Temporal Artisan Ales Startup Campaign

Temporal Artisan Ales Startup Campaign | A brewing & blending project dedicated to creating beers via fermentation in oak.

Who Am I?

My name is Tristan Stewart and I’ve been in the craft beer industry in BC for 6 years. In that time I’ve worked in a variety of positions, gaining experience managing a tasting room and a bottle shop, serving beer, and assisting with daily brewing operations. I am a Certified Beer Server (First level of the Cicerone program, I am working on level 2: Certified Cicerone) and am an aspiring BJCP beer judge (Just waiting to take that darn exam!). I love beer, brewing, and blending. It has been my dream to open my own brewery for years.

I will be working with the fine folks at Luppolo Brewing Company, renting a portion of their warehouse space and utilizing their brewing system to create some fantastic oak-aged beers. Even if the goal is not reached I will be using the pledged money to begin the first phase of the project, with production starting immediately at the end of the campaign. Under the target goal means a smaller loan, translating to less barrels and slower production.

What I Need Funding For

I’m here looking for funding to put the first stages of a large plan in motion. The $16,000 – or whatever funds I receive – will be used to secure a loan with the bank, which will allow me to purchase the necessary equipment and begin production. A list of the equipment includes:

  • Barrels – Initially I will be acquiring used wine barrels from the Okanagan. I would also like to acquire one large wine puncheon which I will convert into a fruiting tank. 
  • Blending Tank – A vessel to combine the contents of multiple barrels, let them settle, and package from. 
  • Top-up Fermenter – Since  I will be performing primary fermentation in the barrels themselves, I will need to have a vessel to hold a portion of beer from each batch to top up the barrels once the vigorous initial fermentation has slowed down. 
  • 6-Head Bottle Filler – Fills bottles, which will be capped and labelled by hand with the help of some friends. I am currently accepting applications for friends. 
  • Diaphragm Pump – A special type of pump for brewery use that is slower and much more gentle than a typical brewery pump. This goes a long way to reducing oxidization in fermented beer.
  • Brewing Odds & Ends – Clamps, gaskets, hose, valves, etc. All the necessary little bits to connect the larger pieces of equipment. 

The equipment isn’t the only cost. To fill the initial barrels I will have to brew multiple batches, which means lots of high-quality malt, pitch-able yeast and bacteria cultures and some hops. I plan to use very high quality ingredients because I believe this is the baseline for a superior product. 

What’s In It For You?

I have set up an array of unique perks for contributing to this project. For example, I am offering the unique experience of joining in on a barrel tasting or blending session. If you are interested in fermentation this is an incredible opportunity to sample some of the beers straight from the barrels, design your own blend, and have it potentially packaged!

I also am offering a discounted rate for the first year of the Cellar Society! This will be a yearly subscription providing access to exclusive, large-bottle beers. Included with membership is two bottles of 6 exclusive releases (12 bottles total) as well as a couple of very attractive Cellar Society exclusive stemmed glasses. Cellar Society Members also have the ability to reserve bottles of our regular releases, a maximum of 2 bottles per release and a total of 12 reserved at once. 

In addition to the above, I am also offering vouchers which can be redeemed for beers as they are released. These options essentially allow you to pre-purchase one bottle of each of the first 3 or 6 releases. 

I have included a few swag options – hats, shirts, and glassware. These will be made-to-order with our logo front and center.

Finally, you have the opportunity to name a barrel! Any subsequent beers that come from it will bear your name (or – assuming it is appropriate – a name of your choice) on the label! How cool is that!

Overall Benefit

I believe that by focusing solely on oak-aged beers I can bring something unique and new to our local beer scene. 

Assuming the funding goal is met, the proposed volume of releases for this project is approximately three new bottles each month. Initially these will be mixed fermentation farmhouse-style and sour ales, some with various fruit and some dry-hopped. In the future the variety of beers I produce will expand to include many other styles aged in a variety of wine and spirit barrels. 

Looking Forward

Completing this campaign and producing the first few batches is really just the first stage of my plan. Contracting space is not a permanent solution and I will be using the profit from the beers to renovate a warehouse with a tasting room. Once I have my own warehouse I will begin a dark barrel program consisting of Imperial Stouts, Belgian-style strong ales, Barleywines, etc. These will be kept physically separate from the mixed culture barrels to ensure there is no cross contamination. In addition to this, I will be looking to triple or quadruple the number of sour barrels in my program and acquiring a couple of foeders. I will also be playing around with using a mobile coolship for spontaneous inoculation by wild airborne microbes. 

I’ve got big plans for this project, and I can’t wait to put the first steps in motion. 

Other Ways You Can Help

If you aren’t able to contribute financially you can still help with this campaign, and your effort would mean the world to me. Please share this campaign on social media – Indiegogo has tools to make this super easy. And please tell all your friends! Not everyone uses social media and just by mentioning this project you are helping me gain traction. 

Thank you for any contributions and I appreciate you taking the time to read through this page!


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