SmartCocoon The Smart HVAC Register Booster Fan

SmartCocoon the Smart HVAC Register Booster Fan | Improve Your Home Comfort in every Room while Saving Energy

We’ve all experienced first hand that drafty room, the too hot bedroom in the summer months, and the other summer and winter temperature imbalances that come when the air in your home isn’t smoothly flowing.

90% of homeowners in North America have exactly the same problem, their furnace (heating and cooling system) can’t manage or direct airflow to the rooms that need it most. Therefore they end up being too cold or too hot, never just right.

This problem has been around as long as heating and cooling home systems have been – until now.


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Our goal is to have you come home from a day of stress to unwind, play, and relax. If you’re looking for the ultimate in home comfort, SmartCocoon can help. Our smart climate system gives you complete control over your home’s airflow, so the temperature in every room is always just right.

By installing a  SmartCocoon device in the problem area, you gain complete control of  your home’s airflow.  SmartCocoon’s Smart Register Booster Fan can be easily installed into your existing vent, syncs up to your conventional or smart thermostat and is easily controlled using a mobile app.

SmartCocoon was designed to address all the pain points of current uneven airflow that cause discomfort in different rooms of the house.



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 Use Cases 

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Room Comfort

In most 2-story houses in North America, there are one or two rooms that doesn’t follow the thermostat settings and no matter what you do they’re always either too hot in the summer or freezing in the winter and no matter how you adjust the thermostat and close off vents it doesn’t seem to help.


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Always Adjusting Thermostat

Constantly adjusting your thermostat at home to keep everyone comfortable, affects your energy consumption, monthly bills, and HVAC  equipment, not to mention the continuous disagreements between the members of your home.

By changing the temperature your heat pump and furnace must work harder to adjust to the fluctuating changes. As a result, your energy bill goes up and it causes extra wear and tear and maintenance bills because the equipment is working so hard.


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Keeping your kids and pets comfortable

It’s hard to always make sure your kids and pets are staying comfy – not too cold and not too hot; making them comfortable is essential for a good night sleep and your peace of mind.


How SmartCocoon Works 

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SmartCocoon Smart Register Booster Fan is installed under the vent grill, and is best used in the rooms that need air flow improvement and works towards your comfort all year round. Once it’s set up, it automatically connects to your existing smart and even non-smart thermostats, syncs itself with your heating and cooling system using its proprietary AI algorithm.


Then it draws the trapped air in the ducting system based on the user requirements and environmental properties – and it does that in a very smart way. Using multiple ranges of sensors it detects when the room is falling behind the set thermostat temperature. Based on its four different operating modes it then turns on to blow (warm or cool) air to balance the airflow to a comfort level of your liking.


Unlike the other solutions out there, SmartCocoon smart booster fans can actually control the airflow imbalance instead of just monitoring it. They act like the arms and legs of your thermostat and heating and cooling system (HAVC) to make sure everyone enjoys their desired comfort in their rooms.


Do-It-Yourself Installation 

Our booster fans come with special slide out springs that can be easily and safely installed and once plugged in, it will only take 2-3 minutes to set up using the mobile app and…You’re all set to enjoy the comfort experience.


To install your device first remove your existing vent grill. Wipe or vacuum inside the vent before installation. Slide out the brackets and place your smart register booster fan inside the vent.

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*In the majority of US and Canadian residential buildings, there are usually accessible plugs within a couple of feets to where vents are usually located.

The next step is to install and setup the mobile app.

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Energy Saving

SmartCocoon uses an A.I. algorithm that controls the unit. Our algorithm allows the device to actively and intelligently boost and control the airflow in sync with the main heating and cooling (HVAC) system and creates desired comfort for each room.

  • A 2-fan system saves 30% on HVAC consumption, on average
  • One fan can increase the overall efficiency of the ducting system by 11%
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Whether or not you have a smart thermostat, you can use SmartCocoon. The device automatically connects to your existing smart or traditional thermostat, syncs itself with your heating and cooling system using its proprietary AI algorithm.

