The World’s First Circadian Beverage Trio

The World’s First Circadian Beverage Trio | Functional Beverages to give your body what it needs, when it needs it – based on time of day.




“Circadian” literally means “about a day.” Circadian Rhythms are the body’s internal, natural cycles regulating things like sleep, mood, appetite, metabolism, hormones and temperature, following the 24 hour sleep-wake cycle, repeating and aligning with the Earth’s 24 hr rotation. They are the master biological clocks, taking cues from light and darkness from the eyes, to the center of the brain, which then signals the body’s cells and energy levels to coordinate. All living things follow these rhythms, syncronizing with light and dark, and the planet. 


Circadian Rhythm begins in the back of the eyes, so it’s a great thing that two of the INTENT® Co-Founders happen to be eye doctors! Dr. Amy and Dr. Tom Czyz have been eye doctors for over twenty years, and know first hand how important it is to be proactive about optimizing health. 

Intent’s journey began eighteen months ago, when three founders, Dr. Amy & Dr. Tom Czyz, and Nic Yavelak designed a series of integrated beverages to give our bodies what it needs, when it needs it according to time of day, our Circadian Rhythms. Each ingredient within each formulation was hand selected to do its part. 

INTENT is a new, proactive approach to optimizing health, in sync with our bodies and the natural Circadian Rhythms we all share.




Our flagship Circadian Beverage™ Trio is designed to work together, optimizing each 24-hour sleep-wake cycle. The three different organic combinations of vitamins, minerals, adaptogens, and botanicals work morning, noon, and night to help you activate and achieve your intentions. 












At first, we thought $40,000 seemed like a big ask. Here’s the thing, to do marketing and advertising right, it’s not. It’s just enough to get real time market research identifying an audience, figure out what resonates and what doesn’t, develop effective copy and ads, and implement the plan designated by our creative and award winning ad firm. 

$40,000 sets the stage for INTENT® to have data, ad content, sales and revenue, as well as a strong customer foundation, placing INTENT® on a trusted and reliable path for solid growth towards success!


  • Make you first in line to receive our groundbreaking Circadian Beverage™ Trio 
  • Directly fund social media, direct to consumer ad spends 
  • Support market research ad management by an award winning social media agency
  • Ensure ads are effective in connecting to customers and converting to productive sales. 
  • Enable our creative team to continue designing new content and ad campaigns based on real time data that will drive our launch to success!


Your contributions will have a direct impact on the success of our Circadian Beverage™ Trio launch by providing the direct path connecting INTENT® directly to consumers. You will make that happen, and be part of growing a new brand, right from the beginning! 


Every last dollar of this campaign will fund advertising and marketing, amplifying our positive message of optimizing health in sync with our Circadian Beverage™ Trio, and our mission of Inclusion, Equality, Kindness and Empowerment. 

If our campaign does not exceed our goals, your contribution will still be used exactly as described- funding advertising and marketing efforts, based on the perk you select! 

Any funds that exceed our marketing and advertising goal will be donated to support LGBTQIA+ youth organizations. INTENT® is about celebrating all of us, just as we are. 

The impact of your contribution is enormous! All funds will be used to fuel that engine of good will towards optimizing health every morning, noon and night and sharing a positive, hopeful message of Empowerment, Inclusion, Equality and Kindness! 



Our mission to empower people to better themselves and the world only happens when our message, values and products are shared. 

Challenges Include:

  • Getting our message and product out in a crowded social media space
  • Connecting with consumers and building a loyal consumer base
  • Creating a seamless, enjoyable consumer experience from ad to re-order
  • Communicating with consumers in fast paced digital world

Active Mitigation Strategies:

  • Bridging the knowledge and resource gap through Indiegogo
  • Seeking expertise, Working only with the best
  • Partnering with power, We don’t mess around


From our formulation developer, legal and trademark, creative team, to advertising and marketing firms, web services to mobile communication AI consumer interface, we select industry leading partners with the experience and capability to launch INTENT®, positioned for growth and success. 





Rome wasn’t built in a day! We recognize that this campaign is only the start in launching INTENT® and it’s journey extends far beyond this campaign. 

