Tap Rebels Craft Beer Club

Tap Rebels Craft Beer Club | An exclusive club that brings hard to find micro brew right to your door.

Us, Beer, And The World

We are Alex and Kelsey Watley, a husband and wife team that started brewing beer together in the very early stages of our relationship. In an odd way, we’ve found that beer is an integral part of our lives; We make it, we search for it, and it’s there for some of our best memories with friends. Chances are, if you’re here, you feel similar. 

We want to taste the best beer brewers in this country have to offer, and we want to share those experiences with people that appreciate good beer. What better way to do that than a subscription box?

Treat yourself to a very competitively priced, private Craft Beer Club, that will send a minimum of 72ozs of beer- a variety of tastes from independent breweries- right to your door. We’ll also occasionally throw in little gifts, because we like it when you’re happy. 

Help Us Help You

We are looking for $10,000, which will go towards two primary things: licensing and, well, beer. Licensing is important because it allows us to access the best beers and deliver them right to you, unhindered. The money will cover the licensing fee in our birth place, Washington D.C. as well as the shipping licenses that some states require. The rest will cover the fun stuff, beer, as well as the unique beer accessories that we’ll be featuring in some of our Rebel Boxes.

Money is not the only thing we need though. YOU are our most important asset. This campaign is the ONLY place to get the first 100 subscriptions that we’re releasing. We call the club private because we can only open up a few member slots at a time. Open, fluid membership would mean large amounts of inventory on hand, which tends to lead to flat or stale beer. To make sure that the beer that comes to you is fresh and as close to tap room quality as possible, we keep our membership limited. So, right here, on Indiegogo, is the ONLY place to get the first 100 membership slots available. Remember- members also get discounts at our online bottle shop, which will hold rare, high end craft beer that comes in only the smallest quantities.  

If we don’t reach our goal, all is not lost! Our priority will still be licensing, but we’ve made sure that we’ll have the money to cover every single member that wants a piece of this delicious beer pie. Again, YOU are really what we’re looking for; People to create a craft beer connection with, so the entire country can be a giant, local, craft beer community. 

The Tap Rebellion

So why is this a rebellion? Well, I won’t go too far into the boring stuff, but essentially, the liquor laws in this country are leftover from prohibition. No, not entirely. Obviously alcohol is legal now, but is that all we should be happy about? Big Beer- corporate beer- controls the laws that govern breweries, and Craft beer is getting big! This means that a lot of micro-breweries get swallowed up, or even bullied out of existence. We want to help these Micro-Breweries get connected with people all over the country that may never have even heard about them! We want to get these independent crafters exposed to potential new fans! They’ve already rebelled by standing in the face of the giant corporate beer companies and saying they’ve had enough of bland, watery, beer. We just want to fuel the fire of the rebellion, and help you join too!

Challenges; Or, Are We Bootleggers?

There are two main challenges that we have foreseen. One is shipping. Some states are a fun party-time free for all (yay Florida!) and there will be no problems getting beer to them. Others aren’t quite so awesome, and we’ll need to go through the proper channels to get shipping licenses from them. And others, well, they just flat out say no (boo Utah!). For those of you in the ‘boo’ states, we are very sorry, there’s nothing we can do for you, and we really don’t want to get shut down, fined, or thrown in prison. Our doughy beer physiques can’t handle it. The good news is, laws change all the time! We’re constantly monitoring the laws and we’ll let you know IMMEDIATELY when we can open up membership to you.

States We CANNOT Ship To:

  • Arkansas
  • Alabama
  • Illinois
  • Indiana
  • Kentucky
  • Maine
  • Massachusetts
  • Maryland
  • Michigan
  • Minnesota
  • Missouri
  • New Jersey
  • New York
  • New Mexico
  • Oklahoma
  • Rhode Island
  • South Dakota
  • Tennessee
  • Texas
  • Utah
  • Washington

For everyone else- kanpai! 

The second challenge is the breweries themselves. The very nature of nano and micro-breweries is that they don’t distribute very much. Some do, and we can easily find them in very small, local wholesalers to get them out to you. Some even distribute for themselves, and we can grab a few hundred bottles, cans, or crowlers directly from their tap room. Others, well…they don’t distribute at all. They’ve got kegs, taps, and growler fill ups, but often no way to bottle or can. But we still want relationships with these breweries! That’s why one of our plans, if we get over our fundraising goals, is to invest in a canning machine. That way, even if it’s just for limited runs, we can help these smaller (but equally delicious) breweries get the exposure they deserve.


Other Ways You Can Help

If you can’t contribute, fear not! There are still ways to help the rebellion. You can follow us on social media (@taprebels), you can tell all your beer lovin’ friends about us, you can keep us in mind for gifts and special occasions, and you can share this campaign with everyone you know! 

 The best way you can help us? Nominate your favorite breweries to us! Go to www.taprebels.com and put some names in the Suggestion Box. I’m sure your favorite breweries would love to hear that you’re thinking about them 😉

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