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Available on Android and iOS

SmartCocoon can be controlled by your iPhone or Android device, ensuring you can customize your home comfort based on your unique needs. Our simple-to-use app allows you to control several units at the same time.


Using the SmartCocoon app, you can easily set your desired temperature for any room (area) in your house and set the mode to auto, eco, on or off:

ON/OFF: keeps the fan always on/off no matter if the main (heating and cooling) system is working or not.

eco: turns the fan “ON” only when the main HVAC system is working, making it the most energy efficient mode.

Auto: defines setpoints for each individual room. In this mode, the fan works only if the main (heating and cooling) system is working and also if the room temperature is not meeting the temperature you set.

Download for Android

Download for iOS

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Why We’re the Best Solution Out There 

In the past “conventional booster fans” and “smart dampers” tried to address this problem. The table below shows how we approach the problem more effectively and more efficiently.


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Table below shows how we compare to other brands in the booster fan industry who tried to come up with a solution for this century-old problem:

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Technical Specifications

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Low Profile Engineering

SmartCocoon comes in 3×10 and 4×10. The fans used in this device are heavy duty/ industrial grade fans designed for a minimum of 50,000 hours of operation. The fans can generate a maximum of 120 CFM(only 29 dBa st the default RPM).

The device needs to be plugged into the nearest power outlet in the room.

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Detailed Schematic of the device
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Exploded View
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Device Dimensions (Available in both 3×10 & 4×10 sizes)


SmartCocoon’s noise level is lower than whispering level.

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So far SmartCocoon Smart Register Booster Fans have been installed in more than 500 houses in Canada and the US. We’ve been blown away by our customers’ feedback and that’s what made us confident to make improvements to our product and bring customizable home comfort to even more homes.

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“The unit works well with my smart stat, I have a room that is not getting enough air flow installed the unit added the app and synced it up with my thermostat. Noticed a good increase in airflow to the room.” -Dinos, August 2020

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“The fan was easy to install and the app set-up was simple. Best of all the fan is very quiet and is barely noticeable above the normal AC vent sound. I am very happy with this purchase.” -Thelout, July2020

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“We have two rooms that are either too hot or too cold even in spite of a brand new top-of-the-line AC and furnace. We installed two SmartCocoons in the first room and we are very impressed with how it’s working so far. It seems to help draw more cold air through the vents into the room. It is nice that it goes into the vent and you really can’t see it except for the cord. We are going to buy a few more for the other rooms. We had one question during installation and we left a message and they called us right back. Thank you for a great solution during such a hot summer.” -Nicole, july2020

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“Fantastic product, and has made a world of difference in our home.” -DavidJohn, September2020

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“It works well. Working continuously can change the temperature of a room depends the size from 1-3 degree F.” -CarmeloKohler, July2020

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 “Easy to install” Fernando M, August2020

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“I have been using the SmartCocoon Smart Booster Fan for a few weeks now, and I have to say I’m impressed with how well it works. My home office is a 250 square-foot addition on the back of the house. There are patio doors which open into the yard, and we use these doors year-round to let the dog out. As a result, the office is noticeably cooler in the winter than the rest of the house. It was very easy to install — I just put the legs on, dropped it into the 4×10 register beside the patio doors, and plugged it in. You put your vent grill back over it and you don’t even see the fan. Within about two days the temperature in my office felt the same as the rest of the main floor. A digital thermometer shows that the air temperature now remains within 0.5 degree of the thermostat setting in the living room. Just for fun, I tested it by opening the patio doors on a cold day until the office was three degrees lower than the living room. Within a day the temperature had stabilised again. The fan turns itself on and off periodically. Sometimes I hear it start up, but most of the time the fan noise is hardly noticeable. I would recommend this smart booster fan to people looking for a solution to a room that’s too cool in the winter. Easy to install, worked great for me, and unlike floor fans, doesn’t take up any space.” -Greg-from-Ottawa, February2020

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“Very efficient , we had problem fixing the room temperature but it never worked until I found this unit , now temperature is ok in all rooms.” -Roozbeh P, Jan2020

