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Vita Nova Creatives & Coffee | Combining specialty coffee and creativity in a unique coffeehouse located in Nokesville, Virginia.


Our campaign ended earlier than intended, so we invite you to check out our website For now, it will take you to our newsletter signup, though we are seeing if we can make a carry-over campaign page there. You can also email us at [email protected] or message us through our FB page,, with your backer level and perk desire, and we’ll make sure you can contribute and receive your fun perk items! Thank you!

What is Vita Nova Creatives & Coffee?

Vita Nova Creatives & Coffee is a community based artisan boutique and coffee bar located in Northern Virginia. Founded by Paula Millar and her two daughters Danielle Millar and Rebecca Ferguson and her daughter-in-law Jessica Millar in 2020. 

A Note from Paula: 

I was drawn to the name Vita Nova because of it’s meaning: “New Life” and the implications it has on each of our lives as we are entering into new stages and chapters. For me personally, my children have grown and although I’ve always loved art and raising my 4 kids, that stage in life made it difficult for me to find time to pursue the artistic outlets that I love.

We have already begun the process of opening our coffee shop boutique which pairs beautifully all of my passions: my kids, my creativity, and coffee.

Family has always been important to me and I am blessed with the opportunity to operate this store with my two daughters and my daughter-in-law. Our intention is to have our shop feel home-y to the community and to make it a gathering place for the nearby Nokesville, Bristow, and Manassas neighborhoods and businesses and those to our west. We look forward to partnering with the community and providing a service that is not yet available in the area.

Along with family I have always loved treasure hunting and looking for interesting things. I frequent flea markets, auctions, and antique shops to find the diamond in the rough. I enjoy upcycling furniture and breathing new life into old things. I find great joy in creating art on canvases of all kinds beyond the norm and am looking forward to teaching others how to do the same. Vita Nova Creatives & Coffee will be offering a variety of art classes aimed towards various skill levels and artforms.

The last element of our boutique that we are excited to unfold is our coffee bar.  Part of what makes a community great is a place to gather together. Nokesville does not currently have a coffee shop nearby and we are aiming to offer that service. Our location on the corner of Nokesville Rd and Fitzwater Dr will service not only the nearby private and public schools and numerous local businesses, but will also service the large amounts of commuter traffic headed North on Route 28 into DC in the early mornings. We plan to offer drip coffee, espresso drinks, tea, smoothies, and various local baked goods.

Visit our website at to sign up for our newsletter and keep updated on our progress!

What We Need & What You Get

We already have funding in place for the basic build-out of our leased spaced. We are working with an architect to ensure we are on the right track to re-zone the location for assembly use for our coffee shop and anticipate beginning to build-out by May. However, we are in need of funds to support our partnership with Crimson Cup – a company we have hired to start up the coffee portion of our store. Our partnership with Crimson Cup and your contributions will fund the following: 

  • Coffee Grinders
  • Espresso Machines
  • Blenders (for frozen drinks and smoothies)
  • Brewers
  • Fridges, freezers, and ice makers
  • Hands-on training of baristas and staff
  • Starting Inventory

We do have a detailed business plan and a complete Proforma laying out all the projected costs and detailing what our first three years could look like, trying to be conservative, and we’re very optimistic! The Indiegogo campaign will provide a little less than 30% of the startup costs, and we are securing and self-funding the rest. The 30% provided by the campaign is critically important, and we are so very grateful for your help! 

The Impact

Vita Nova Creatives & Coffee aims to create a space for the members of the nearby communities to gather together. We have a firm belief that community is important and especially in this current time each of us needs a place to escape and relax to. Our boutique styled coffee shop will offer not only coffee and fellowship, but also workshop classes in various art techniques and local vendors. Our goal as a store will be to support small businesses and local artisans and to create something everyone nearby can take ownership in. 

Risks & Challenges

Our biggest risk at this point in time would be falling short on the funds required to purchase the coffee equipment needed to start up the store. We already have a lease on the space and the funding in place for the build-out of the space, but without a successful campaign we are at risk of not being able to immediately install our equipment and therefore our shop will need to open with just the boutique and workshop space until we can manage the funding necessary for working alongside Crimson Cup.  

Other Ways You Can Help

We recognize that not everyone is able to contribute financially to making this project successful, however there are many ways in which you can support us without spending money. First, you can share our fundraiser on your social media accounts. Second, you can pray with and for us for the success of this project and the impact we can have on our community at large. Lastly, send us encouragement to keep on going. Starting a boutique and coffee shop has long been a dream of ours, but seeing the excitement others are getting at the prospect of this store is what is keeping us going and motivating us to try harder than ever to best serve the community. Share with us what you look forward to so we can be excited with you! 

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