The MBOX, Our Innovation, Mosquito’s Elimination

The MBOX, Our Innovation, Mosquito’s Elimination | The (2e) Generation Mosquito Trap. Using innovative trapping methods to Trap mosquito’s.

#Update on Production & Testing (Scroll down a little bit) 

We are already in the testing & production phase and once IndieGoGo has successfully ended, we can ship our mosquito boxes out and the estimated arrival at your doorstep is on early/mid september!  

Why did we Develop the Mosquito Box?

The main reason for developing the mosquito box has been started from a tragic story. A story that turned into a dream to being able to protect the people from mosquito.   

The increasing population on earth and urbanization all over the world is causing problems everywhere around the world. The current indoor mosquito traps have been based on technology from the past. We had to re-invent.  

So we went back to the drawing board, adding in research and innovations from the last few years to develop a new generation of smart mosquito traps that are suitable for the current society. Efficient and effective.



A Short Story from Brian Lamsee
From an Innocent Family Trip to a Nightmare


We will continue the fight! We need Help! 

Our mission is to protect people from mosquito and help people that have caught these terrible insects. We cannot fight this alone and we need your help. Time is ticking and nobody knows when the next deadly mosquito disease is going to appear.  

QM Limited has a long history of fighting against mosquitoes in Hong Kong. QM has developed many traps in cooperation with public instances in Hong Kong. But this is was only our first step, we have technology to create even more efficient mosquito traps and we want to be able to give everyone a chance to use it to fight against mosquitoes at home. Mosquito borne disease keep mutating and who knows when a new one will appear. Mosquitoes are already the world deadliest animal that kills over 750.000 people a year(Gates Notes). Even though we can continue the road we have walked in the past, but time is something we cannot fight and only with your help we can accomplish this fight and give our children a safer world.


The Trapping Methods

The Mosquito Box uses a combination of different methods to specifically lure female mosquitoes (the ones that bite) into our traps. Below you can find the list of technology and links to their workings.  

– Co2/H2o from the Tio2 coated surface  
– Dark color design  
– Heat & Spectral Wavelengths from the CCFL/UV Light  
– (optional) Attractants from Biogents (Germany) 

Photocatalysis effect (Tio2 -> co2/h2o)  

Female mosquitoes track humans by tracing Co2 and H2o. They can track Co2 up to 50 meters and follow it back to the place of origin.  

The UV light of the Mosquito Box irradiates a surface coated with Titanium Dioxide to enable the photo catalysis effect (see below) to lure mosquitoes.  

This effect is discovered by Dr. Akira Fujishima from Tokyo University of Science and it helps simulate the human breath of Co2 and moisture that mosquitoes use to track their prey.



Mosquito Sight (Dark Color Design)  

Mosquitoes have 2 compound eyes. The compound eyes are made up of many hundreds if not, thousands of lenses called ommatidia.  

Testing with different colors we noticed that mosquitoes prefer the color black over any other. Another interesting fact is that mosquitoes stay in groups. With our Mirroring surface it will give the feeling to the mosquito that she is not flying alone to the prey and increase the chances of the mosquito nearing our Mosquito Box.

USB 3.0 (Quick Charge) / (Heat Generation

We have incorporated a USB 3.0 to easily recharge your Phone. We have thought of many ways in increasing the heat generation of the Mosquito Box to attract mosquito’s but many would incorporate wasting energy to generate heat. 

By adding the USB Charger to charge your phone, the Mosquito Box and your Phone produces extra heat to attract mosquitoes, This way it will not waste any energy and produce our desired extra heat attraction.

Spectral Attraction (CCFL/UV Color)  

The light that a CCFL light produces attracts mosquitoes since it has been adjusted to give off the same body heat of human body’s. The light itself also emits a special spectrum that attracts mosquitoes and other flying insects.  

A CCFL light can last up to 40.000+ hours in comparison to the traditional UV lights that people still use from decades ago, there is no need to exchange the light bulbs anymore. Another interesting thing is that a CCFL light uses 60% less energy than the traditional UV bulbs. 


Biogents Attractants (Optional Attractants) 

Researchers of Biogents (University of Regensburg / Germany) have over 16 years of research regarding the olfactory system of mosquitoes.  

We have implemented their sweet scent attractants into our traps. With the following results as seen below.  

Our Mosquito Box can function without the optional attractants. If you include the attractants into your trap, you can increase the trapping efficacy.


Capturing Mosquitoes  

The Mosquito Box has a fan for two purposes. The fan acts as a suction device to suck in mosquitoes that are attracted to the Mosquito Box.  

The second function is to make sure that the Co2/H2o that is generated can be spread out.

The Mosquito Box Usage  

The Mosquito Box is designed for indoor usage but is also capable functioning outdoors like for your garden/patio or balcony.  

