The Spirit Top – The Modern Day Mini Bottle

The Spirit Top – The Modern Day Mini Bottle | An Aluminum Container Offering Users the Choice: 1. Open and Pour 2. Create a Self-Contained Drink!

Before We Get Started

  1. Prototypes shown were made with plastic, but the final product will be made out of Aluminum, and will open and look like the top of a soda or beer can.

  2. All trademarks are shown for descriptive, fair use, purposes.  A Spirit Top will only be sold with a brand’s authorized contents within.

  3. The Spirit Tops is simply an improvement the current 50 ml bottle.  It will be sold directly to beverage companies.  You will ultimately purchase or redeem vouchers for Spirit Tops filled with their product, while enjoy the additional benefits of ours! 


Your Choice: Self-Contained Drink, Shooter, Or Pour



So Take A Round Of Shots For The Crew



Or Just Enough For You



How Many Reasons Do You Need?



Creating The Self-Contained Mixed Drink



Three Purchase Options

1.  Individually

Just like the current 50ml bottle

2.  Multi-Pack

Grab a sleeve of the brand of your choice, in various quantities

3.  Build Your Own Variety Pack

Create the perfect mix for any occasion



Why Should You Support Our Campaign?

  1. Top brands want to see significant demand for the product, so your support will help us secure deals with the brands you love, and get to market faster in more markets.
  2. The Spirit Top is at a place where significant additional funds are required.  Investors are interested but the current valuation makes raising sufficient capital difficult without giving away control
  3. This product has been 100% funded thus far by the inventor, just a regular guy, who’s family has made huge sacrifices, so he can pursue his dream.  We prefer to offer backers a huge discount instead of giving away the company.


Why Vouchers And How Will You Redeem?  

  1. Due to legalities and regulations, offering vouchers is the only way for backers to be the first to get their hands on Spirit Tops and save some serious money in the process.
  2. Allows backers to choose exactly which brand’s product in Spirit Tops they’ll receive.
  3. Allows us to offer a delay credit as a stretch goal! (More on this after we reach our initial goal)


Details For Using Your Backer Portal to Access Vouchers



Choose When And How To Redeem



Redeem On One Or A Variety Of Your Favorites



Why Crowdfunding?

  1. This product has been 100% funded thus far by the inventor, just a regular guy, who’s family has made huge sacrifices, so he can pursue his dream.  The Spirit Top is now at a place where to continue development and production, significant additional funds will be required.
  2. Investors are interested but the current valuation makes raising sufficient capital difficult without giving away control of the invention.  We decided to offer backers a huge discount instead of giving away the company.
  3. Top brands want to see significant demand for the product, so your support will help us secure deals with the brands you love


Who Came Up With The Spirit Top?

The Spirit Top was created by Matt Staus, a career waiter/bartender of 20+ years, who has always aspired to be an inventor and entrepreneur.  A father of 3 kids, Matt works evenings full time while dedicating his days to the pursuit of this passion.

During his journey Matt has been a part of several business from the normal e-commerce, real estate, and fitness types, to the creation of several issued or patent pending products, as well as a divorce transition services company offering non-legal logistics support for many aspects within a divorce. 

He keeps a notebook by his bed and regularly pulls it out in the middle of the night to jot down ideas.  The Spirit Top lived in that notebook for several years waiting patiently until Matt was capable of ensuring both the product and his family would be ready to handle the challenges of bringing a product like this to the market.  


Started With Concept Sketches

The initial concept for The Spirit Top came in 2014 during a conversation with a co-worker, while working one evening.   Years of  brainstorming viable ways to create a self-contained mixed drink, a cost effective, simple  solution was finally found.fywjzuv6pjvctqoezaa8


The First 3D Printed Prototypes

Looked like a hockey puck and was called The Spirit Sphere.  cfkgrsiodlc7lr9qaqce


A Plastic Pull Tab Version Emerged

Over the past year the design and manufacture-ability has been improved significantly.  Now looking more like the top of a can, as shown throughout the campaign, we used this version to get market feedback.  We learned that plastic was the wrong material, as well as realize other concerns such as litter and costs.  Transitioning to Aluminum has many benefits.



An Aluminum Spirit Top

Through studying and integrating the current can making process, we have been able to reduce our production costs and timeline significantly.  We are in the final stages of producing a functional prototype out of aluminum.  3 Significant improvements of this rendition.

  1. The Center Wall, shown in the plastic prototypes, dividing the drinking opening, has been modified and will no longer be visible or intrusive.
  2. The Filling and Seaming will be identical to a standard  including the use of a standard pop top end.  Drinking out of a Spirit Top will be enjoyed exactly like any regular canned beverage.
  3. We are in discussions with a couple huge can manufacturers and will have a deal in place prior to the end of this campaign for production.  This will start production 6 months sooner than our timeline when using plastic.  We have also been able to reduce the projected price per unit by over $.25 which will allow us to produce Spirit Tops for less than many brands are paying for their current glass 50 ml bottles.


​​Non-Alcoholic Options

We have received a lot of requests for Non-Alcoholic options.  A large variety of flavor options would be made possible with Non-Alcoholic Spirit Tops.  

Drinks types that could benefit are:

  • Lemonades
  • Ice Teas
  • Juices
  • Sparkling Water / Seltzers
  • Energy Drinks
  • Coffee Drinks
  • Soft Drinks

The Spirit Top will allow for a base flavor with combinations that would be interchangeable.


How Will The Funds Be Used

  1.   IP Protection both Domestic and International (currently patent pending):  up to $25,000
  2.   Acquiring agreements with brands, events, and other vendors: up to $50,000
  3.   Tooling and Production: over $250,000
  • While significant amounts of money will be needed to fund this entire project, crowdfunding allows us to reduce the risk for investors while protecting our intellectual property.  Taking on one of the largest industries in the world, we need to move quickly while ensuring we do not get taken advantage of.


So You Can Have More Fun


With A Lot Less Fuss



No Additional Supplies Required



Perfect When Entertaining At Your Home



Or When You’re Team’s Away



And Even If You’re Just Dropping By 



So Stop Taking A Full Bottle, Just To Have A Drink



So You Can Do More



With the Ones You Love



More Easily Than Ever Before



      Risks & Challenges

      We are taking on one of the largest industries in the world.  What could go wrong…   Many of you have been following this project for some time now and you know how resilient we have been as well as the effort we have taken to improve the product and process based on the feedback we receive.

      • While there may be delays, we will continue on the path to bringing this product to the market until we are successful.
      • While we are hoping to get large brands on board early, if not, we have interested smaller brands looking for the exposure as well.
      • We are discussing terms with a large can manufacturer, this will eliminate many of the hurdles during manufacturing.


      Other Ways You Can Help

      We understand that there are many reasons why financially supporting our campaign may be difficult.  Here are a few other ways you can help.

      • Use the Indiegogo share tools to help get the word out.
      • Put our product in front of business owners who could utilize it. 
      • Direct those you know who would be an asset to our team.  As we grow, good people are hard to find.


      And that’s all there is to it.






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