The World’s 1st Portable Fitness Bridge

The World’s 1st Portable Fitness Bridge | Get fit anywhere with this portable multi-gym. Include four free & fun mobile games



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Mix the stable training and unstable training together.


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Powerbridge offers you virtually endless workout possibilities! Skip the gym and get a fast full-body workout in the comfort of your own home.

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Powerbridge is more than just a fitness device. In combination with the synchronized app and phone holder, it combines exercise with games to make your workout more enjoyable. Powerbridge features 4 proprietary games for you to enjoy a dynamic upper-body workout and in-game exercise experience.


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We designed Powerbridge to include 5 training levels to fit any training style! We also categorize exercises into 5 levels for fitness beginners, advanced, and professionals. Take advantage of the Powerbridge for burning fat and training muscles.

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Powerbridge’s balance training options provide full-body low impact training. It strengthens all muscle groups simultaneously while working the abs and back muscles. Get fit while watching movies, playing games, or working. You can improve your body in just minutes a day and build your core strength by planking. Powerbridge is versatile, goes anywhere and is easy to use for people of all ages and fitness levels.


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Powerbridge can target specific muscle groups with different push-up variations, including wide-to-narrow position and balanced-to-unbalanced variations.


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Don’t let lack of equipment limit your imagination. With Powerbridge, there are virtually endless exercise combinations to create the perfect workout routine for your fitness goals.


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Unstable surfaces offer a challenge to the person who performs exercises on them.  The ability to develop better core control, strength and reflexive neuromuscular response in all involved joints is evident.  The development of gross bulk, strength and power occurs best with stable exercises.  For most people the combination of the two forms of exercise would be the most beneficial.   

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Although you may think of your “core” only when you’re doing specific abs moves, you actually use these muscles all day, every day—which is why core exercises are so important. Whether you’re walking, reaching, balancing, getting up from a chair, or simply just standing upright, the muscles of your midsection are firing to keep you stable and supported in nearly every movement.


These include the rectus abdominis (the muscles along the front of your abdomen, likely what you think of when you think “abs”), transverse abdominis (the deepest internal core muscles that wrap around your sides and spine), erector spinae (a set of muscles in your lower back), pelvic floor muscles, and the internal and external obliques (the muscles on the sides of your abdomen). Abarca says even your rotator cuffs, lats, traps, and pectoral muscles can be involved in core work.


But because of how much you use your abs in everyday life and during your workouts, it’s worth showing them some extra love with some specific core exercises. Not only can that help with injury prevention (including back pain!), but it can also improve your range of motion, boost strength, and maintain mobility.

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#1. Building Better Posture

Thanks to poor movement form, a focus on a narrow range of movement patterns, and an ever-more-sedentary lifestyle, the average person has terrible posture. Many people develop limitations like hunched shoulders, anterior pelvic tilt, and reduced upper-back mobility. Part of the problem is that, as a population, we don’t do the balance exercises necessary to counteract the adverse effects of our lifestyle.
Improving balance is excellent for posture. It teaches you the static and dynamic positions that are natural to your human form. Outstanding balance requires good posture: the two go hand-in-glove.


#2. Performance Enhancement

Improved balance and muscle group coordination will naturally increase your body’s ability to control itself during challenging tasks. For athletes, this means improved agility, quicker reaction times, and improved overall performance. For non-athletes, it could mean being able to forgo use of a cane for short periods of time or being able to safely walk on grass in the park instead of having to stick to sidewalks.


#3. Preventing Falls

Balance drills help you to control your core and limbs more deftly. Not only does this help improve the elegance with which you move, but it also helps you avoid falls. When you have good balance, you can more quickly adapt to changes in body position, adjusting on the fly to unexpected variations in elevation or rocks that you didn’t see underfoot.
Avoiding falls not only helps you avoid physical damage like broken hips; it also boosts confidence. When you have good balance, you no longer have to worry about whether you might fall every time you leave the house. Even if you’re young, having this unconscious awareness allows you to feel more confident in your environment.
When your balance system is working optimally, you can more quickly react to slips, making it less likely that you’ll fall.


#4. Allowing Faster Recovery From Injury

Many people who train athletically suffer injuries, especially of the leg and ankle. Much of what is known about balance comes from research on people with lower-leg injuries. What that research shows is fascinating: the more balance drills people perform, the faster they recover from their injuries. Balance drills may also prevent injuries in the first place.


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Powerbridge features a lightweight design with detachable accessories. The system is compact enough to fit anywhere and allows you to stay in shape no matter where you are. Whether you are at home, traveling, or in your office, Powerbridge fitness fits your lifestyle.


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U Structure – For Balanced Training

Arch Bridge Structure – For Stable Push-ups

Detachable Design – For Unlimited Possibilities

Phone Holder – For Dynamic Planking


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INNSTAR provides high-quality fitness training equipment, such as fitness bars, pull-up handles, and adjustable resistance bands. Our mission has been to deliver health and fitness solutions that people can benefit from, at their convenience, wherever they may be. And now, with the goal of providing people with a scientific exercise assistant, we have created Powerbridge.


Powerbridge is the latest innovative product of the INNSTAR® team. Featuring a full workout system, including push-ups, balance training, and planking, Powerbridge aims to be your everyday fitness assistant for a healthier lifestyle.


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