The MBOX is a specialized device that lures in mosquitoes by offering an alternative for the mosquito, when there are no options available for the mosquito to bite like in your living room or bed room it will be attracted to the trap and captured.  

The most important aspect is that you have to keep the trap on when there are no alternatives for mosquitoes to guarantee a 100% capture rate.

Specification Sheet




A lot of work has already been finished after our first generation of the Mosquito Box. And the Production for the second generation can be started once everything is successfully funded.

Since this is a relaunch on the project and we know we can achieve the funding, we have already put a lot of effort in the production and also reduced the shipping costs. from 250 -> 215 hkd (DHL)

We are looking to expand globally to give everyone a chance to buy a Mosquito Box and protect their family & friends from mosquito borne diseases. Once our finance have been rounded up, we can immediately start producing and shipping our first products after carefully testing them

We will be shipping at the end of August and you should be able to receive it within 3-5 days of shipment.

We are in Production & Testing & Assembling!

On the testing bank for reliability, power consumption testing! 


The first few boxes that we were able to receive! little bit dusty, but we will clean dust it off before we send it off to you guys!


As we do our own assembly, we have produced all the parts separately to decrease the costs of our product and guarantee that we can give you all the quality that you can expect from us.


Of course we also need a lot of foam to pack all the boxes for you guys!


And last here is some more mosquito boxes in our big export cartons :)! If everything is going according to plan and IndieGoGo is successful, you will be receiving our mosquito box early/mid September! 


How the funds will be used.

Our mission is to develop even better traps in the future that we can provide to the world. We will keep dedicating in research & development to improve our understanding of the mosquito and create even better traps for you in the future.  

We believe that when you are backing us, it is not only helping you to get rid of mosquitoes, but you will also be helping humanity getting rid of mosquitoes.  

We really have to reduce the amount of deaths by mosquitoes, it is one of the biggest killers of the world and to achieve this we need your help!





Risks and challenges

Risks and challenges

Mosquito Research & Development: 
After the first generation of the Mosquito Box we have kept on thinking up idea’s to increase the efficacy on catching mosquito’s. Our biggest challenge has always been to keep adapting innovative technology into our traps and keep up with the ever evolving mosquito and mosquito diseases.

To keep this Risk as minimum as possible we keep contact with lead researchers like Biogents (Germany) and with our history of cooperation with public instances in Hong Kong we have developed many ways of testing our devices. We have the knowledge and materials, but we need more supporters for us to show that we can be one of the leading fighters against mosquitoes.

Production Risk: 
As we have produced mosquito traps for over 8 years and have experienced many kinds of problems, we have the confidence that we can deliver this product in time. Most of the research & development of the MBOX has been done before we went on kickstarter and as for the production, most of the initial stages have been produced before as the first generation of the MBOX and we have made a few adjustments to the MBOX and added a USB 3.0 to increase the efficacy of the MBOX. As this is something we have done before, we do not expect any problems this time around. I promise if there is something going on we will be clear and honest to our backers. As we have reached our Goal before, i am sure we can do it again.

Shipping Risks: 
As we are still looking for better ways of shipping our products to our backers. We have looked at the best and safest ways to get our MBOX to you in one piece. One of the most important aspects is that our packaging is sturdy and able to protect the MBOX. 

For the shipping we are looking to cooperate with UPS/DHL/FEDEX (they gave us a estimate price). At this moment we are also looking for other shipment methods to get our MBOX to our backers in case there is something wrong with our current couriers (UPS/DHL/FEDEX).

We have already reduced the shipping from 250 -> 215 HKD as we have done a lot of research and with our backers from our previous project we were able to get a better deal. the current shipping will be done by DHL

Relaunching the Project on Indiegogo

Dear Backers & Supporters,

We had an incredible launch few weeks ago and we had reached over 150% of our target within 20 days. But suddenly due to circumstances Kickstarter has suspended us. Our production is already halfway and our estimate is to ship out at the end of August. (See our Update#2 for some testing pictures :)! )

After working on solutions with our backers & supporters as to why we suddenly were suspended. We were not able to come to any conclusion as where the mishaps are. We have been looking for solutions on how to give our backers and supporters to attain our Mosquito Box. Kickstarter has been ignoring our requests ever since.

Many have wondered what we are going to do now. The Fight against mosquito is not something we can easily give up on, we cannot be stopped by a minor setback. So that is why we are back again, we are not willing to give up and this is a fight that we once again need your support.

If you feel like i have missed any information, just send me a message or comment on the project and i will help you further.

Thanks once again, and let us succeed this time! IndieGoGo is known to be fair & honest. As we put our hopes here to continue our fight! This time with the flexible funding we can guarantee that our backers can receive our product.

Yours Sincerely,

Calvin Li / QM Limited


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