Tarnished Hollow Brewing Co.

Tarnished Hollow Brewing Co. | Expand the premier craft beer taproom in Anderson with the addition of small batch nanobrewing!


Tarnished Hollow’s story begins with a young entrepreneur who had never even considered drinking beer until one of his business projects was indelibly linked to the regional craft beer market in his home state of Indiana. Of course, we’re talking about me…Branden, the founder of Tarnished Hollow Brewing. Ironic, isn’t it?!  I was never raised around beer and while I was not a prude when it came to others’ alcohol consumption, I simply never felt drawn toward it until my late 20s when my entrepreneurial aspirations pulled me into the world of craft beer. Like all things I undertake, I ensured myself that I would learn as much as I could in order to gain a better understanding of what I was sampling and how the beverage in front of me came to exist. And just like that, I fell in love NOT with how beer made me feel, but with the science and artistry behind making it…and I fell hard.

Since that moment, I have spent countless several years studying, researching, and finally brewing. Through personal enrichment, as well as my time operating Digital District, the craft beer and gaming taproom I co-own, I have gained an appreciation and obsession for the wide diversity that craft beer brings to a conversation and the economics of how craft beer changes a city or town’s landscape. The time has come for me to put my passion to work by incorporating this love of brewing with my existing company to facilitate a sustainably sized commercial platform through which I can continue exploring beers and sharing them with the masses. Rather than kicking off at an entirely new location and enterprise, utilizing an unused segment of the current space to introduce small batch brewing on a 1/2 to 1 bbl system allows me to grow this operation in a minimal overhead situation while providing synergistic benefits between the craft beer taproom and my brewery. The current plan is rapid execution in order to begin commercial brewing operations before the conclusion of 2019 and expand operations into 2020.


Ideally for a small operation of this magnitude, we will need somewhere around $10,000 to completely execute the plan. Appropriate 240V electrical wiring, drainage, and lighting already exists in the space where the brewing system will be functioning. Our crowdfunding efforts are strictly for application fees at the state level, the posting of Brewer’s Bonds at the federal/state level, and equipment purchases. Brewing systems in the 1/2 to 1 bbl range are priced anywhere from $4,000 to $8,000 depending on clamp fittings, included hardware, etc. and fermenters–both 1/2 bbl and 1 bbl–are priced between $750 and $1200 based on additional parts.

We have prepared an array of perks to reward your contributions toward our crowdfunding efforts. For $150 and under tiers, backers will receive merchandise featuring the Tarnished Hollow brand. Additional perks above this level include more intrinsic and/or monetary benefits for those who wish to contribute in exchange for custom beers and future “gains” on beer via lifetime 4-packs and complimentary beers with every visit. If even ~60% of the perks are claimed, the FULL brewery plans can progress as soon as possible at Digital District. Our $2,000 goal was a reasonable expectation we felt, so as to not place the full $10K as our finishing line, and also one that would cover our application and bond fees if nothing else. Nevertheless, raising the full amount (or close to it) would be nothing short of amazing. 


By helping Tarnished Hollow Brewing Co. become a fully realized operation inside of our existing business space, the impact begins immediately at Digital District by creating a brand new revenue stream with deeper discounts on our house beers, howler/growler fills, canned carry out and more. A regular bar is only as successful as the number of pints it pours, but with the addition of a brewery license, we actively carve a couple more unique paths toward additional profitability as a business. Beyond the immediate happenings at 4437 S Scatterfield Rd, a brewery of any kind on the south side of Anderson, IN, will provide casino-goers and New Castle, Pendleton, etc. residents another destination option for craft beer and entertainment without excess travel time while also providing ‘local flavor’ to an otherwise franchise-dominated part of the city.


Housing the nanobrewery within another facility mitigates a vast majority of risks and challenges, however, that does not mean none are present. The primary obstacle to overcome in order to launch brewing will be the federal licensing process. This is not necessarily due to TTB licensing and approval being an impossibly difficult process, but it is a lengthy and meticulous one that can take an average of 90+ days to complete once submitted. Be that as it may, this span of time between applying, inspections, and approval will provide a window of time that can be used to procure equipment, finish the brewery space’s conversion, and fulfill crowdfunding item orders. 

Another second-tier concern is the necessary funding amount should crowdfunding and investor opportunities fail to succeed. At this point, however, this concern is secondary due to the quantity of people interested in supporting and inquiring about this project. Opening on a shoestring budget is always an failsafe option as the taproom already exists and equipment can be pieced together to launch an initial barrage of beers to inject cashflow into the brewery.


Social media support and hype is integral to this expansion, both for Tarnished Hollow itself as a new undertaking, but also Digital District as a whole. Combining nanobrewing and a craft beer taproom with pinball and video/board games is not a novel concept, but it is one that presents unique opportunities for attracting new customers from a variety of demographics.

Lastly, if you are interested in an investment opportunity as opposed to a perk package, please feel free to contact me via email at [email protected] with your inquiries.

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