[Updated Guide 2022] Types of Virtualization in Cloud computing?

Types of virtualization in cloud computing? is a very commonly surfed topic on the internet by gaming enthusiasts. But are you really aware of cloud computing and the types of virtualization in cloud computing? If your answer is No, then you don’t need to worry cause we are about to talk about the types of virtualization in cloud computing?

Types of virtualization in cloud computing?

Types of virtualization in cloud computing?

What is cloud computing?

The delivery of various services over the Internet is known as cloud computing. Data storage, servers, databases, networking, and software are just a few of the tools and applications available.

Cloud-based storage allows users to store files to a distant database rather than keeping them on a proprietary hard drive or local storage device. As long as an electronic gadget has internet connectivity, it has access to data and the software applications needed to execute it.

For a variety of reasons, including cost savings, greater productivity, speed and efficiency, performance, and security, cloud computing is a popular choice for individuals and enterprises.

Different types of virtualization in cloud computing

  1. Operating system Virtualization.
  2. Server Virtualization.
  3. Hardware Virtualization.
  4. Storage Virtualization.

Types of virtualization in cloud computing?

1) Operating system Virtualization:

Based on the operating system Virtualization is an operating system technology in which the kernel allows many segregated user-space instances to exist. Virtualization software installation also refers to operating system-based virtualization. It is placed on top of an existing operating system, which is referred to as the host operating system.

On this type of virtualization, a user installs virtualization software in his operating system like any other program and uses it to run and build numerous virtual machines. Here, the virtualization software gives the user immediate access to any of the virtual machines that have been established. Virtualization software can turn physical IT resources that require specialized software into virtualized IT resources. Because the host OS is a full operating system in and of itself, several OS-based organizational management and administration tools are available for virtualization host management.

2) Server Virtualization:

The practice of creating and abstracting several virtual instances on a single server is known as server virtualization. Server virtualization also hides the quantity and identity of individual physical servers, CPUs, and operating systems. In the past, computer hardware and software were often designed to serve a single application. This frequently required servers to perform a single task, resulting in the waste of underutilized processors, memory, and other hardware resources. As additional apps and services were deployed across the corporation, the number of servers grew exponentially. Costs and demands on space, electricity, cooling, and connectivity have all increased as a result.

3) Hardware Virtualization:

Host software runs hardware virtualization, also known as platform or server virtualization, on a specific hardware platform. In a nutshell, it conceals the physical hardware. A hypervisor is the host software that acts as a control program. The hypervisor generates a simulated computer environment for guest software, which can range from simple user programs to whole operating systems.

The guest software works as if it were operating on the real hardware itself. Physical resources, such as network access and physical ports, are normally handled at a lower level than processor and memory access. Guests are frequently denied entrance to particular areas. Guests are frequently denied access to certain peripheral devices. It might be difficult to manage network connections and external connectors like USB from within the guest program.

4) Storage Virtualization:

Storage virtualization is the sharing of physical storage among several storage devices that seem to be a single storage unit in Cloud Computing. It may also be referred to as a collection of available storage devices that are managed from a single location. Virtualization has a number of advantages, including simple data backup, achievement, and recovery. This entire process is quick and efficient.

The full complexity of the Storage Area Network is not shown by storage virtualization in Cloud Computing (SAN). This virtualization may be used at all SAN levels. Storage virtualization is nothing more than the sharing of physical storage across several storage devices that seem to be a single storage unit in Cloud Computing.

Well, that’s all folks! I hope the above-discussed points were informative enough for you.

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