Being honest and transparent about who we are, what INTENT® is all about, and how we’re building a new type of beverage designed to optimize balance and health a little bit each day proactively through our Circadian Beverage™ Trio, is an important factor in building trust and a loyal customer base. 

This is why we’re openly welcoming as members and allies of the LGBTQ community and already contribute to organizations supporting LGBTQ youth, with plans in motion to do as much as we can, and we hope you will do the same.

Inclusion, Equality, and Kindness matters, as we are truly more the same than we are different. 

Welcome To INTENT®










Do as the Romans do… and the Greeks, Chinese, Egyptians, Mayans, and Babylonians have done since 8,000 years ago! 

Honey has been used for thousands of years for its incredible antioxidant, antibacterial, antiviral, anti-inflammatory, immunity boosting abilities. (Reference 1)

No wonder Honey protects against obesity, diabetes mellitus, metabolic syndrome, high blood sugar and helps decrease blood sugar and improve fat metabolism (Reference 2)

With the worldwide COVID-19 pandemic, the strength of our immune systems, ability to fight viruses and upper respiratory infections, and protect our blood vessel endothelial cells from damage is of extreme importance, now more than ever. Honey has protective abilities in these areas, so much that there are Phase 3 Clinical Trials being conducted testing the efficacy of natural Honey for mild COVID-19 infected patients. (Reference 3)

That’s how important Honey is to our health and wellbeing. 

And that’s why all of our clean-label Circadian Beverages are made with organic Clover Honey, giving them a rich, smooth taste, like a spa in a bottle made just for you!

Technically, according to scientists, Adaptogens are herbs from medicinal plants that work throughout the body to manage physical, chemical and biological stress and achieve balance, or homeostasis. (Reference 4

The FDA defines Adaptogens as “metabolic regulators that have proved to help in environmental adaptation and to prevent external harms.”  They work within the brain and throughout the body to support and optimize health. 




Adaptogens do really great things in your body, uniquely to you, to optimize things like energy, mental clarity, mood, boost immunity, physical endurance, heart health, blood sugar, metabolism, manage stress, and achieve balance. (Reference 5

Not only can Adaptogenic herbs like Panax Ginseng, Schisandra and Ashwagandha help with weight loss (Reference 6)  boost immunity, increase energy and metabolism and reduce stress, Adaptogens can balance the body’s Circadian Rhythms and the effects when our natural biological clock is out of sync. (Reference 7)



Get Up and Stand Up with 30mg natural caffeine from organic Green Coffee Bean, Amla and Panax Ginseng, Vitamin C and B Vitamins for energy, clarity, and an antioxidant boost to start your day off right.

Awaken your senses and capture clarity to set your intentions and mood for the day with adaptogens and micronutrients designed to increase energy slow and steady, avoid the spike and crash, neutralize stress from the start of the day, helping your body attain balance proactively, right from the start! (Reference 8)

Elderberry is, according to the National Institute of Health, an important source of natural antioxidants and prevention of disease (Reference 9). It’s antiviral properties are also efficient, safe, and effective at reducing symptoms of viral infections, like influenza. (Reference 10

A powerful Adaptogen, Panax Ginseng helps clear the fog, guiding attention, improving mental accuracy and capacity,  reducing mental errors, and lifting mood. (Reference 11

Vitamins B3, B5, B6, and B12 are antioxidants helping cells in your body work, make energy, increase metabolism, support brain activities, and repair DNA. (Reference 12)

Infuse Ayurvedic Amla, a medicinal plant with its benefits dating back thousands of years, for antioxidant, cardio-protection, neuro-protection, anti-inflammatory, immunity boosting, restoration and rejuvenation benefits into your morning. (Reference 13

Amla also supports blood throughout your body to nourish tissues , has anti-coagulation properties,  and protects endothelial cells, These cells are the backbone of cardiovascular health, and strengthen our defense against viruses that may attack these cells (Reference 14). Scientists believe COVID-19 damages these cells, increases inflammation and blood coagulation that damages tissues and organs throughout the body. (Reference 15)

“It is well-known that endothelial cell injury can strongly activate the coagulation system via exposure of tissue factor and other pathways. Therefore, COVID-19 infection, aggravating the endothelial dysfunction of patients, generates a detrimental hyper-coagulable state.Jun 20, 2020” (Reference 15)



Your body has the power to achieve balance, strength and optimal health as stresses rise in the daily grind, it just needs a little push to help overcome obstacles and reach your peak!

