SONIC DUTCH: Make Cold Brew Coffee In 5 Minutes

SONIC DUTCH: Make Cold Brew Coffee in 5 Minutes | Extract cold-brew coffee in just five minutes with innovative sound wave technology by Sonic Dutch.

Sonic Dutch Cold Brew Coffee Review by a Barista


Cold brew has become a popular choice by coffee lovers over recent years for a few reasons. It has a lower acidity to regularly brewed coffee and fans of it report a less bitter taste, the flavors often being sweet with a smoother texture.


 The big drawback of cold brew is making it. To achieve the unique result of cold brew the coffee beans are steeped for more than 10 hours in cold water.


More than 10 ten hours? But if I leave it overnight I’ll have fresh cold brew in the morning, right?”


Not only is making it at home a lot of time and effort, but the amount of coffee you get is so small that it hardly seems worth bothering. It certainly won’t satisfy your morning craving.


 “But I’m hooked on cold brew! There has to be an easier way to make it at home!”

“I’ve always beensensitive to caffeine, but don’t want to drink decaf alone. I wish there was a way to enjoy reduced caffeine drinks at home.” 


 As coffee lovers and professional baristas, we searched far and wide for a cold-brew coffee solution that would address all these problems. We couldn’t find anything.







Sonic Dutch is an innovation in cold-brewing coffee technology, making cold brew coffee in only 5 minutes, by utilizing the advanced sonic wave engineering.

This not only saves you precious time when you are on the go, but also solves your typical “hygienic issues” involved in the conventional cold brewing making process. Because of long hours waiting for cold brew to be ready, there can be exposure to contamination such as E. coli and other germs.

As well, you get to control the richness of the flavor by customizing the intensity and frequency control of the sonic wave.

In other words – a tech-loving coffee-drinker’s dream.





Make Cold Brew with Sound Wave Technology?

It might sound like a strange concept, but thanks to this new technology that connects sound waves in speakers to a new magnetic circuit, the machine can extract Cold Brew Coffee quickly, easily and safely through waves generated by precision vertical vibrations.










Sonic Dutch can produce cold brew in as little as five minutes. And we can prove it!

We undertook an experiment to measure the density of cold brew coffee produced by traditional cold brew extraction methods and Sonic Dutch. Using 100g of coffee with 500ml of water with the Sonic Dutch we tried the 5, 10, and 15 minute settings respectively. Results showed cold brewing for 5 minutes by Sonic Dutch is as dense as the results brewed for 10 hours by the regular methods.





The baristas who tasted our cold brew said the coffee brewed for 5-10 minutes by Sonic Dutch had the best taste. More than 90% of our taste testers said our cold brew coffee tasted softer and smoother than using the usual extraction methods.




What these taste tests prove is that the cold brew coffee Sonic Dutch extracts is the pure essence of the coffee, so therefore it has much lower caffeine levels than regular cold brew and the taste is much sweeter. None of that bitterness associated with regular coffee. We know our cold brew is the new, leading way to extract your cold brew.






The practical design of the Sonic Dutch means as well as making coffee, it plays your music with a full traditional speaker aesthetic.  

The practical design of the Sonic Dutch means as well as making coffee, it plays your music with a full traditional speaker aesthetic.   




Straightforward, functional machine with cold brew available at a simple touch of a button.





 Connect your phone via Bluetooth and enjoy your favorite beats via the built-in speakers while your cold brew whizzes whips up a liter of cold brew in a mere five minutes.



I wholly believe that because coffee contains the heart of the person who extracts it, the taste of all coffee is dependent on who extracts it.

So, if you extract coffee with negative thoughts or when you’re in a mood it doesn’t matter how good the beans are, the coffee is not going to taste as good as it does when you’re full of joy.


And the best way to be full of joy when you extract your cold brew is by playing your favorite songs. Music fills so many corners of our lives to shape our mood, emotions and outlook on life. Why shouldn’t the power of music also be a part of how we extract our coffee?










  What’s unique about Sonic Dutch cold brew is its ability to produce coffee at lower caffeine rates so if you struggle with regular levels due to digestion issues or insomnia, the Sonic Dutch cold brew has you covered.




Steeping coffee beans for 10 hours creates a breeding ground for germs to thrive due to the long hours of coffee extraction, especially in hot weather.

The Sonic Dutch works so quickly that there isn’t time for germs to breed and the risk of E.Coli and other such nasties is eliminated.
























Do you enjoy a nice glass of vino? Our unique sonic wave technology can even be used for decanting wine! Why is this beneficial? Well, studies show that decanting wine can enhance its flavor so you can savor the depth in its taste and appreciate a full-bodied aroma and avail of the best experience from your wine.






If you are a tea lover and wants to have fresh cold milk tea for your afternoon tea time, Sonic Dutch is your perfect companion. Steep your favorite tea for 20-30 minutes with Sonic Dutch for the perfect rich yet fresh flavor of your cold milk tea. (Usually, cold brewing tea takes 8-14 hours!)




If you want to enjoy simply the tea only, steep the tea leaves in cold or room temperature water. For faster extraction, we recommend to grind the tea leaves.








As bona fide coffee lovers and professional baristas, we were keen to identify a new solution to address the problems that long hours of cold brew extraction bring.

We searched far and wide for a cold-brew coffee solution that could potentially eliminate the limited amount of coffee that is extracted over ten hours of brewing. We also wanted to discover if there was a way to make cold brew that was more sanitary than current brewing techniques. 

During our search, we came across a barista extracting coffee by simply shaking a tumbler of coffee and water. We wanted to know more about this seemingly simple technique. How and why was it working? The barista explained the scientific process behind it and it was our lightbulb moment.


Coffee extraction could be possible not only with heat energy, but with KINETIC ENERGY!


We took to our workshop to start experimenting with this technique. At first, we tried using a motor, but it was incredibly loud and the vibrations were so strong that the we were losing too much coffee through spillage.

We spent weeks trying to solve this problem but were finding we weren’t getting anywhere. Then, as so often happens with inventions, our CEO, Sang Joon, stumbled upon the solution. Sang noticed a glass of water stay on top of a music speaker that was playing. The water in the glass was moving gentle and constantly as the music played. 

Eureka! This was the answer. Sound wave brewing technology was born.


Of course, always easier said than done. Though Sang had realized how the science could work, he still needed to develop a machine that would give the desired results, and this resulted in many sleepless nights assembling prototypes and experimenting over and over again. Eventually, we achieved it




Our previous versions of Sonic Dutch, Super Sonic M, L and X, are now being used in more than 600 cafes in South Korea. We’ve been receiving extremely positive feedback from our customers and are confident that our new upgraded Sonic Dutch will satisfy our Kickstarter backers beyond expectation.



We are constantly undertaking new research and development to improve our machines and to ensure more people can enjoy cold brew coffee easily and conveniently. 

For any questions or inquiries, please feel free to contact us at [email protected]






Sonic Dutch is solely manufactured in South Korea and we will ship our products directly from our manufacturing facilities. The production side of the whole process is fully ready and we have already hired a shipping company who has rich experience and expertise in international shipping. 

Please note that shipping to certain countries may involve duties and taxes. It is the backers’ responsibility to take care of these duties and taxes, if any. 


























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