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Speakeasy Meats | A Prohibition Style Meat Shop

Speakeasy Meats is an Ann Arbor based Prohibition Style Meat Shop founded during the COVID-19 era.  We smoke assorted meats for local delivery and U.S. shipment.  All of our meats are locally sourced and our juicy Monstrami briskets are USDA Prime Beef. 

Speakeasy Meats is a family owned and operated business founded by Adam Bauer a veteran music industry talent agent of over 25 years, who was looking for a way to occupy his time during COVID-19.  Long before the pandemic, Adam had developed a reputation in music industry circles for his smoked meats.  As a result, business has been swift in the company’s first few months, almost 1000 lbs of meat delivered nationwide to date. 

Speakeasy’s signature item is Monstrami meats – created from a process that combines elements of Montreal Smoked Meat with Pastrami.  Brined for 30 days and then smoked over 14 hours. That is the way our signature meats are prepared. We also develop and sell countless other smoked meats without brining. 

The Perks are named after common music industry terms. Initially the audience who will see this campaign will be from the live music world including artists, managers, agents, production crew, venue operators, promoters and others who know the world we come from.  Oh and unlike concerts, our pricing is all in, that is right all perks include shipping and no other hidden fees + if you are local to the greater Ann Arbor area, we offer an additional 15% off and will deliver to your door. 


” Speakeasy Meats? Never heard of em. Shhhh it’s too good. I don’t want anyone else to know about them. #MoreForMe” – Steve Poltz – Nashville, TN

“Speakeasy Meats. I don’t throw words like genius around very often so I won’t start now.”      – Chris Buhalis – Ann Arbor, MI

“I write songs about my family a lot because I love them. But I have to say, after eating Speakeasy Meats Monstrami, my next album might just end up being about that experience. Thank you Speakeasy Meats for being the second love of my life.” -Stephen Kellogg  – Monroe, CT

” I gotta tell you, that shit is high-street crack. So good!”- Mike Wilson – Seattle, WA

“Adam, I will get your quote as soon as I am done sending your offer for 2029. I told you your Monstrami is AMAZING!!! You want me to type it out too? I just saw you, write it down yourself dammit. ” – Anya Siglin – Ann Arbor, MI

“I cannot speak highly enough about Speakeasy Meats and the good folks that run it. The Monstrami is one of a kind and absolutely delicious, with unique flavors and a minimal amount of fat.  Bon Appetit with Speakeasy Meats!” – Scott Giampino – Seattle, WA

      “You guys – this is insanely amazing! I am hooked. Thank you SO MUCH for introducing me to Bauer family’s genius smoked meats. This is just awesome 🙂 (I may or may not have already eaten a whole quarter of it).” – Kloe Ferriman – Ann Arbor, MI 

Funding helps as follows

1. Maximize our ability to procure and produce product inventory at the best possible price.

2. We are going green with solar power and virtually all recyclable packaging material.

3. Allows Speakeasy Meats to evolve into a fully operational storefront, food truck, or commercial kitchen that can sell to the general public nationwide.  

4. Creates a consistent and reliable stream of income for our family as we weather the COVID-19 storm that has forced the live touring industry into indefinite hibernation for the greater good of the country. 

5. Allows for employee expansion. 

6.  Supports our efforts to build community in the non-profit sector of the live touring industry. 

What We Need & What You Get

  • We need capital to help us maintain current level of operations and amplify as needed. 
  • We are starting with a minimal projection of $15,000 to help and hope too far exceed this with the generosity of your investment. 
  • You will immediate return on your investment receiving superior quality products, shipping included. These products are produced with love and care. We are shipping product now. We are refining our operating capacity and building a safe food operation, with time and support we will be able to move into even better space to meet the needs of our expanding business. 

The impact of what you provide to us

  • Provides a source of income for our family and allows us to procure inventory and supplies at favorable prices. 
  • We will find ways to give back to the under served in our local community. Contribution to charities that help those in the most need whether it is food for a homeless shelter, or donations to charities in an effort to help them raise funds. 
  • We will also be contributing and raising funds for two organizations that have been created to help the touring industry survive this COVID-19 Pandemic.   The National Independent Talent Organization (NITO) www.nitolive.org and the National Independent Venue Association (NIVA) www.nivassoc.org

The Risks

1. Just because we don’t grow and the world opens again doesn’t mean you are screwed like playing a union house on a Monday.  You will receive your Speakeasy Meats order.  

2. We are unable to clear licensing hurdles for our smoked and brined meats.  Not likely, as we expect to be moving into some kind of commercial facility in the next six months.  

3. COVID-19 vaccine appears and the live touring industry resumes and Adam is able to start booking shows.  The company is being designed to function with both jobs happening simultaneously, and if we continue to grow we will be able to hire additional help to keep this going. In addition, Adam’s job as a talent agent opens up new sales opportunities every day so we anticipate business will increase. 

Other Ways You Can Help

Don’t want to take a chance on this Prohibition Style Meat Shop, we understand. Don’t let that stop you from supporting the return of Live Music and helping an entire sector of the economy return when it is safe to do so.  Follow our links below and donate to NITO and NIVA, or just pick that ADD ON option in our Perks section and we will do it for you. 




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