VOUVA CONCEPT | eco-friendly, sustainable alternatives, and health care products made of raw material.

VOUVA concept is a brand-new company provides eco-friendly, sustainable alternatives and health care products. Our concept is to provide a new type of raw material based on plants which do not destroy or waste our planet and can be biodegradable, compostable, and edible.

The meaning of VOUVA concept is “Cela Vous VA” in French which is “it looks good on you” in English.

Vital: essential and energy 

Organic: free-chemical

Unique: one and only

Viable: eternity 

Affordable: easy to access



VOUVA concept has various types of daily lifestyle products which can be segregated into 4 aspects. All types of products will be managed by our online shop with different categories of items.

First, Home and Kitchen which provides different types of kitchen accessories and goods, home decoration, indoor and outdoor home goods, and more.

Second, Lifestyle goods where customers can find all their needs for their daily life (single-use food packaging).



Upcoming products

Personal care – provides not only outer beauty products (skincare) but also inner beauty (well-being).

Pet care – we will be focusing on well-being life not only for human being but also for pets, such as food, goods, health care, and many more.



All our products are made of natural raw materials such as coconut, bamboo, palm tree, seaweed, wood, sugar cane, and more, which are coming from different countries in Asia. Each place has its own development skills to produce our products.


Our major raw materials

1. Coconut tree

Coconut is 100% plant-based resources, we can create many types of products but still keep the planet safe. Coconut is not just eatable but also a good alternative to wood and helps to prevent deforestation. The coconut flesh can be used for food and milk, the coconut shell can be used for cooking and craft material. Especially the coconut husks can be used for natural scrubbers to clean, making ropes and craft material.


2. Palm tree

The palm tree leaves, we can also create such as 100% disposable kitchen products and many more. All these products are chemical-free and can be 100% bio-gradable, compostable, even after 150 days. The palm tree is not only good raw material for product making but also it absorbs indoor air pollutants, easy to maintain, and helps to decrease mental health.



3. Bamboo tree

The bamboo, simply almost everything can be made. It is the fastest growing plant on earth and requires little maintenance. We have various products made of bamboo, such as cutlery, water bottle, thermos bottle, and more.



All our products are eco-friendly, sustainable, and biodegradable, which can also be recycled for many purposes such as planting.


All the product packaging is produced with eco-responsible ink, which is made of soy. For those exceptional cases, such as wood products, this will be printed with laser printing.


Help us to Indiegogo our project

We want to create a service for our customers to consume our products without any concerns of the process of the production line. Our products are credible and therefore we want to be fully transparent to our customers especially the end-to-end process. We ensure that all our products are safe to use for their personal usage and for the planets as well.


To Indiegogo our project, we need your support!

If we target 100% of this project, we will be able to create various types of products and focus on product development. We can source new raw materials (seaweed, sugar cane, corn) to create single-use packagings such as individual bag or food wraps. Also, we will be able to make 100% plant-based soap that can be used for all types of skin and animals.


If we target 150% of the project, with collaboration with FIBOO Company, we will be able to focus on research on sustainable and eco-material development. FIBOO Company is based in Lille, France focused on the innovation and development of bamboo. Their major focus is to use bamboo as a raw material for low-energy construction and equipment for transportation. Together with FIBOO, we will build our own bamboo forest in the North of France and be able to focus on research and development. Our target is to plant 1000 bamboo trees, 2 hectares, within a year as it can create its own ecosystem and this will be permanent.


If we target 200% of the project, we will be able to create a foundation of “return to nature”, meaning be able to return what we have received from our nature. One of our long-term plan is to build a school for our children who do not have opportunity to learn. A school that is made of panel solar and natural raw materials. A school that runs by nature, not machine. We want every child to have an opportunity to learn the importance of the planet – climate, pollution, food, water, land, and wildlife.






  • 1 x coconut bowl 
  • 1 x coconut fork 
  • 1 x coconut knife 
  • 1 x coconut spoon 





  • 1 x coconut bowl 
  • 1 x coconut fork 
  • 1 x coconut knife 
  • 1 x coconut spoon 
  • 1 x coconut candle 
  • 1 x bamboo cup 
  • 1 set of bamboo straw (4 pieces + transport bag + cleaner) 
  • 1 x bamboo fork 
  • 1 x bamboo knife 
  • 1 x bamboo spoon 
  • 1 x bamboo toothbrush
  • 1 transport bag made of cotton 





  • 2 x coconut bowl 
  • 2 x coconut fork 
  • 2 x coconut knife 
  • 2 x coconut spoon 
  • 2 x bamboo cup 
  • 2 set of bamboo straw (4 pieces + transport bag + cleaner) 
  • 2 x bamboo fork 
  • 2 x bamboo knife 
  • 2 x bamboo spoon 
  • 2 x bamboo toothbrush 
  • 2 transport bag made of cotton 




  • 4 x coconut bowl
  • 4 x coconut fork
  • 4 x coconut knife
  • 4 x coconut spoon
  • 2 x transport bag made of cotton
  • 3 x bamboo cup
  • 4 set of 4 bamboo straw (including transport bag + cleaner )
  • 4 set of 10 pieces palm tree leaf plate
  • 1 set of 10 pieces palm tree leaf square plate
  • 1 set of 10 pieces palm tree leaf bowl




  • Tree planting project (one new tree under your name)
  • 1 x insulated bamboo bottle with engraving up to 10 letters only
  • 1 x insulated bamboo bottle without engraving
  • 3 x coconut candle
  • 5 x coconut bowl
  • 5 x coconut fork
  • 5 x coconut knife
  • 5 x coconut spoon
  • 5 x transport bag made of cotton
  • 5 x bamboo cup
  • 5 x bamboo toothbrush
  • 5 x bamboo knife
  • 5 x bamboo spoon
  • 5 x bamboo fork
  • 8 set of 4 bamboo straw (including transport bag + cleaner )
  • 8 set of 10 pieces palm tree leaf plate
  • 2 set of 10 pieces palm tree leaf square plate
  • 2 set of 10 pieces palm tree leaf bowl




Development Design



All our products are designed by founder Pak, spending 15 months to source the right raw materials, product design, and quality control. During this process, we tried our best to skip all the unnecessary costs and materials, such a plastic, to deliver the best quality of the products. During the quality control, we have mainly focused on:

Testing the raw material in a different condition, i.e. different temperature, a mix of different raw material to find the perfect match

Testing the inner and outer design of each product, i.e. shape, comfort, grip, ease of use

Safety test, i.e. fork and knives shape, water bottle cap, food-safe.







Risks and challenges

We are confident in our ability to develop and produce our products in a timely manner. We have already tested product development and end-to-end operational process.

Natural disaster will be the greatest challenge for our project, as our philosophy and products are 100% based on plant-based raw materials. Also, in line with our brand philosophy, we refuse mass production.

Due to the pandemic, shipping could be one of our challenges. However, we have a total solution of fulfillment service where we ensure all our customers be able to receive the products on time.


Thank you for your support! 


Join our community: 
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