had when we launched.


S&G: As Seen On TV



Unmatched Comfort

Did you know that the best sheets in the world are made from eucalyptus trees?



Sheets & Giggles’ eucalyptus sheets are manufactured via a lyocell process (boring, but extremely eco-friendly). They have higher softness and smoothness ratings than cotton, breathe better, are less prone to fade even after repeated washing, and are sustainably grown and knit.

S&G’s sheets also manage and evaporate moisture (i.e., sweat) better than cotton, which promotes an anti-microbial environment that will help keep sheets fresh and clean. They’re a hot sleeper’s dream.

Even better news – we specifically designed our fitted sheets to have extra deep corners to easily and securely fit mattresses up to 20″ thick, so you’ll sink right into your bed.

This is the good stuff.


Stop Buying Sheets at Retail

Before starting S&G, our team worked with every major retailer out there. Based on our experiences (and all the hair we pulled out), we decided to… not do that again. Major plus for you – this keeps our prices 20-40% lower than what you’d pay in a store for this high quality, eco-friendly fabric.

Maybe you can put your savings into Bitcoin* and thank us in 10 years. Or hate us in 10 minutes.

*As a disclaimer, don’t take investment advice from a bedding company.


Save The World, Not Just Your Wallet

S&G’s sheets are sustainably made from renewable eucalyptus trees.


The More You Know ⭐

We use up to 95% less water than some cotton sheets, up to 30% less energy, and no insecticides or pesticides on our trees (as a crop, cotton uses an estimated 16% of the world’s insecticides).

Plus, fun fact: for each sale on our Indiegogo, S&G will plant a tree somewhere in the U.S. that needs reforestation via our One-for-One partnership with One Tree Planted.

Additionally, 10M tons of textiles get thrown in U.S. landfills every year, sheets included. Once thrown away, our sheets actually biodegrade about 40% faster than a cotton set, though we hope you’ll donate your old sets via our “Give 2 Sheets” program vs throwing them away (more details on that later).


Handy infographic to find out if S&G is right for you:


Cool New Sheet

As we hit the below stretch goals and take on more and more resources via preorders, we’ll be able to unlock some insanely soft eucalyptus duvet covers and fluffy-ass eucalyptus comforters.

Specifically, we’ve been told that the comforter is like sleeping with Jason Momoa. (We were told that; we’re not saying that.)

Edit: duvet covers and comforters are now both unlocked!

^Added May 4, 2018 (see our Update #2 for deets).


Color Options

Sheet sets & pillowcases are available in our own unique shades of White, Navy, Gray, Purple, and Bright Blue (as seen below).

Each set in every perk can be customized according to size or color at no extra cost.



Our Production Process

Based in India, our manufacturing partner is second to none when it comes to sustainable, socially responsible fabrics production. 

S&G’s fabric is made out high quality eucalyptus wood pulp, a sustainable and renewable natural resource. We don’t harvest wood from ancient or endangered forests; rather, our eucalyptus trees are grown on sustainably managed plantations around the world. Our manufacturer puts a major focus on on forest conservation and bio-diversity at their plantations.

The lyocell process used to turn eucalyptus bark into our insanely smooth sheets is considered to be one of the most eco-friendly means of fabric production in the world.

Unlike cotton, which uses an estimated 16 – 25% of the world’s insecticides, no insecticides or pesticides are used in the growth of our crops. And unlike the chemically intensive process to make viscose from bamboo, lyocell production uses relatively few chemicals and has extremely little waste product.


We also use a closed loop manufacturing process (so the byproducts are reused in the process itself), which results in a near zero environmental impact.



Take a screenshot of this and email it to [email protected] with your order number, and we’ll upgrade your order with a free gift. (Don’t tell anyone.) Easter Egg 2 of 4.


Risks & Challenges

S&G has three main hurdles ahead to become a profitable, long-term sustainable business:

  1. A strong preorder that allows us to ship and go to market on our own terms, focusing only on our customers’ wants and needs, without taking on excess debt or venture financing. 
  2. Successful logistics in June and July so we can ship to preorder customers by August. To make sure manufacturing and shipping is on pace, we’ll be visiting our factories in India in June (which sounds… hot).
  3. Turning enough profit to finance a reorder for Q1 2019 so we don’t run out of inventory after any initial success.

These are company risks for us that we’re working diligently on, but they aren’t risks for you. Unlike Internet-connected products that need an app to function (connected toilets are the future), there’s no downside for you if we go under: your sheets will still be as soft as ever. You just won’t be able to win free pizza anymore if we don’t exist as a business (which would be a real shame, tbh).

We write about our startup journey intermittently on our blog, and we’ll keep you posted every step of the way.


Love Our Sheets Or Get Your Money Back

We’re so confident you’ll love your sheets, we’re offering a 100% money-back guarantee for backers of our Indiegogo campaign.

No arbitrary time limit, no questions asked. We’ll even pay for return shipping.



Free Stuff, Just Because

We hate pointless, wasteful plastic packaging. Our sheets come in a durable, attractively designed eucalyptus fabric knapsack that fits a yoga mat or a laptop. Take it with you when you occasionally leave your bedroom for the great outdoors (or more likely, for your job).

Also, every other week, we have random contests on Facebook and Instagram where we give our followers free pizza, Netflix, booze, coffee, and S&G VIP packages. We’re doing this because we decided early on that we would treat our community the way we want other companies to treat us. Hope you like boxed wine.

Free Pizza Gif

Just a few of our recent #FreePizzaFriday winners


Talk Sheet

Please spread the word about S&G on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and anywhere else you’d like! Click to tweet!

All aboard the hype train


About Sheets & Giggles, LLC



FAQ Us, Right?


Sweet Dreams,

The S&G Team | [email protected]

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