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“For such a long time, a noticeable temperature difference between our dinette and the rest of the house bothered my family. I installed the device in the register out of the box, and that is simply gone. My dinette is phenomenally warmer although temperatures have gone substantially down in the past weeks.The pros of this device are its powerful blow (CFM I guess) despite the low profile, the smartness which makes it work just out of the box, and the low noise. The app is simple enough to understand, however could improve aesthetically.Graceful installation in less than 5 minutes with the complete user manual.” -Manoj, November2020

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 Efficient, quiet and easy to install. Something finally works, Highly recommended! -Babak A, November2019

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The difference this made in my house is mind blowing! For  years and years we had trouble with inconsistent temperature throughout  my house, one room always colder and one always hotter than needed. Within a couple of hours of installing this, I could see the effect!
           Now all the rooms have perfectly synced temperatures. Also saved up on the bill, saving electricity. Definitely my new favorite Smart Home product. 5 STAR BABY!! -Adrien, January2021


Trusted by

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Warranty & Guarantee 

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At SmartCocoon we would like you to be 100% happy with your purchase. That’s why we provide an industry-leading guarantee, including:

  •  Money-Back Guarantee: If SmartCocoon wasn’t the right solution for you, simply return your smart booster fan within 30 days for a full refund, minus shipping and handling.
  •  One-Year Warranty: Should something happen to your SmartCocoon, no worries—you’re covered.

Our Support team is also always available to help you with any questions you might have.



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Company Story

SmartCocoon is an IoT startup founded & headquartered in Toronto, Canada. Inspired by the emerging home automation and efficiency technologies, we wanted to introduce a product that enables people to personalize their experience with their in-home climate control systems.We believe that truly smart technology is intuitive and seamless – fading into the background and augmenting the user’s lifestyle.

Our mission is to bridge the gap between outdated and century old ducting, central air distribution medium, and modern technology to make the modern home comfortable and energy efficient, with the power of A.I. and IoT.


We’ve been around for a while, starting off back in 2017 and since then, we have spent countless hours developing and perfecting our platform, using the feedback we received over the years until finally creating SmartCocoon Smart Fan 3rd Edition – a newly-designed device with even more features and an even better A.I. engine! We believe good technology should be natural and intuitive; it shouldn’t require too much effort, but should “know” what you want, and this is what leads us ahead.

“First Generation was a Great Success”

During our two year development of SmartCocoon, we extensively piloted, tested and re-iterated on our multitudes of prototypes and designs. After running about 500 installs stably and for over 2 years we launched our 2nd edition back in summer of 2020 and since then we sold more than 400 units really with minimal to zero marketing budget.

Currently, we are ready to scale our production with our 3rd and our best edition, with proper industrial design and injection molded chassis, and last but not least, a new and a lot more powerful electronics that has 4x more CPU (computation) power that runs our A.I. algorithm for the best comfort experience and energy saving benefits.


CENGN Test Bed

CENGN, Canada’s Centre of Excellence in Next Generation Networks, drives technology innovation and industry growth through our test bed, technical expertise, talent development, and partner ecosystem.

CENGN’s ecosystem includes members Bell Canada, Cisco, EXFO, Juniper Networks, Mitel, Nokia, Ribbon Communications, TELUS, and Wind River. The company also partners with the federal government through the Networks of Centres of Excellence (NCE) and the Ontario government through the Ontario Centres of Innovation (OCI).

SmartCocoon was able to define a test on the CENGN infrastructure project to improve on its cloud infrastructure design, scalability and fault tolerance and was able to successfully achieve the objectives outlined in the project charter. This project allowed SmartCocoon to handle the scale required for its mass market exposure.

The Evolution of the Device

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9012bbb91721ae7a2cf45f2887bbbf04 original.jpg?ixlib=rb 2.1
CAD Drawings
b1a0b9a37ba7d708afadcf93f6c18fa4 original.bmp?ixlib=rb 2.1
Lab test unit at York University (2019)



We came a long way to make sure we are bringing you the home comfort you deserve.


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