Stemoscope, Listen To The Sound Of Life

Stemoscope, Listen to the Sound of Life | A wireless stethoscope that lets you hear the hidden sounds of life and feel the pulse of the earth.

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Traditionally the stethoscope was only used by doctors for auscultation – listening to the sounds of the body for medical diagnosis. But tools such as this can let us experience so much more. There are so many internal sounds existing but seldom be noticed: The sound of body, animals, plants etc. These rhythms of the world around us can surprise and delight you.

So we made Stemoscope, an advanced wireless stethoscope that is small, compact, affordable and easy enough for anyone to use. It has a feature-rich App that lets you feel, share and explore the sounds of life.

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  •  Hands On Review 

Watch this Stemoscope Review video by Dr. Carllo Oller on his Youtube Channel to find out the difference between Stemoscope and other Stethoscopes.  

There is another review video by Ollie Burton on his Youtube Channel PostGradMedic. He is a medical student and also one of our crowdfunding backers. He did the review after he received the Stemoscope.

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Stemoscope is a very compact device which can detect the sounds and send the signals to your smartphone via Bluetooth. You can hear the sounds with your earphone or headset connected with your smartphone. Here are some sound samples recorded by Stemoscope. Please wear your ? to listen to them.   

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  • The Sound of Human Life
  • The Sound of Puppy’s Heartbeat


  • The Sound of Tree


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Stemoscope is powered by a full-featured APP, for iOS and Android. It lets you discover and record the incredible sounds that exist all around us. Listening with Stemoscope reveals a new and expansive world. The sounds can be visualized, saved and shared conveniently


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  • Save and Share Your Most Important Moments

Have you ever felt so excited that you could feel your heart beating in your chest? Have you ever experienced the wonder of hearing the heartbeat of your unborn child? The truth is, life is full of incredible moments like these, now you can record, share and save forever these precious moments.

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  • See What You Hear

Not only can you hear these incredible sounds of life, but the audio can also be visualized as a waveform and spectrogram within the Stemoscope APP, which helps you learn and identify the characteristics of each sound better. Let the rhythm of life come alive visually.

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Stemoscope is compact, 1,5″ in diameter and 0.4″ thick, just a little bigger than a dollar coin. It is small, lightweight and wearable. It goes with you everywhere you go.

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It also comes with a strap so you can affix it to different objects like pets or trees. This allows you to listen with a deeper level of concentration anywhere. 

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You can connect your smartphone with the wireless headset while your smartphone is connected with Stemoscope through the Bluetooth, so that you can experience the real wireless stethoscope.

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  • Record your womb sound for your baby

According to scientific research, babies are soothed by the sound of their mother’s heartbeat while in the womb. This effect continues after birth. With Stemoscope, a mother can record her heartbeat and play it back to her baby, helping to calm, quiet and relax her little one.

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  • Detect More Sounds

While not know to most, everything in nature has a frequency and creates a unique sound. Even plants and trees have detectable sounds. With Stemoscope you can explore the incredible sounds of the nature around you. It is a tool that opens your door to science and nature in a new and exciting way.

Listen to the heartbeat

Listen to the heartbeat

Listen to the blood pressure

Listen to the blood pressure

Listen to the dog's heartbeat

Listen to the dog’s heartbeat

Listen to the tree's singing

Listen to the tree’s singing


  • STEM Education

Stemoscope is designed for STEM education and ideal for studying, discovering, and entertainment. With Stemoscope, even children and youngsters can learn about the sounds of nature to be inspired and entertained.

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