That’s where INTENT® comes in. Break Free, activate and fulfill your daily intentions, by elevating mental clarity, increasing endurance and strength, reducing fatigue and stress, and promoting healthy activities throughout your body. 

Adaptogenic ingredients like Schisandra, Ashwagandha and Ginger combine for powerful, pro health effects on the brain and body to sustain focus and decrease stress levels, prevent lipid/fat accumulation, reduce obesity, and fight infection.

Hypoglycemic, anti-diabetic, antioxidant and immunity strengthening effects are also important factors in our collective pursuit to achieve our best health. (Reference 16

During the peak day, Schisandra boosts mental performance, increases resistance to mental exhaustion and fatigue, protects against stress, and enhances attention through positively interacting with the body’s hypothalamus-pituitary-adrenal (HPA) system. (Reference 17)

Schisandra also has great benefits for strengthening endurance, muscle building and athletic performance as an adaptogen increasing recovery after physical load, preserving energy, increasing protein synthesis, and increasing performance, without risks of addiction and adverse side effects that stimulants carry. (Reference 18)

For thousands of years, people have used Ginger for its preventive and therapeutic benefits for ailments from colds to cancer. GI accumulation and anti-nausea benefits, as well as high antioxidant levels,  anti-inflammation, anti-carcinogenic, and oxidation-related stress reduction make Ginger a perfect complement to Break Free during your day. (Reference 19

A cornerstone of Ayurvedic healing and wellness, Ashwagandha is known for reducing anxiety, cortisol and stress levels. It promotes calm and enhances wellbeing, bringing balance to mid day to help you reach your goals and intentions. (Reference 20

Putting your best face forward takes protection against photo aging and mitochondrial dysfunction, Schisandra has anti-aging benefits and helps get your glow on! (Reference 16)  




Like exercising a little each day rather than slamming the body all at once on a weekend, a little goes a long way. Honey helps deliver effective micronutrients to reduce unwanted side effects and interactions, which is Intent’s approach to optimal health. Start small and build to master whatever comes your way. 



The soothing combination of Chamomile, Valerian Root, and Clover Honey give you that sense of calm you crave as you kick back and unwind, setting the stage for a restful sleep. Safely improving sleep quality with Chamomile (Reference 21) and Valerian Root (Reference 22) and Magnesium (Reference 23), while reducing anxiety and cortisol levels to increase relaxation (Reference 24) is the foundation of a good night and great morning. 

Valerian Root also induces calmness, supports sleep, improves cardiovascular and digestive health, and helps the body fight inflammation and infection. (Reference 25)

Boosting immunity, sleep, metabolism and restoring  that glow with Biotin, lets Night Shift do the work, so you’re ready for tomorrow. 




Circadian Rhythms are your body’s natural biological clocks, coordinating what happens in your body, down to the cellular level, around a 24 hour sleep wake cycle, in tune with the rotation of our planet, sunrise to sunset.

It all begins with the neurons in your eyes, that capture light and communicate with your brain to send signals throughout your body about what it’s supposed to be doing from morning through night, affecting things like mental clarity and focus, digestion, stamina, digestion, delivering nutrients to your cells, restful sleep, and restoring your body to prepare for the next day.

Many things like blue light, when and what we eat, exercise and work affect our natural rhythms. Supporting our bodies during these phases throughout the day help us stay connected to that natural 24 hour sleep wake cycle, optimize our health, get the most out of our day, and achieve our full potential.

Following and complementing our natural Circadian Rhythms keeps our bodies strong, helps us fight off bacterial and viral infections, maintain a healthy weight, heighten our focus and clarity, be well rested, feel and look our best.

Science is advancing rapidly in our understanding of how important Circadian Rhythm is in our fight against disease like obesity, cardiovascular problems and diabetes, but also how the signals from the eyes to the brain and our to the body’s organs and cells is critical for us to achieve our best health and fulfill our full human potential, each and every day.




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